Playstation 2
    Tak and the Power of Juju

    Tak and the Power of Juju Playstation 2

    Tak and the Power of Juju tells a tale of good versus evil, set in an ancient world where magic really works. You'll take on the role of Tak, a shaman's apprentice, as he sets off on an action-filled journey to save his village from an evil Juju Man. Tak's...
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    Lowrider Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: LowRider: Round The World

    In Lowrider, winning the crowd can win you a sweet ride. Master the timing and twitch of 18 different cars straight from club-driven car cultures. For a quick fix, select a car that fits your mood, and then choose to hop, dance, or street-style your way to the next round...
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    All Star Pro-Wrestling III

    All Star Pro-Wrestling III Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: オールスター・プロレスリングIII

    All Star Pro-Wrestling III is the third and final title in Square's wrestling simulation series, featuring many famous wrestlers from the New Japan Pro Wrestling, Noah, and Zero-One wrestling promotions. There are once again numerous improvements over the previous game, including authentic entrances for each wrestler complete with original theme...
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    All Star Pro-Wrestling II

    All Star Pro-Wrestling II Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: オールスター・プロレスリングII

    All Star Pro-Wrestling II is the sequel to Square's All Star Pro-Wrestling, featuring a number of changes. Most importantly, the roster has been expanded significantly, including wrestlers from the Noah and Zero-One promotions alongside NJPW for more than 40 wrestlers in total. The control system has also been reworked, replacing...
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    All Star Pro-Wrestling

    All Star Pro-Wrestling Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: オールスター・プロレスリング

    All Star Pro-Wrestling is a 3D Japanese pro wrestling game with a focus on realism and authenticity, featuring more than two dozen New Japan Pro-Wrestling stars including Keiji Mutoh, Riki Choshu, Jushin Thunder Liger, and AKIRA. The game's defining feature is a unique twin-stick control scheme, with the left stick...
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    Endgame Playstation 2

    Endgame combines elements from light-gun action games with realistic sound and cinematic action to create an immersive experience. You'll play the role of Jade Cornell as she breaks into EuroDream Technologies, a ruthless company that threatens the security of the popular Virtual Reality technology. With the help of Octavian, an...
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    Shifters Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Shifters of Might and Magic

    The Castle of Bylandria is under attack by The Grand Inquisitor and his army of able-bodied soldiers. Bent on victory, The Grand Inquisitor uses his magic to transform his army into terrifying bestial soldiers. Desperate for survival, King Abelard summons, Allerion, a masked knight, to the aid of Bylandria. In...
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    King of Colosseum II

    King of Colosseum II Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: キングオブコロシアム II, King of Colosseum 2

    King of Colosseum 2 is the sequel to both King of Colosseum: Red and King of Colosseum: Green. King of Colosseum 2 (commonly abbreviated as KoC II) features real licensed Japanese wrestlers unlike its animated 2D counterpart, the Fire Pro Wrestling series. Many major promotions are covered in KoC II...
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    King of Colosseum

    King of Colosseum Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: King of Colosseum: Zero-One Disc, キング オブ コロシアム(緑) 〜ノア×ZERO-ONE ディスク〜, King of Colosseum: Noah x Zero-One Disc

    King of Colosseum: Zero-One Disc is a Sports game, developed by Bam Entertainment and published by Spike, which was released in Japan in 2003....
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    Showdown: Legends of Wrestling

    Showdown: Legends of Wrestling Playstation 2

    Do battle with over 70 of the all-time greatest legends of wrestling. Match types include: 1-On-1, Tag Team, Hardcore, Battle Royal, Cage Match, Ladder Match, Table Match, and much more. With Classic Matches you are placed in middle of a historic match and challenged to repeat its outcome. In addition,...
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    Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

    Fire Pro Wrestling Returns Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: FPR, ファイプロ・リターンズ, Fi-Pro Returns

    Like other titles in the Fire Pro Wrestling series, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns distinguishes itself from other wrestling games by focusing on timing and strategy, as opposed to button-mashing. Fire Pro Wrestling Returns offers a roster of 327 wrestlers from a variety of real-life wrestling companies. Players can create custom...
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    Wrestle Kingdom 2

    Wrestle Kingdom 2 Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Wrestle Kingdom 2: Pro Wrestling Sekai Taisen, レッスルキングダム2 プロレスリング世界大戦, Ressuru Kingudamu 2 Puro Resuringu Sekaitaisen, Wrestle Kingdom 2: Pro-Wrestling World War

    Wrestle Kingdom 2 features three separate modes for game play. Unlike the previous game, there is no drama mode nor anything that resembles a story or season mode. Exhibition Matches For instant action the player can select a variety of different matches. The types of matches include Single Match, Tag Match, Three...
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    Wrestle Kingdom

    Wrestle Kingdom Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Ressuru Kingudamu, レッスルキングダム

    Wrestle Kingdom uses a modified engine seen in previous Yuke's games, the WWE Day of Reckoning series. While not as simulation-based as its Japanese contemporaries, it is also not as frantic and arcade-like as its American counterparts. Wrestle Kingdom has the basic wrestling video game matches, including singles, tag teams, triple...
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    Spy vs. Spy (2005)

    Spy vs. Spy (2005) Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Spy vs. Spy

    In this remake of the original Spy vs. Spy, you can play a "storyline game", "modern game", "classic version" (now in 3D) or one of five "multiplayer modes" including online with three other Spies. "Storyline game" for the single player only. Help one of the Spies sabotage the ultimate doomsday gadget....
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    WWE Crush Hour

    WWE Crush Hour Playstation 2

    WWE Entertainment Crush Hour takes the intensity, competitiveness, and brute strength from the wrestling ring to the world of car combat. More than 20 WWE superstars jump into their super cars for brutal vehicular carnage. Lay the rubber down in the Rock's speedster, cruise and bruise in the Hardy Boys'...
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    NBA Live 2004

    NBA Live 2004 Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: NBA 라이브 2004

    Step up your game with NBA Live 2004. With brand-new 10-Man Freestyle, authentic gameplay and stunning graphics, NBA Live 2004 delivers a complete basketball experience. Whether running the point with one-button Quick Plays, spinning free in the lane for a vicious dunk or locking down on "D," the revamped EA...
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    Dragon's Lair 3D: Special Edition

    Dragon's Lair 3D: Special Edition Playstation 2

    Princess Daphne has been kidnapped by the evil dragon, Singe, and hidden in a medieval castle owned my Mordroc, a powerful and malevolent wizard. To save her, you will take on the role of Dirk the Daring, a goofy but courageous knight. As he advances through the castle with the...
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    Super Bust-A-Move 2

    Super Bust-A-Move 2 Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Super Puzzle Bobble 2

    Bust-A-Move is back with more bubbles, modes, and challenges than ever. In Super Bust-A-Move 2, you must clear each puzzle by connecting bubbles of similar colors, causing them to pop. Now, you can use Big Bubbles and a spinning game frame to help you clear each stage. Try your bubble-busting...
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    Baldr Force EXE

    Baldr Force EXE Playstation 2

    As a hacker of the renowned hacking group "Steppenwolf", Tooru Souma and his partners earn their living by hacking into servers and selling the information they steal. As the last hacking before disbanding their group, they hacked into a military server, but soon they find this is a setup by the...
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    Gakuen Heaven: Okawari!

    Gakuen Heaven: Okawari! Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: 学園へヴン おかわりっ!

    This is more like a fan disc than a sequel as the game is very short. It takes place three months after the first game. This time, Keita picked up a cursed ring that would take away his major ability - luck. The characters are the same as in the...
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    Gift Playstation 2

    Gift, unskilled, unlucky and badly educated anti-hero - has seven garden gnomes to take back to the Princess who believes she's Snow-White. Encompassing giant crazy worlds including Tipanic, Star Stress and many more. Featuring many brain-teasing 3D platform puzzles which mix videogame and movie parodies. To succeed you must be...
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    Super Bust-A-Move

    Super Bust-A-Move Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Super Puzzle Bobble

    Super Bust-A-Move is a real-time puzzle game similar to its predecessors in the Bust-A-Move series. It adds a new multiplayer mode and features graphical enhancements. The aim of the game, as with the previous titles in the series, is to remove a collected number of coloured bubbles from the game screen....
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    Madden NFL 08

    Madden NFL 08 Playstation 2

    Feel what it's like to be a field general making key personnel decisions on both sides of the ball during the game's biggest moments in Madden NFL 08. Quickly identify your strongest players on the field before every snap then move them into position to make game-changing, momentum-altering plays. Play...
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    Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive

    Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive, Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16

    Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16: Licensed to Drive is a party game four up to four players. You play as Mary-Kate, Ashley or one of their friends. As they just turned sixteen, they drive around the game boards, which look like cities, in their own cars. In each turn of the...
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    Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble!

    Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble! Playstation 2

    Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble is a visual novel in which a male player character pursues relationships with other men, more widely known in Japan as a BL (boys' love) game. The story is told from the perspective of Keita Itō, an average teenager who by sheer luck is admitted...
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    V.I.P. Playstation 2

    V.I.P. is based on the TV series of the same name. V.I.P. is a bodyguard agency that protects its clients in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles. Pamela Anderson stars as Vallery Irons, the boss of the Vallery Irons Protection bodyguard agency. In the game, the player controls one of the...
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    Road Trip

    Road Trip Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Road Trip Adventure, Choro Q HG 2, Road Trip: Arcade Edition, チョロQ HG2

    In this RPG-lite version of ChoroQ, you drive a car to various towns. In each town you can talk to other cars, complete quests, race, compete in mini-games such as car golf, car soccer, and car roulette, and upgrade your car with hundreds of different parts. You can also collect photos...
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    Technicbeat Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Technic Beat

    Technic Beat lets you create, alter, and dance onscreen to your own music. First, you must listen to music represented in the game by concentric rings of sound. Once you pick up the beat, you can dance into the middle of the rings to try to "catch" the music. If...
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    Wrath Unleashed

    Wrath Unleashed Playstation 2

    Join an epic contest between darkness and light. Wrath Unleashed puts you in a fantastic, deadly world of mythological creatures and giant floating arenas. Take part in intense fighting action, thought-provoking strategy and vicious head-to-head mayhem. Wrath Unleashed features nine different terrain types, 15 multiplayer maps and over a dozen...
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    Unison: Rebels of Rhythm & Dance

    Unison: Rebels of Rhythm & Dance Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Unison

    Set in a funky future, an evil man (with shades) has banned the ever-fun event of dancing. Naturally, a music rebellion ensues and a group of young and hip dance'sters makes its way to show the citizens the mystical power of dance and rhythm. Utilizing the two analog sticks to...
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    The Legend of Alon D'ar

    The Legend of Alon D'ar Playstation 2

    A cataclysmic evil is tearing the magical world of Chandar in two and now you must take control a young warrior to assemble a party of heroes and engage in a desperate battle of labyrinthine mystery as you explore this shattered realm of Ubisoft's The Legend of Alon D'ar. Unravel...
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    Sunny Garcia Surfing

    Sunny Garcia Surfing Playstation 2

    Building upon the gameplay featured in Krome's Championship Surfer, Sunny Garcia Surfing is an updated and improved surfing simulation that takes you to twelve locales where you will ride the ocean's wild waves. Choose to control one of eight celebrity surfers (Sunny Garcia, Tim Reyes and Rochelle Ballard among others) to...
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    Lemmings (2006)

    Lemmings (2006) Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Lemmings

    Controlling an army of lemmings, the aim is to get as many of these cute characters as you can from the entrance point to the exit point of a level within a time limit. Easy to learn, difficult to master; Lemmings is a test of strategy and fast thinking as...
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    Iridium Runners

    Iridium Runners Playstation 2

    Set in the year 2050, the Iridium Championship is a series of athletic on-foot races sponsored by futuristic mega corporations, where pure speed isn't necessarily the only route to winning on the game's wildly inventive tracks. Combinations of collectable power-ups and weapons add to the frenetic pace, opening up a...
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    Army Men: Major Malfunction

    Army Men: Major Malfunction Playstation 2

    This is a direct order: Defeat Major Malfunction at all costs! Destroy every psycho toy-gone-mad in your path. Don’t let Sarge's meltdown hinder your mission, soldier. Unleash your arsenal and don’t fail. Hoo-ra! Game features over 30 missions, 23 different enemy toys, over 16 lethal weapons, and different games modes....
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    Crime Life: Gang Wars

    Crime Life: Gang Wars Playstation 2

    Crime Life is a mission-based street combat game following a storyline involving multiple gangs, corrupt cops and betrayal from within. The player controls Tre, a new member of the Outlawz gang on his rise to the top within the fictional city of Grand Central. The Outlawz face trouble as rival Headhunterz...
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    Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess

    Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess

    A simple, easy to pick up and play, platform-based game aimed at pre-school children age 2-5, Dora Saves the Snow Princess makes good use of the intuitive Wii Remote. Within minutes your child will be building snowmen, ice skating, snowboarding, riding Pegasus, as well as enjoying a slew of other...
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    The King of Route 66

    The King of Route 66 Playstation 2

    Battle with the evil Tornado Corporation and their army of goons while you try to win the hearts of the beautiful Queens of the road. In one of five 18-wheel trucks, you'll travel across the United States in the effort to deliver cargo in the shortest amount of time. Your...
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    Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd

    Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'd Playstation 2

    Build Your Field - Design and play your own custom fields with the Field Editor. Selecting from three field sizes, thirty-seven different object/bunker types, and ten object textures/skins just gets you started. Now feature yourself in your own MAX'D world by placing your bunkers in an almost infinite number of...
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    MX World Tour Featuring Jamie Little

    MX World Tour Featuring Jamie Little Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: MX World Tour

    Join Jamie Little--a motocross racer and commentator--in MX World Tour, which features more than 30 levels of both indoor and outdoor racing. Customize your bikes and riders, and then race against up to 12 riders on a variety of tracks located in different parts of the world. You can progress...
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    Cocoto Fishing Master

    Cocoto Fishing Master Playstation 2

    The magic whirlpool is overflowing with lava! If it continues, all of the Abysses, as well as all the other worlds will be engulfed by lava! Fairy herself doesn't understand what's going on! Only the 5 millennial fish know the secrets of the whirlpool. Cocoto must travel the world and...
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    Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde

    Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde Playstation 2

    Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde calls upon your skill and courage to destroy the enemy, pillage the enclaves, and scorch the earth. With a horde of specialized goblin warriors at your command, you can wage war in single-player and multiplayer modes. Design a custom army from over 25 different goblins...
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    Paris-Dakar Rally

    Paris-Dakar Rally Playstation 2

    Each year, the world's bravest drivers come together to compete in the Paris-Dakar Rally, a grueling 7,000 mile trek across every imaginable terrain. They do battle in trucks, cars, motorbikes and ATVs, all striving for the honor of being called the ultimate off-road champion. Only the strong will durvive this...
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    Britney's Dance Beat

    Britney's Dance Beat Playstation 2

    Singer Britney Spears is looking for backup dancers for her next world tour, and she wants you to audition. Show Britney your hottest moves by keeping to the beat of her most popular songs, including "Oops! I Did It Again" and "I'm a Slave 4 U." Then, answer trivia questions...
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    Shadow Man: 2econd Coming

    Shadow Man: 2econd Coming Playstation 2

    Mike Leroi is Shadow Man - undead demon hunter and protector of the world. Follow him on a twisted voodoo journey through the darkest recesses of the soul as he battles the Grigori, a group of sadistic demons bent on returning their monstrous leader, Osmodeus, from the pit. If they...
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    King's Field: The Ancient City

    King's Field: The Ancient City Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: King's Field IV, キングスフィールドIV

    Many years ago, a powerful talisman known as Idol of Sorrow turned the ancient Holy Land, the home of the Forest Folk, into the cursed Land of Disaster. The idol's evil powers once again awakened when the king of Heladin mistook it for a symbol of peace. One day, Prince...
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    Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids

    Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Dora: Dora rettet die Meerjungfrauen

    Dora and Boots need your help bringing a magic crown back to Mariana the Mermaid. Travel over land and sea to save her kingdom from a mean, garbage-dumping Octopus! Then help Dora dive to the rescue when she magically becomes a mermaid herself!...
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    V-Rally 3

    V-Rally 3 Playstation 2

    V-Rally evolves in its third installment with more detailed cars, customizable rally cars, and scurrying spectators. The world's top rally cars--including Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, Citroen Xsara, and Ford Focus--are included in V-Rally 3. Choose one, and then overcome spectators, deformed car parts, and extreme driving conditions as...
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    Legend of the Dragon

    Legend of the Dragon Playstation 2

    Yin and Yang; the balance between darkness and light. Ang and Ling twin brother and sister born in the year of the Dragon have a unique destiny. Ang is attracted by the light Ling by the darkness...Ang never dreamed he would be the next Golden Dragon. He always assumed his...
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    Quartett! Playstation 2

    Alternative Titles: Karutetto, カルテット!

    On the 17th of March, there is a classical strings concert unlike any other in the world. Ninety-six young musicians, divided into twenty-four quartets perform before an audience of the world’s greatest conductors and instrumentalists. Only one group - a single quartet - is chosen from these performers. Success brings prestige...
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