Hello people of MVGL,

I'm into all sorts of games but always want to play new cool games and try and expand my playing list. My first ever console I remember playing was the NES with Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt & the original Zelda with the gold cartridge :) But I got into gaming a lot more when the Playstation 1 entered my world and I discovered my favourite game Vandal Hearts which i still play today and countless other classics.

I then had a Sega Dreamcast wwhich i didnt play much on but then I got a Playstation 2 which was the greatest thing at the time and I played it non stop. You'd think for the next gen I'd carry on with the Sony Playstation 3 but I got an Xbox 360 mainly because of my friends all had them which i ended up loving and becoming quite the house mouse because of it.

These days I play sometimes on my crappy half broken laptop on Steam, I play Xbox One a lot and go back to 360 every now and again (collecting for it). I did also play on handheld systems like the Gameboy Colour, GBA, Nintendo DS & PSP. I also played a lot of games on computer when i was young like Age of Empires.

I've missed out on a ton of classics and really cool consoles so I am hoping to broaden my video game experiences!

P.S feel free to message me abou anything or wanting to play on any of the online platforms I play on 😁


April 09, 2017 @ 10:54 am
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I haven't written any reviews yet, I should get on that!

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