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NOTE: I will use this site as a bucket list, which i will include games I have and don't have, but also my tracking MMORPG’s. The list will be updated as you add new games. Games that are not in the website database I will not add.

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire PC

**PROS** - Story ( the best of the two expansions) - New Elite Specializations for all profession - New Masteries bind with mounts - 5 New Maps in Crystal Desert - 4 New Mounts + 2 Mounts hidden - Bounty System **CONS** - Joko this, Joko than, enough of Joko, no? - Difficulty Despite the bad start it had on launch day, it is undoubtedly the best expansion of the two that have already been released. Compared to the maps of the first expansion, it is not so frustrating that you can complete without many problems. The new masters presented are more focused on the Mounts, containing several upgrades for each. Each mount has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the terrain it treads. Not forgetting how easy it is to switch between them. I will not talk about the story itself, but the expansion continues where the living world 3 is over. So it is recommended that you play the living world...

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online PC

**PROS** - Great Graphics - Over Power Character customization - Open world with a good combat system - Easy money through fishing / farming / tradint / housing - Metrology system + day - Login rewards **CONS** - No coin conversion system for pearl (as in guild wars 2) - The main quests + side quest become repetative - Mediocre voice actor - Classes blocked by gender and unbalance - Main Story (poor) - Lack of customization of armor - No control for the newbies tutorial - Pay-to-win elements From criticism I?ve read, this game has two types of players. Simple players (like me) who like to have a good time without resorting to extra items and Pay-to-win players who are the ones who like to spend money on extra items, which in my opinion are more expensive than the game itself game. Attention that I am not criticizing these players, just think that a MMORPG who does not have a system like in Guild Wars 2...

Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame PlayStation 2

**PROS** - History - Environment - Soundtrack - Photo Camera - Various types of roll **CONS** - Some puzzles - While exploring some more encounters with Ghost This was my first such title to play. At first I was frightened by everything. Every little noise i heard i was on alert. But as the game progresses the scale of fear has dropped considerably. One of the things I loved about this game was the overall atmosphere, not only the fact that I did not know what was going to happen at the next corner, but also the little promenades with powder that hangs in the air of the mansion. There will be several occasions when people can be photographed, past events that took place in the mansion. I would never say that the developers would use an old photographic camera (which in turn belonged to the protagonist?s mother) as an exorcist for ghosts. Not forgetting that there are x types of...

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