Long before the universe united, small human factions inhabited parts of the vast universe. Nations were established, yet navigation to other regions in the universe—essentially making contact with others—was impossible. Such travels at the time would have required hundreds of years.

However, The Empire of Aeris soon discovered strange bodies scattered throughout the universe. Upon further research, they discovered these, hence called "warp gates," enable one to instantly move from one location to another. And this advancement allowed many regions, previously isolated from each other, to begin making contact—this started the Age of Discovery.

Over time, major powers were established through conquests, destructions, and submissions. The current universe is the very result of this.

It is now 939 A.D, and conflicts continue. At the summit is The Empire of Aeris, the world's largest nation, still at large due to their warp gate technology. They vow to unite the universe, and restore peace to the world. In contrast, The Empire of Japan—the world's oldest nation—is nearly ruined after prolonged wars with The Empire of Chun. But, unable to bear the death of the previous minister and numerous veteran admirals, the Empress (Mikado) takes drastic measures. She appoints Tougou Tsuyoshi, a renown unorthodox admiral, in charge of the nation's navy, which must be rebuilt from practically scratch. Mikado has an eye for potential men, and she believes Tougou Tsuyoshi has what it takes to protect The Empire of Japan.

Daiteikoku, literally meaning "big empire," is the third game in the series consisting of Daiakuji and Daibanchou. This is a space-themed parody of World War II



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Alice Soft
Alice Soft
Strategy, Visual Novel
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April 28, 2011
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