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I'm a French student in geophysics and I've always enjoyed playing video games. I like many different games but my favorites are games with story.
One of my favorite video games series is the Ace Attorney series; I love every Ace Attorney and I'm crying because I can't play the latest games released only in Japanese. I really adore this series. I really adore the last Fire Emblem too, Fire Emblem Three Houses which I think is incredibly awesome. I also love Mass Effect and its universe a lot. I wish I could travel in space and find my beloved Garrus.

Please, forgive my broken english ;-;

About my ratings:

My ratings are not about whether a game is good or not; I'm not able to judge that (actually yes but just for me). And for me it's very difficult to give a grade. I can not compare some games between them, there are so many differents. I mean, how to compare a simulation game with an action game ? It's not possible. So my ratings are about my feelings when I play; I use it as my way to express how much I like this game for everything it has to offer and everything it can bring me. And necessarily It's based on my preferences, so it's totally subjective. Concretely it's just a way to show which games are my favorites.

My favorite characters in video games are:

  • Garrus Vakarian in Mass Effect
  • Claude in Fire Emblem Three Houses
  • Miles Edgeworth and Simon Blackquill in Ace Attorney. But there's also Klavier Gavin. And Phoenix Wright of course, and Appolo Justice, and Maya Fey, and Pearl Fey, and Trucy Wright, and... Wait, actually I like every characters in these games.
  • Princess Zelda in the eponym games
  • Connor in Detroit: Become Human
  • Logan Thackeray in Guild Wars 2

Thanks for reading! ^-^


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