Back to the Edo

This educational quiz game challenges players' knowledge of Edo-period Japan. Multiple-choice questions are presented in-character by a live action presenter, and questions are also framed with photos and other material to provide historical context.

Angel Mate

In this adult poker game, players play against one of three adult models. Winning rounds rewards the player with suggestive photos and videos. It was released only in Japan.

Akuma no Shinban: Konseiki Saigo no Shinri Game Alternative Titles: Demon's Judgement, 悪魔の審判 今世紀最後の心理ゲーム

This occult-themed fortune-telling game features a live-action demon who tells the player's fortune based on their answers to a series of questions. It was released only in Japan.

3D Virtual Australia

3D Virtual Australia is an edutainment game presenting the sights of Australia. It gives players a tour through its geography, culture, and nature. It was only released in Japan.

3D Museum

3D Museum is an interactive multimedia experience. Side 1, 3D Library, provides a tour of CG animation which serves as a demonstration of the LaserActive's 3D imaging support. Animations can be viewed using the LaserActive's 3D shutter glasses, red-blue glasses, or the naked eye. Side 2, Music Odyssey, presents ambient...

Time Gal

The year is 4001. The evil Luna has stolen a time machine and plans to use it to take over the world. You are the Time Gal, a skillful and pretty scientist, and your mission is to chase Luna through different time periods, to get the time machine back, and...

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