Playstation 4
    Mad Max (2015)

    Mad Max (2015) Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Mad Max

    Become Mad Max, the lone warrior in a savage post-apocalyptic world where cars are the key to survival. In this action-packed, open world, third-person action game, you must fight to stay alive in The Wasteland, using brutal on-ground and vehicular combat against vicious gangs of bandits. A reluctant hero with...
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    Project CARS

    Project CARS Playstation 4

    The ultimate driver journey begins here! C.A.R.S. represents the definitive racing simulation, with a Franchise Mode that allows you to carve out a personalized career starting in the Karting world and then progressing on to whichever motorsport specialization you prefer including Rally, Touring Cars, Open-Wheel, GT, Le Mans, and many...
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    Fallout 4

    Fallout 4 Playstation 4

    As the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Welcome home. Do whatever you want in a massive open world with...
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    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Playstation 4

    The Birdman is back with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, a return-to-form for the blockbuster skateboarding franchise. THPS 5 rekindles the signature style of classic Pro Skater games in a brand-new set of levels with the same infamous focus on daring objectives, fine-tuned controls and high-score tricks -- including manuals...
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    SOMA Playstation 4

    Soma is a a sci-fi horror game played from a first person perspective. The radio has gone silent on PATHOS-2. As isolation bears down on the staff of the remote research facility, strange things are happening. Machines are taking on human traits and alien constructions have started to interfere with...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III Playstation 4

    Welcome to Call of Duty: Black Ops III, a dark, twisted future where a new breed of Black Ops soldier emerges and the lines are blurred between our own humanity and the technology we created to stay ahead, in a world where cutting-edge military robotics define warfare. Call of Duty: Black...
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    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Playstation 4

    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is a remastered package of both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and includes all of the DLC for each game. Borderlands 2 is the epic sequel to the ultimate four-player role-playing shooter loot fest. Combining invention and evolution, Borderlands 2 features mixed online/split-screen co-op, all-new characters,...
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    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Playstation 4

    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection combines the three PlayStation 3 blockbuster Nathan Drake adventures in one package. Included are the single-player campaigns for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Thanks to the power of PlayStation 4 hardware, all three games have been upgraded to...
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    Rocket League

    Rocket League Playstation 4

    Rocket League, the hyper-powered sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, is an arena-based, futuristic vehicle sports game that will test your driving and stunting skills like never before. Take matters into your own hands in this visceral, high-octane, physics-based vehicle sports game that lets you choose one of a variety...
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    Until Dawn

    Until Dawn Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Until Dawn: Sangeki no Sansou, UNTIL DAWN –惨劇の山荘–

    When eight friends become trapped on a remote mountain getaway gone wrong, things quickly turn sinister and they start to suspect they aren't alone. Gripped by fear and with tensions in the group running high, you’ll be forced to make snap decisions that could mean life or death for everyone...
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    Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate Playstation 4

    London, 1868. The Industrial Revolution unleashes an incredible age of invention, transforming the lives of millions with technology once thought impossible. Opportunities created during this period have people rushing to London to engage in this new world, a world no longer controlled by kings, emperors, politicians, or religion, but by...
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    Crypt of the NecroDancer

    Crypt of the NecroDancer Playstation 4

    Crypt of the NecroDancer is a hardcore rhythm-based roguelike game. Can you survive this deadly dungeon of dance, slay the NecroDancer, and recapture your still beating heart? Or will you be a slave to the rhythm for all eternity? Players must move on the beat to navigate procedurally generated dungeons...
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    Velocity 2X

    Velocity 2X Playstation 4

    Velocity 2X is the sci-fi platformer and shoot ‘em-up in one adventure! This critically acclaimed sequel to Velocity Ultra weaves together two classic game formats into one seamless adventure, featuring puzzle-platforming action alongside award-winning top-down shoot ‘em-up gameplay! Engage the Quarp Drive teleport to outsmart the enemy in race-tuned space combat, then...
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    Final Horizon

    Final Horizon Playstation 4

    Described as "2 minute tower defense", Final Horizon is a new take on the popular strategy genre: a fast paced action packed strategic tower defense game like you’ve never seen before. Build and upgrade your defenses to fight off the Swarm invaders. Chain enough kills to unleash one of the...
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    Ratchet & Clank (2016)

    Ratchet & Clank (2016) Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: Ratchet & Clank

    Play the game, based on the movie, based on the game! Ratchet & Clank (PS4) is a new game based on elements from the original Ratchet & Clank (PS2). Developed alongside the major motion CG-animated picture coming to theatres in 2016, Ratchet & Clank marks the PlayStation 4 debut of PlayStation’s...
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    Home - A Unique Horror Adventure

    Home - A Unique Horror Adventure Playstation 4

    Home is a unique horror adventure set in a beautifully-realized pixel world. It’s a murder mystery with a twist—because you decide what ultimately happens. Awakened by an oncoming storm, you open your eyes to discover yourself in a strange, dark room—tucked away in a house that’s not yours. As you play the...
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    Roundabout Playstation 4

    Roundabout is a '70s B-Movie game where you drive a constantly revolving limousine! Pick up passengers, find secret collectibles, take on dangerous missions, and fall in love in an open world puzzle adventure. Roundabout is the debut title from No Goblin, a studio founded by designers of games like Destroy...
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    Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

    Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Playstation 4

    Fans will experience WARRIORS OROCHI 3 in a brand new light as they enter the fray with the implementation of new generation console features, new storylines and scenarios....
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    KickBeat Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: KickBeat: Special Edition

    Beat matching meets kung fu in KickBeat, an award-winning rhythm game where rhythm and action merge seamlessly. It features licensed tracks from a diverse lineup of artists, from well known bands such as Pendulum and P.O.D, to indie pioneers Celldweller and Blue Stahli, to hidden talents like electronic music producer...
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    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Playstation 4

    The Definitive Edition of the critically acclaimed, award winning open-world action adventure, reworked, rebuilt and re-mastered for the new generation. All 24 previously available DLC extensions have been integrated into the game, including the story-extending episode Year of the Snake and the horror-themed Nightmare in North Point. Alongside a wealth...
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    Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time

    Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time Playstation 4

    Life is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionise story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. You are Max, a photography senior who saves her old friend Chloe by discovering she can rewind...
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    Life is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis

    Life is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis Playstation 4

    Life is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionise story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future. You are Max, a photography senior who saves her old friend Chloe by discovering she can rewind...
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    Unmechanical: Extended

    Unmechanical: Extended Playstation 4

    Unmechanical: Extended Edition is a puzzle adventure game that combines tricky puzzle solving, alluring exploration, and an engrossing atmosphere. After winning the Nordic Game Awards for its visual design and winning the hearts of players all around the world, Grip Games now brings this game to the PlayStation Network in...
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    Toren Playstation 4

    Experience the mysterious, timeless world of Toren, the first adventure game from Brazilian indie developer Swordtales. You are Moonchild, destined to climb the tower (known as Toren) on a hauntingly solitary journey to find your purpose. You must solve puzzles and face monsters as you struggle to climb to the...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Playstation 4

    The celebrated Elder Scrolls series is online for the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online. Discover more of Tamriel than you’ve ever seen, from the frozen peaks of Skyrim to the murky depths of Black Marsh—and do it all with your friends by your side! With a vast (and...
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    Battlefield Hardline

    Battlefield Hardline Playstation 4

    Cop or criminal? Welcome to your new playground Inspired by emotionally charged TV crime drama, you'll use advanced weaponry and powerful vehicles to deliver your own justice, while you'll be able to form your own crew and wreak citywide destruction in the game's vast multiplayer modes. Turn enemies into fresh road kill, or...
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    Mortal Kombat X

    Mortal Kombat X Playstation 4

    Mortal Kombat X combines unparalleled, cinematic presentation with all new gameplay to deliver the most brutal Kombat experience ever. For the first time, Mortal Kombat X gives players the ability to choose from multiple variations of each character impacting both strategy and fighting style. And with a new fully-connected gameplay...
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    Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    Valiant Hearts: The Great War Playstation 4

    Anna was born in the Belgian city of Ieper (more commonly known by its French name “Ypres”) on December 26, 1891, into an aristocratic family. Her father, Paul, was a highly respected pioneer in engineering who sent her to Paris in the spring of 1914 to complete her studies. When...
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    Crimsonland Playstation 4

    Crimsonland is an intense, addictive and immensely gratifying top-down dual stick shooter where your screen is filled with literally hundreds of aliens, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more. Complete sixty quests to unlock an array of weapons and abilities, then unleash your arsenal in five survival modes with leaderboards. All Crimsonland game...
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    Rogue Legacy

    Rogue Legacy Playstation 4

    Rogue Legacy is an indie platformer with roguelike elements. The goal of Rogue Legacy is to explore a randomly generated dungeon, defeat four bosses in each of the four unique environments of the dungeon, and defeat the final boss. Due to the difficulty of the game, the player is expected to constantly...
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    DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition

    DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Playstation 4

    The definitive edition of this critically-acclaimed action game arrives with enhanced 1080p graphics at 60fps, new features and all the original DLC included. Chain together stylish combos with up to eight unique weapons. Traverse the demonic world of Limbo as you join Dante and Vergil in the legendary rebirth of...
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    Dragon Ball: XenoVerse

    Dragon Ball: XenoVerse Playstation 4

    Goku And Friends' Fierce Battles Will Be Reborn! DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE revisits famous battles from the series through your custom Avatar, who fights alongside Trunks and many other characters. Will the strength of this partnership be enough to intervene in fights and restore the Dragon Ball timeline we know? New features...
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    Teslagrad Playstation 4

    Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle platformer with action elements, where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to go throughout the game, and thereby discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower. Gain new abilities to explore a non-linear world with more than 100 beautiful hand-drawn environments,...
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    Secret Ponchos

    Secret Ponchos Playstation 4

    Secret Ponchos creates a new compelling format of combat. It's quick-twitch action gaming; it's fast paced, fun and competitively addictive. Presenting combat from an overhead isometric view dramatically changes the feel of the Fighting Game and Team Shooter genres. You have a 360 degree view of the action unfolding around...
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    Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

    Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Playstation 4

    Experience the intuitive fighting system, gorgeous characters and blockbuster stages of Dead or Alive 5 in this definitive series finale! Two new playable characters join to make 34 fighters - the largest roster in series history! Master the signature DOA fighting system through the rich story and tutorial modes, unlock more costumes...
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    Apotheon Playstation 4

    The Gods of Olympus have abandoned humanity, leaving you to perish without their benevolence. Take up arms against the Gods, climb Mount Olympus, and take their divine powers for yourself to ensure mankind’s survival! Apotheon is a fast and brutal 2D action game with a striking art style and heroic...
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    Never Alone

    Never Alone Playstation 4

    Gather close and I will tell you an unipkaaq, a story that has been passed to me from generations past. I learned this tale from Nasruk many years ago. He told me that there is great wisdom in listening for those who are willing to hear. Remember, when you are...
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    Costume Quest 2

    Costume Quest 2 Playstation 4

    Trick, treat and pick a fight with villainous dental soldiers in Costume Quest 2, the sweet sequel to Double Fine’s hit original, Costume Quest, that turned fans of all ages into candy obsessed crusaders. This inspired RPG adventure includes a range of new features and gameplay improvements to double the...
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    Hyper Light Drifter

    Hyper Light Drifter Playstation 4

    Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D action role-playing game fashioned after The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, rendered in a pixelated style comparable to Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. The player controls the Drifter, a character that has access to technology that has long been forgotten by...
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    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Playstation 4

    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is an upcoming 2D top-down action video game, developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital. A sequel to Hotline Miami, Wrong Number takes place before and after the events of Hotline Miami, and focuses on the aftermath of the protagonist Jacket after killing...
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    Mercenary Kings

    Mercenary Kings Playstation 4

    In this frantic 2D action game, you are part of the Mercenary Kings, the most skilled team of warriors-for-hire on Earth, but when your comrades have fallen and the fearsome forces of CLAW have seized an island-wide top secret Laboratory Base, you must do what it takes to stop them. But...
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    Cel Damage HD

    Cel Damage HD Playstation 4

    Take control of the world’s nuttiest cartoon drivers to demolish your friends with insane weapons and wacky arena hazards! Cel Damage HD is the definitive local multiplayer game, so just add a couch and have a blast with your friends and family. Master the single-player mode to get a leg up...
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    Road Not Taken

    Road Not Taken Playstation 4

    Road Not Taken is a roguelike puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises. You play as a ranger adventuring through a vast, unforgiving forest in the aftermath of a brutal winter storm, rescuing children who have lost their way. Randomly generated levels deliver a limitless supply of possibilities to explore and...
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    Ether One

    Ether One Playstation 4

    Ether One is a first person adventure that deals with the fragility of the human mind. There are two paths in the world you can choose from. At its core is a story exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the story at your own pace. There is also a...
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    DayZ Playstation 4

    DAYZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, in which players follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can. Players can live through powerful events and emotions arising from the ever-evolving emergent gameplay. -Chernarus: 230 sq. km chunk of post soviet...
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    Mighty No. 9

    Mighty No. 9 Playstation 4

    The creation of the game was based on the online crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, and incorporates heavy input from the public. In the year 20XX ---- In a world where robotic engineering has greatly advanced. World panic caused the collapse of capitalism and brought about a new socialism, under which the government had...
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    Resident Evil HD Remaster

    Resident Evil HD Remaster Playstation 4

    Alternative Titles: BioHazard HD Remaster

    If you thought the remake looked good, wait until you see the HD version! This is the game that defined the survival-horror genre and launched a franchise that has sold over 61 million copies. The original Resident Evil was released in 1996, and the remake arrived in 2002. The remake was...
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    Samurai Warriors 4

    Samurai Warriors 4 Playstation 4

    Samurai Warriors 4, known in Japan as Sengoku Musou 4, is a hack and slash game by Tecmo Koei, and sequel to Samurai Warriors 3. While the game was confirmed to be in development for the PlayStation 3 as early as 2012, it was not until the SCEJA Press Conference...
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    Metro Redux

    Metro Redux Playstation 4

    Metro Redux is the ultimate double game collection, including the definitive versions of both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, each rebuilt in the latest and greatest iteration of the 4A Engine for next-gen consoles....
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    Metro: Last Light Redux

    Metro: Last Light Redux Playstation 4

    It is the year 2034. Beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro, the remnants of mankind are besieged by deadly threats from outside - and within. Mutants stalk the catacombs beneath the desolate surface, and hunt amidst the poisoned skies above. Redux adds all the DLC...
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