Bejeweled Mobile

Precious gems found here! The popular Internet puzzle game puts a wealth of fun at your fingertips. Excavate three jewels of the same type by placing them in a row. Choose your skill level, then unearth emeralds, rubies and diamonds to rack up points in this fast-paced treasure hunt! But watch your pace - if you don't work quickly at increasingly difficult levels the cave...

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Mobile

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a skateboarding simulation in which you control a famous skate star around 3D environments. Each game area contains a plethora of objects like ramps, rails, and half-pipes which can be used to perform tricks. Each trick you perform earns you more points for your score. The game is divided into two types of levels. In the first, you skate around locations...

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Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar

Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar Mobile

Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar is the second opus of Tomb Raider games on mobile phones, starring Lara Croft as the protagonist. The game keeps the original main principle of gameplay in a side view scrolling game where guns, objects to collect and puzzles to solve are still more than present. Control Lara Croft into fifteen levels of gameplay where Lara will still have to...

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Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life

Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life Mobile

Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life is the last episode of the Tomb Raider trilogy for mobile phones. After retrieving the Osiris Codex and the Cinnabar, Lara is asked to bring them to a strange mansion in the middle of England owned by a mysterious Mr. Drummond. In fact she is going to fall in a trap organized by an already dead man still leaving as...

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Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise

Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Mobile

Emily and Patrick set sail for their long-awaited honeymoon in the all-new Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise, an exciting time management adventure where it's anything but smooth sailing. Welcome aboard! Game features: -Five complete levels FREE -Gorgeous high-definition graphics and sound -Best of genre gameplay suitable for beginners and experts alike Full version features: -Hours and hours of gameplay with 90 levels and 22 unique achievements! -Enjoy various scenes including the...

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Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding

Delicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding Mobile

The latest Delicious game is now on iPhone and you are cordially invited! Be Emily's special guest as her big day approaches in Delicious – Emily's Wonder Wedding. Critics give this exciting new chapter 4 stars. Emily and Patrick are happily engaged, but when Patrick's mom arrives, bad omens start appearing. Now Emily and Patrick are in for the ride of their lives. Is their...

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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 Mobile

WWE Smack Down vs. Raw returns with its '08 version allowing gamers to shape WWE superstars. Features: * Eight fighting styles to choose from, each with its own unique strategy with exclusive moves and abilities * The Struggle Submission System gives players a natural control over the wrestlers using the analog sticks by allowing players to determine the amount of pressure they apply * WWE 24/7 Mode combines the...

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The Punisher

The Punisher Mobile

The Punisher is a third person action game that pits the player against the darkest scum of the Marvel Comics' universe. With over a dozen grimy New York locales, this superhero adaptation embraces the feel of the 30 year comic series. Featuring loads of weapons, brutal environmental kills and an innovative new interrogation engine where the player controls every last aspect of over 70 torture scenarios,...

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Broken Age

Broken Age Mobile

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure telling the stories of a young boy and girl leading parallel lives. The girl has been chosen by her village to be sacrificed to a terrible monster--but she decides to fight back. Meanwhile, a boy on a spaceship is living a solitary life under the care of a motherly computer, but he wants to break free to lead adventures...

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Mobile

Command an elite, multinational squad of special operatives against a hidden terrorist foe. In Raven Shield, the third installment to the wildly popular Rainbow Six series, RAINBOW races against time to stop terror and unravel a mystery. In locations around the world, from London to the Caribbean to Rio de Janeiro, lead team RAINBOW in a desperate effort to battle a madman and foil his...

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Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Mobile

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter lets players explore huge non-linear locations as they attempt to track down a variety of dinosaurs that are armed with some ferociously advanced AI. As a result, these are no "pea-brained" dinosaurs -- these are dangerous creatures that are able to see, hear and sense the hunter. If you're not careful, it's very easy for the hunter to become the hunted. With a...

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Carnivores: Ice Age

Carnivores: Ice Age Mobile

Carnivores: Ice Age throws you onto a recently discovered planet to test your aiming and tactical skills on a realistic ice safari. The game delivers an intelligent hunting experience and offers a lot more than a visit to a shooting range. Unrivaled possibility to wander around open 3D world without limits makes the process of finding prey exciting and the whole game endlessly replayable. The hunter,...

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The Pinball Arcade

The Pinball Arcade Mobile

The shell contains a collection of recreated real-world pinball machines, each created by one of four massive pinball manufacturers (Williams, Gottlieb, Bally, and Stern). Similar to FarSight's previous collections (Pinball Hall of Fame: Gottlieb Collection and Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection), each table is re-created with pinpoint precision, including the ability to mess with the internal settings (the "operators menu") of each table. Custom...

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Prince of Persia Classic

Prince of Persia Classic Mobile

The classic 1989 Prince of Persia game is here remade and brought to mobile devices with new designs to enhance the perfect gameplay of the original. Replay the adventure of the original Prince of Persia in a complete new skin as you battle your way through the game to rescue the Princess. Perform death defying stunts as you proceed from the dark and grim dungeons...

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Intelligent Qube

Intelligent Qube Mobile

You live in a world inhabited by large blocks, and your only purpose in life is to eliminate them. You accomplish this by setting traps to destroy the nefarious cubes. Red traps will destroy one block at a time; destroy a green cube and earn a green trap, which destroy the blocks in a three-by-three area. Beware of the black cubes, though, because destroying one...

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Mobile

The iOS version of the game was released by Activision in the U.S. App Store on April 1, 2010 and subsequently into other regions. Unlike other ports, this game's only playable modes are Career Mode, Single Session, and Free Skate Mode along with options. Create a Skater, Create a Park, and levels Chopper Drop and Skate Heaven were removed in this version of Tony Hawk's...

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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Mobile

Someone has stolen King Neptune's crown, and Mr. Krabs is the main suspect. Despite having been passed over for a promotion by Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob and his faithful (but dimwitted) friend Patrick volunteer to make the perilous journey to Shell City to retrieve the crown and save Mr. Krabs' life. Play as SpongeBob or Patrick as they interact with characters from the movie, earn "manliness"...

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Peggle Mobile

Ready, aim, bounce! Clear the orange pegs from 55 fanciful levels as 10 whimsical teachers guide you toward Peggle greatness. Wield mystifying Magic Powers and rack up huge bonus points and stock your trophy room. Face off against your friends in Duel Mode, and when you’re ready for the ultimate test, take on 75 Grand Master challenges....

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Turbo Subs

Turbo Subs Mobile

A super-charged sequel to the hit time management game Turbo Pizza, Turbo Subs is twice the fun, twice the challenge, with twice as much speed. Hit the kitchen running as Rebecca and Robert continue their pursuit of building the greatest restaurant franchise in town. Except now they find themselves in a much bigger town, New York City! With loads of upgrades, secret sauces, and unique...

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Tomb Raider: Underworld

Tomb Raider: Underworld Mobile

Master your surroundings: Reach new heights with the broadest range of acrobatic abilities and utilize objects within the environment to uncover new paths to explore. Explore epic and unknown worlds: Discover ancient mysteries of the underworld hidden within the coast of Thailand, frozen islands of the Arctic Sea, the jungles of Mexico, and more. Each level is an elaborate multi-stage puzzle masked within an interactive...

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The Return of Ishtar

The Return of Ishtar Mobile

The sequel to Namco's own The Tower of Druaga. It's been a while since Gilgamesh, the Golden Knight, went to the tower to defeat the demon Druaga with the help of the goddess Ishtar. But when the magic that contained the evil in the tower weakened, many monsters escaped and it's up to Gil to retrieve the magical Crystal Rod and return peace to the...

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Mobile

Fifteen super-elite students have been locked in the school and they are forced to live in this isolated community. There is a special rule for the students: only murderers can graduate from the school, and this rule turns the prosperous school into the despairing place. The protagonist, however, does not follow this rule. He investigates murders instead of murdering somebody and tries to figure out...

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Pandemonium! Mobile

Pandemonium stars the hilarious combo of Nikki and Fargus; Nikki is a wizard-in-training with quick reflexes, a quicker wit and a propensity for acrobatics. Fargus is a slightly deranged jester with an even more deranged puppet sidekick called Sid. Other characters complete the fray, each offering different traits for the player to master. Levels will load by episode to allow players a seamless experience with...

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Mobile

Based on the Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media film capturing the renown and beloved book series from author C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia. offers a deep Final Fantasy Tactics-esque strategy game set in Lewis' wonderful fantasy realm....

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Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild Mobile

In Ayakashi: Ghost Guild players are ghost agents trying to unravel mysterious events bring triggered by legendary ghosts called the Ayakashi. As a ghost agent, players must battle the ghosts in an attempt to gain control, and by bringing the ghosts under their power, ghost agents change them into demons. Players fight against rival agents by building the strongest team of demons....

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Ice Age 2: Arctic Slide

Ice Age 2: Arctic Slide Mobile

The gameplay is similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Playing as Scrat the saber-tooth squirrel, the objective is to go to through the level collect a number of acorns in order to proceed to the next. Scrat can run up hills and slide down them (no buttons pressed). Sliding down hills is faster than running. There are many obstacles to avoid throughout the 18...

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Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Mobile

The zombies are coming… back. It’s about time! Meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful plants, supercharge them with Plant Food and discover amazing ways to protect your brain. Play new limited-time levels for bite-sized battles against zombies from all worlds – and win prizes. It’s an ever-expanding universe of fun!...

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Star Wars: Battlefront Mobile

Star Wars: Battlefront Mobile Mobile

Star Wars Battlefront puts you in the heat of the action as you relive all of the intense battles from the classic and prequel eras of the Star Wars universe. You'll fight in more than 15 environments across 10 diverse planets, including Hoth, Geonosis, Yavin, Tatooine, and Naboo. You can play as one of more than 20 different soldier types from four factions, as well...

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Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 Mobile

Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio, the four veterans of the elite Sparrows Unit are back in METAL SLUG 3! The popular action shooting series is in its glory, with gorgeous graphics and all the run-and-gun action you can handle. There is no time for indecision. General Morden is on the warpath and you must prevent him from creating the New World Order. Stop the Rebel...

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The Sims 3

The Sims 3 Mobile

The Sims 3 for smart phones is very similar to its big brother on the PC. The player starts out with a single Sim which can be customized. The available options for appearance and clothing are limited in comparison to the PC version. The player controls the Sim in his or her everyday life. Ranging from cooking, to going to the toilet, or taking a shower, to...

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Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo Mobile

Do you believe in destiny? You come back to your hometown after a 10 year absence. You run into your old crush, who's all grown up. Going to school together, talking about memories of the past… The two of you are getting closer day by day. You've known him forever. Now experience the thrill of unexpectedly falling for him. ◆ The excitement of seeing them all grown...

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Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride Mobile

Suit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks ever made and take to the skies as Barry Steakfries, the lovable hero on a one-way trip to adventure! From the creators of the worldwide phenomenon Fruit Ninja comes the action-packed Jetpack Joyride! Join Barry as he breaks in to a secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers. After lift-off, simply...

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The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1 - All That Remains

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1 - All That Remains Mobile

The Walking Dead is an episodic video game series based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic books. Season One of The Walking Dead won over 90 Game of the Year Awards. Season Two continues the story that began in Season One. You are Clementine, a young survivor in a world gone to hell. The dead have risen to feast on the living, and the living cannot be...

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 Mobile

Tiger Woods 06 pits you against Tiger Woods in a battle to be the best golfer of all time. You can play golf greats in their own eras on their terms to prove that you are the best ever. Tiger Woods 06 includes greater shot control and a "gamebreaker" meter that models the momentum of professional golf competition. You can play on 15 courses, both...

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Madden NFL 06

Madden NFL 06 Mobile

The most innovative and best-selling sports video game in history is about to revolutionize the way football is seen and played ... again. Madden NFL 06 for the Xbox® 360 has been built from the ground up to deliver completely redesigned gameplay and the most lifelike football experience ever created. Feel the intensity like never before as the mind-blowing player models bring the emotion and...

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Downtown Run

Downtown Run Mobile

Make your way through 26 exciting tracks in tremendously detailed cities: Paris, London, Rome, Moscow, New York and Montreal. Learn how to master 14 real-life street cars from Audi, MG, Ford, Peugeot, VW, Renault, Mitsubishi and Saab! Sharpen your driving skills in the 8 featured game modes: Quick Race, Count Down, Championship, Time Attack, Last Man Standing, Sudden Death, Chase and Bet Races. Gather...

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Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run Mobile

Join legendary platforming hero Rayman for a new adventure on your favorite mobile device! If you enjoyed Rayman Jungle Run, you will love Rayman Fiesta Run and its new wacky Fiesta world! Lunge for cocktail umbrellas, leap on limes and punch those piñatas…the sky’s the limit! PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG * More than 75 levels welcome you for the Fiesta! * Bounce on sausages and make your way...

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Crazy Market

Crazy Market Mobile

Crazy Market is the free-to-play game that will put the smile back on your face! Take control of the pretty Lulu or the dynamic Eugene and take position behind the cash register from the biggest supermarket in town. But the task won’t be so easy: The Boss is pretty nuts and won’t hesitate to throw bombs directly on the conveyor belt, where customers may also...

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Robots Mobile

Live the adventures of a genius inventor robot named Rodney Copperbottom as he moves to the big city to work for the company founded by his childhood hero. When Rodney uncovers a villain's plot to take over the city, the brave young bot, with the help of his new friends, overcomes all obstacles to realize his dreams -- and make the world a better place...

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Lotus Challenge

Lotus Challenge Mobile

Get behind the wheel of one of the earliest Lotus cars built, and follow the history of the sports car manufacturer through the present day and beyond. Lotus Challenge invites you to drive for The Lotus Team in a variety of driving experiences and challenges. You can take part in a World Series racing championship, as well as stunt-drive for movies, play car football, and...

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ZooCube Mobile

ZooCube is a puzzle game that involves matching parts of animals to eliminate them and get points. The Cube is a 3D object in the center of the screen and the animal parts fall towards it. In a similar style to Tetris the player must keep the sides from building too high. It is a quickly paced, real-time game and at later stages the player struggles...

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Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos Mobile

Team up and fight with your friends in this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA,) set in the captivating world of Order & Chaos! Gather your teammates, strengthen your Heroes and wipe out the enemy base in thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games. In Sinskaald Rift, a mysterious region of Haradon, immortal warriors have been fighting for centuries. They are known as the Heroes of Order &...

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Mobile

Infiltrate terrorists positions, acquire critical intelligence by any means necessary, execute with extreme prejudice, and extract without a trace. You are Sam Fisher, a secret field operator of the NSA and the world balance is in your hands as international tension is tighten to the breaking point. It is the year 2003. In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal potential threats...

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Mobile

The adventures of Sam Fisher continue in the fifth entry of the stealth-based series. In this game, all of the rules have changed, as the storyline takes a dramatic turn that will reinvent the Splinter Cell franchise forever. Fisher can no longer rely on his trusted bag of tools and iconic goggles.An investigation into his daughter's death unwittingly leads former agent Sam Fisher to discover...

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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Mobile

In Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, the player falls into the role of a demi-god, Sphinx, and the undead corpse of Tutankhamen. Sphinx's role is one of a brave warrior who battles fearsome monsters and relies on raw power to complete tasks. Tutenkhanmen, also known as the Mummy, revolves around puzzle-solving and logical thinking to outwit his foes....

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Halo: Spartan Assault

Halo: Spartan Assault Mobile

Halo: Spartan Assault is a shooter game where players view gameplay from an overhead top-down perspective. Players control their character through virtual joysticks—with the left stick controlling movement and the right stick controlling the direction of the character's fire—or through a keyboard and mouse. Halo: Spartan Assault takes place in a futuristic science fiction setting between the events of Halo 3 in 2553 and the events...

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Mega Man 9

Mega Man 9 Mobile

Mega Man 9 is a video game developed by Capcom and Inti Creates. It is the ninth numbered game in the original Mega Man series. Mega Man 9 is the first, new home console game in the original Mega Man series since Mega Man 8 and Mega Man & Bass, which were released at least one decade earlier. Mega Man 9 was released on the...

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Astro Boy: Tap Tap Rush

Astro Boy: Tap Tap Rush Mobile

Astro Boy: Tap Tap Rush (or Astroboy: Tap Tap Rush, sometimes just Tap Tap Rush) is a video game for iOS. The release date coincides with the 60th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy. It was released in January 2011. It is also the second game in years to be released by Global Star Software, a former publishing label of Take 2 Interactive, that will...

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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Mobile

The world's most devilishly addictive defense game is back - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers! Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Tap your troops through an epic (mis)adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, man-eating plants, and ghastly denizens of the...

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Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Mobile

Defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends in this medieval fantasy fun action packed tower defense game with RTS elements by Ironhide Game Studio. Armed with a mighty arsenal of warriors, mages, archers and crazy dwarves, there is no end to the many strategies available at your disposal!...

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