Hello everyone. This is myvideogamelist profile and I am really glad this website exists because I always run into tons of games that I always wanted to play or games I have dropped because I do not own the original CD or a digital copy. I have been playing video games for the past sixteen years, my favorite franchise is Final Fantasy and the fiction characters I like the most are Vincent Valentine, Vivi and Sephiroth. However, time passes by and I do not play video games so vividly, and I am a casual player now. Nevertheless, I am still so eager to read the game news in order to check out what's new in the market. It is high time I updated my profile so you guys could reminisce old gaming memories with me and share your own thoughts. Thank you in advance for reading this. Enjoy browsing on the website and have fun.


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League of Legends

League of Legends PC

Generally speaking, League of Legends was (and still is) one of the greatest MOBA games ever. It's daily peak used to tend from 15 to 25 million players every day during the 2nd game season (2012) and with a lot of marketing and advertising, it dethroned the king of Multiplayer games, World of Warcraft. However, during the 4th season, League of Legends started losing casual players due to its extremely annoying and immature community which was "surrounded" by people who never wanted develop themselves into something better. On the contrary, there were always the type of people who used to play for fun. League of Legends though, still reaches the top 5 Multiplayer and top 3 MOBA games of all time because of two reasons. First of all, everything has to do with game play. Mechanics and outplays are the most common things a casual player can detect and as a matter...

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