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Hello! I've been a fan of video games ever since I was four years old when my parents bought me a Gameboy Color. Nowadays, I mostly play my PS4 and PC, but I occasionally dab with my Vita for the latest niche titles.

I play just about everything, but I have a strong inclination towards RPGs (especially turn-based style). I dislike most fighting games and competitive shooters—with very few exceptions.

My longest played game is currently Final Fantasy XIV with more than 5000 hours clocked in. Second would be League of Legends, though I have an extreme love-hate relationship with it.

Other than gaming, I'm also a longtime fan of anime and manga. I used to be a review moderator for MyAnimeList; my work involved upholding the standards for reviews and recommendations on MAL by screening user submissions.

Unlike with anime and manga, I only rate games based on my enjoyment with them and their lasting impact. I don't have any desire to critically evaluate a medium which I only consume for fun, though that does sound interesting!

Lastly, all the games in my favorites list are those I gave a perfect score (10/10).

Nice to meet you!


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