Color: Yellow

Food: Lemons, Pizza, Donuts, Blueberries, Reeses, and Nutella

Animal: Cats, Dogs, Wolves, Foxes, Guinea Pigs, Horses, Meerkats and Goats

Flower: Buttercups and Forget-me-nots

Holiday: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Birthday

Hobbies: Piano, Cooking/Baking, Drawing/Painting, Writing, Reading, and Daydreaming

Songs: Peices by Red, Keep Your Eyes Open by NeedToBreath, and In Christ Alone by Owl City, A Team by Ed Sheeran, My Hands by Leona Lewis

Bands: Kiss, Owl City, Imagine Dragons, and Red

Singers: Ed Sheeran, Melanie Martinez, Krewella, Leona Lewis

Videogame: Zelda, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Undertale, and ib

Youtubers: Einshine, Rosanno Pasino, Dan and Phil, and Good Mythical Morning

Favorite Anime: My Little Monster, Sunday Without God, Baka and Test, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Sankerea, Death Parade, Grisaia Series, Clannad, and Kanon 2006

Favorite Friends: Jesus, my best friend Erica, my cat, and my chiwuawua named flower plus my parents when their in a good mood lol.... :)

I love video games that can make me laugh, cry, and cheer! I also love movies, anime, and music. I'm also a Christian and not afraid of what people might think about me! :D I love you! random person!


May 19, 2016 @ 5:53 pm
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