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November 05, 2016 @ 9:49 pm
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Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo 64

This was a very enjoyable childhood game. I was one of the children who played this instead of Mario Kart 64 and, generally speaking, whichever one gamers had played first, they stood by. I strongly enjoyed this game's unique power-ups and differences that made it unique from Mario Kart 64. Rare did a very good job of making the graphics as good as possible for the hardware given. I have personally replayed this game at an older age and it still offers plenty of fun!. 1.Story: 7.5/10 -Good enough for the fact that its a bunch of animals racing 2.Character Uniqueness and Development: 7/10 -Great Characters! Little to no character development. 3.Graphics (When Released): 9.5/10 4.Replay Value: 9/10 5.Soundtrack: 9/10 -Most chipper tunes you'll hear in a long time! 6.Game play Depth: 8.5/10 -If you have more experience you will probably win. not much is left to chance on DKR. 7.Is It Fun?:...

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