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I'm not very good at performing. I'm also not very good with "English", but come on. Hi. The name is Marcio. I think it's obvious my love for video games. Where I live? Well, I am Brazilian. And no, I don't speak "BR BR HUEHUEHU3", I don't like "feijoada" and I don't like football. I also don't like Carnaval. I'd rather stay at home eating candy than going to the street and get AIDS.

I play video game since I can remember. The first game I played in my life was Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on the Mega Drive. If I remember correctly, I was about two years old. Around this time, my father bought a Sega Saturn (which incidentally, I got him to this day and still works fine) and it came with the game Road Rash. Since then I have not stopped playing more. Maybe that's why I do not have a social life. In every moment of my life I find myself playing video game.

I would have to tell the whole story of my life here to explain why I like so much games. In short, memorable moments of my life passed while I was playing certain games. As they helped me get through tough times. Video games have delivered me from many problems.

Anyway, I think was a valid introduction. Right?

I'm glad you came here to meet me. Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your life. I hope to return the favor. Feel free to add me and talk to me. I like to talk to someone. I am very lonely, you know? See ya!


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