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My name is Morgan ❤️ and I am responsible for some of the development and code that runs this website. I enjoy dabbling in web design and back end coding, however it's certainly only done on a hobby/for fun basis. I enjoy video games a lot and I consider this to be my contribution to gamers. I'm big on organization and have been a big fan of MyAnimeList.

When not thinking about ways to improve this website or working on development I can be found horseback riding 🐴, playing soccer, snowboarding, hiking, hanging out with my dog, watching movies, and tinkering with gadgets. I also help manage a community of beta enthusiasts at xBetas.com.

I enjoy playing games like Gears of War, Call of Duty, LittleBigPlanet, Minecraft, Titanfall, EVOLVE, Angry Birds, SimCity, Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft II, Walking Dead (by Telltale Games), Hitman, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Resident Evil, Pok?mon and Grand Theft Auto. 🎮


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