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September 21, 2021
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Hi, I am Kevin.

A sassy manchild in his early '40s, who works full-time as a sales assistant selling high-power machinery. Aside from work, I also love to gravel and trek bike, read, and watch movies. I have a huge heart for animals in particular but due to time-related reasons, I do not own any at the moment! Gaming has always been a part of my life, ever since I got my hands on my very first console it turned into a lifetime hobby of mine. To me, gaming is all about getting immersed into the gameplay and living those stories! Games I love to play may vary on the mood I am in, and because of my work, I rarely focus on one game these days. I play whatever I feel like, however, I try to be more consistent when I stream on Twitch which is also the reason why I am here.

I struggle quite a bit to finish my games and practice my most favorite hobby, my search led me to this site to find an efficient way to list up both my finished games and back catalog! I intend to use the priority settings here in a specific way to mark down my playlist and link the list back directly to my twitch channel for my viewers.

I am a passionate Gamer, Tech buff, Streamer & Reviewer. I am everywhere and nowhere, I like to keep an eye on everything Game Related!

As mentioned before I will use the priority listings provided on this site in a specific way to, [a] line out which games I will play in the future and, [b] to explain which games I will not play anymore, and why I may have dropped the title. This will make it easy for viewers who are passing by to pick out games for me to play in the near future on my twitch channel. Please click on the ''My List'' tab on this page to go to my video game list or you can just click here when you feel like you are too lazy 😉 either way, you will be able to find my priority listing explained below.

Currently Playing:
  • High = Priority -> I am playing this game on stream!

This will be always set on high no matter what. This is my priority focus on my twitch channel, I may still squeeze some games in between that I marked down as Continuously Playing!

Continuously Playing:
  • Low = Sometimes firing this up again.
  • Medium = Occasionally playing.
  • High = Frequently playing.

I play this on-stream and off-stream when I feel like it, this doesn't mean that my stream is themed around these titles. They merely earned my attention due to my personal enjoyment with them!

  • Low = Unlikely to pick up again: I either do not own a copy anymore or I own multiple copies on various platforms. In other cases, the replayability of these titles are very low.
  • Medium = Somewhat likely to pick it up again: If I find the time to do so 😄 so many games are still untouched 😕
  • High = Very likely to pick this up again: these are games that I cherish and will play again at some point ''I Hope'' 😉

If I completed a game this means I enjoyed it, I never force myself when a game feels like I need to pull myself through it. I honestly do not see the point of doing so, I personally only focus on games that are perfectly capable to pique my interest in the first two hours and keep me engaged from start to finish. When I do bump upon a game that gets on my nerves I will drop it rather fast!

  • Low = When will I find the time: I may never come around to play these, but, who knows 😉
  • Medium = With so many games in my back catalog it is kinda hard to choose which ones to play.
  • High = Eagerly want to play this, this one is not too hard to prioritize 😄

This is actually my back catalog, I either didn't touch these yet or I tried them briefly to test them out! Sadly, in many cases, I didn't come around to play them yet and my back catalog literally piled up very high over the last few years because of that. I often see a game that I am highly interested in and I end up buying them in good faith, luckily I slowed down a fair bit bc this started to get ridiculous 😄 . ...

  • Low = Indefenitly Dropped.
  • Medium = Unlikely but you never know.
  • High = Likely to pick up again.

Depending on the priority, they may or may not be picked up again, it also depends on whether I still own the title or not. Atari and PS1&2 games, for example, can be considered unavailable unless I own them digitally on PC. I have owned, and in some cases, I still own the games but not their respective consoles anymore. Why do you not rate all of your dropped games? This means that I have been trying the games but they never reached my line of expectations. I rarely rate games when I never completed them and when they do not lean into my comfort zone, unless! I have good reasons for it. ...

Edit: There are some of these titles that I dropped here which I did not rate yet due to the fact that I own a double copy on another platform, they will be on hold!

Plan to Play:
  • Medium = This is actually a smaller On-Hold list but -> Prioritized 😄
  • High = This will be the next game to play on my stream 😉

This is somewhat my priority list for my streams so if you catch any games here these are meant to be played on my twitch channel, feel free to check me out if you are able to catch me online :p


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