Nice to meet you I'm Wizzy! I've been gaming most of my life so I have a lot of titles to add.. =_=

Genres I love: Puzzle, JRPG, Visual Novel, Point and Click, STG, Rhythm, Simulation, Strategy, NSFW

My favorite consoles are the Playstation + Playstation 2. My favorite handheld is the PS Vita but have a bit of an obsession with the Wonderswan. I play a good majority of my titles from my modded Nintendo Wii. I am very interested in Japanese consoles, seeing as I know little about them and it is very fun to learn. PCs in particular.

I am very picky about videogames nowadays. I don't play modern ones unless they are titles from franchises I really care about. Currently, I am working through my massive backlog of JRPGs I have been putting off. If you think there is a classic I have yet to play, let me know!

Thank you for visiting my profile and have a nice day.


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