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Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back Web

Don't Look Back is a Flash Game released in 2009, but is is not "just a Flash Game" and I'm going to tell you why. __STORY__ This game is based off Orpheus and Eurydice story of Greek Mythology, where Orpheus goes to take the soul of his dead and beloved Eurydice in the underworld. It is like a modern version of the tale though. After finding her soul he can come back with it with one condition: He can't look at it. In the game, the soul follows you from behind and that's why the game is called "Don't Look Back". Very complex story for a Flash Game, right? But that's not what makes it so special and I can't really tell you what it is since it would be a spoiler, therefore ruinning the experience for most people, but I can garantee that the ending is really satisfying. We could say the...

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