I have strong opinions about many things, including this website.

No PMs? Can't check other people's listed played-on dates?? No way to EXPORT lists?!?

Fucked up tbh. Feel free to use my ratings to justify your own tastes like the midwits we all are, tho; still at least useful for that.


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Terranigma Nintendo Super NES

I think this is the hardest I've struggled on a rating for something, ever. So let me make it clear here: Terranigma, in its first third, is nothing less than a 10/10. Above that, even; it's thematic perfection and an experience to behold. One of a very few pieces of media I'd describe as actually, intimately beautiful. The second two thirds, however, bounce wildly between that 10/10 and a lower 7/10, with a prevalence towards the latter... yet at the same time, that plunge in magic is oftentimes attributable to the very same themes that so elevate the game's spirit, so it's hard to wrestle a clear-cut score out of the experience as a whole. The otherworldly atmosphere of the underworld giving way to the awe-inspiring revival sequences as a world takes form before your very eyes fits together to form an almost spiritual experience, carried all the way by the...

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