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December 01, 2016 @ 3:17 pm
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Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Xbox One

Another World is a pretty well known piece, so in a way it may not even need my review at all. In my defense, I've never played it until recently, at least until the end that is, since I have never finished it completely and hadn't a pleasure of getting all the achievements. But I enjoyed many of the hours I've put into this game, admittedly looking up a few solutions to the complex puzzles I've encountered in the game. And while the game is not that long, it didn't take quite a lot of time to finish it, upon completing it I still felt some sort of personal achievement and pat myself on the back (the two guards by the bottomless pit really got on my nerves). The renewed graphics feel fresh, but still bear the same old school 2D feeling, for those with some nostalgic attitude I'm pretty sure...


Chaser PC

Honestly this is one of the best games I have ever played. Sure, the graphics are outdated, that's where the level design comes in, doesn't seem so bad when the stages are put together rather nicely, makes it difficult to even notice the sharp edges and such sometimes. And the story is probably the best thing about this game, one of the best plot twists at the end by far, the outcome of the main character's actions is really unexpected. I've finished this game two times already, but I'll definitely get back to it again one day. Wouldn't say this is a timeless piece, but it holds up really well for a fifteen year old game. If you are interested in some sci-fi FPS action without all the overly-futuristic weapons and gear (these old school guns make the game seem even more realistic) this would be a great game to play...

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