wont put game as completed unless completed 100%. (let me tell you, for some games this is a bitch but i don't care. im sticking with it. there should honestly be a different section on this site for "completed" and "100% completed." i do a youtube, check it out, but really since i dont care about my youtube go check out my twitch also love to speedrun things. this site is a bit silly, but i still love it


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Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Galaxy brings Mario back again at something new, with tons of playing time and a level of difficulty. There aren't really any problems with the game, the only thing I didn't like about this game is the fact where you have to get every same exact star again but as Luigi once finishing the game. Putting that aside, by the time you play through the game completely, you will remember everything about the game. Everything in this game stands out in its own way and you end up liking the whole game in it self once you're done with it. If you have played through the game completely there isn't much a chance you will play this game or even pick it up again (like you have absorbed the game and there's no more left). Anyone who is playing the game will most definitely enjoy it. I would...

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