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January 15, 2019 @ 12:06 pm
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EarthBound Nintendo Super NES

The second installment on the Mother series, and considered by now as a cult classic, as someone who replays this game a lot, i think it deserves a good review GAMEPLAY - 9/10 There's almost nothing to say about the gameplay tbh, it's pretty much a better version of your regular JRPG gameplay. A huge map to explore, enemies around and etc. The game has some very unique mechanics though that are really useful to the gameplay like the rolling HP system, enemies that chase you instead of just random battles and some other things. Since i like to speedrun the game i really enjoy exploring the gameplay mechanics the best i can aswell. It's a great gameplay overall. STORY - 10/10 This is probably the thing i like the most about EarthBound. The story might seem a bit cliche at the beginning as it follows the "chosen one" trope, but other than the...

Mother 3

Mother 3 Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Being the official ending for the Mother series, Mother 3 changed the already original formula of the series. But does it work? It sure does! GAMEPLAY: 9/10 Mother 3 has a really good gameplay, keeping the same unique mechanics EarthBound had but better, plus the ability to run which is much better than EarthBound Beginnings and new gameplay features. The only problem i have with the gameplay here is that Mother 3 is not as "open world" as it's predecessors, which might be good considering the way the game tells it's story, but i didn't find it as appealing as the big open world EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound had. STORY: 10/10 Do i really need to say anything? Mother 3 is not only one of the best storylines in the videogame history, but one of the best storylines in any fictional work until now. It's the game that made me care about characters the...

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