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MVGL's Gaming Challenge 2019

January 01, 2019 @ 9:20 am

Challenge list:

  1. Play a game you did not finish last year: Pokémon Moon ☑️
  2. Replay one of your childhood favorites: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest ☑️
  3. Play 10 matches online or an entire co-op campaign with another MVGL user
  4. Play a 50+ hours long game OR a 3- hours long game: Overdriven Reloaded ☑️
  5. Play a game released in 2019
  6. Play a game re-released in a budget range (Playstation Platinums, Xbox Classics, Nintendo Selects, etc.): Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon ☑️
  7. Play a game that is only available digitally: Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~ ☑️
  8. Play an award-winning game: Celeste ☑️
  9. Play a console exclusive game: Fire Emblem: Three Houses ☑️
  10. Play a game developed by Ubisoft OR Activision: Starlink: Battle for Atlas ☑️
  11. Play a game with an anthropomorphic animal as the main character: Star Fox 64 3D ☑️
  12. Play a game that allows the player to make different decisions to change the course of the story: Life is Strange ☑️
  13. Play a game featuring knights: Wargroove ☑️
  14. Play a Sports game
  15. Play a game from a genre you rarely play
  16. Play a game that was favorited by more than 50 MVGL users
  17. Play a game that more than 1000 MVGL users have added to their lists: Undertale ☑️
  18. Play a game recommended to you by another challenge participant
  19. Pick 6 games you want to play and assign them numbers 1-6, roll a dice and play the game with that number
  20. Play a game you bought at a garage sale/flea market/thrift store

Gaming Challenge 2018

January 05, 2018 @ 5:36 pm

  1. Finish a game you put on-hold or dropped before 2018
  2. Play a game that you can finish in one day: Year Walk (Wii U) ☑️
  3. Play a game that has been on your Plan to Play list for too long
  4. Play a game featuring a female protagonist
  5. Play a game with a historical setting
  6. Play a game that is set in space
  7. Play a game featuring a non-human main character: Yoshi's New Island (3DS) - Yoshi ☑️
  8. Play a game where you can control more than one character
  9. Play a game developed by an Indie-developer
  10. Play a game published by EA or Square Enix
  11. Play a game that was published by the same publisher as one of your favourite games
  12. Play a game originally released in the 80's: Super Mario Bros. 3 (3DS) - originally released in 1988 on the NES ☑️
  13. Play a game originally released in the 90's
  14. Play a game released in 2018
  15. Play a game originally released in the year you were born in
  16. Play a launch title of any console you like: New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U) ☑️
  17. Play a game on the oldest console you own
  18. Play an RPG
  19. Play a Visual Novel
  20. Play a game from a genre you don't like
  21. Play a Racing game: Fast Racing Neo (Wii U) ☑️
  22. Play a Puzzle game
  23. Play a Horror game
  24. Play a Music/Rhythm game
  25. Play a game recommended to you by another challenge participant
  26. Play a game featured in the recent user updates
  27. Play a game that starts with the same letter as your username
  28. Play a remake/remaster of a game
  29. Play a game that was made into a movie/tv series/book/comic
  30. Play a game with an adjective in the title

Pokiman White 2 Nuzlocke, 20 years later

January 25, 2017 @ 5:31 pm

So, this blog still exists, but I kinda forgot about it. Not that anyone cares but me, but I wanna keep record, and record doesn't keep itself yadda yadda yadda.

So far, I've lost three of my precious 'mons, Snivy (may you rest in peace sweet prince, or princess, I already forgot if you were a guy or gal, hope no one on tumblr ever reads that), Stoutland (and I thought dogs were supposed to be loyal) and very recently Scrafty (yeah, it existed I guess). Fun fact, I lost them all to random trainers. Next gym leader I'll have to face is Drayden's beard, damn, I'm scared of this guy, he's like the Lance of the 5th gen, just old and slightly less attractive.

So now for the actual reason I updated this blog-thing, I caught a effing shiny Tranquill, man, I really hate this thing but I sure love shinies.


Pokiman White 2 Nuzlocke, it's happening again

January 15, 2017 @ 1:46 pm

So, yesterday (or the day before that, I kinda forgot) I started yet another Nuzlocke. This time, it's White 2, a game I never played before, because back in the day I thought Pokemon BW sucked bad, so I decided to never get the sequel to such a shitty game. As you all know, BW is not bad, it's actually pretty good, but we all make mistakes, so don't kill me pls. That's why I decided to play White 2, and I already regret it. Not really, but I like to make things sound dramatic. Of course I picked Snivy, objectively the best starter in Gen V. Also, I gotta say I like the rival, he's a dick but also kinda nice, basically the same character traits I have. First Pokiman I caught was a Patrat, also known as heavy dissapointment. Next one was a Sewaddle, which looks like a less shitty Caterpie. It evolves by max. friendship, dammit GameFreak, we're not in some dumb anime, I'm not gonna start crying and give up my title as Digimon Emperor because of friendship to a worm. I also got a Lillipup and a Koffing, not much to say here. I beat Cheren, who apparently slept with several people to become gym leader, well, not gonna judge. Also, Alder has even more free time now, since he's not the champ anymore. Maybe he'll just fade out of existence, who knows. Anyway, my Snivy was murdered by a Dunsparce who used Whitney's Miltank's memorial attack, so RIP I guess.


Pokémon SoulSilver Nuzlocke, what did I say about undying hate

October 24, 2016 @ 5:13 pm

The rest of the Kanto gymleaders (except for Blue) got rekt pretty bad, I only had some trouble with Brock: first, I kinda forgot my Nidoqueen was a Poison-Type, so Earthquake hit pretty hard. But come on, how can you tell Nidoqueen is a Poison-Type, I mean it's not like I always screamed "Go, STAB-Poison Jab!" whenever I used that attack. Then I used my Exeggutor against his Kabutops, and wouldn't you know it, critical-hit Rock Slide after I went for Wood Hammer. Survived with 1 HP. Freaking 1. And yeah, I know, Wood Hammer, but I love it's animation!

And then my worst nightmare happened. Blue's Machamp. I know why I hate this guy, it's up to your imagination who I mean. Spoiler, I mean Machamp. I know why I didn't send Espeon out against Bruno's back in the league, I know why. But it went so good at first! But, of course, critical-hit Stone Edge, one-hit KO. RIP Espeon, you were the best Pokeman I ever had, except for that Greninja on X, because that sucker is gold. Anyway, Professor Oak called me afterwards that he wants to give me a present, and oh boy, I will give him a present too, and he will not like it. You know what they say, grandparents pay for their grandchildren's sins! Or something like that. Actually, I made this up, I just want a reason to claim revenge for Espeon.

I guess I consider this Nuzlocke done, I might get back to it when I feel like I have time to grind for battling Red. Which will be never. Or maybe next month, who knows.


Pokémon SoulSilver Nuzlocke, I kinda forgot I'm doing this

October 22, 2016 @ 8:00 am

So, it's been a while, but Lance was successfully rekt, no casualties on my side, of course, I'm one true Pokeman-Master after all (except for when I forget Steelix is a Ground-Type and one-hit kill it when it's my encounter for the route). So, now that I'm Champ it's time to kick some Kanto asses! Lt. Surge was a joke, even though he used to be my nemesis in Yellow. What happened in these three years, geesh. Sabrina wasn't that hard either. Mr. Mime (or should I say Mrs. Mime? Or rather Miss Mime, I kinda doubt it will ever get married) was a pain though. But again, nothing too worry about. Misty was also pretty easy. She never was that difficult to begin with, except for when you picked a Charmander back in the day, but seriously, who would do that, we all know Bulbasaur is the best. Also, instead of being in her gym and stopping that Team Rocket guy, she is on a date. Talk about priorities. Next will be Janine. Just like this blog, I kinfa forgot she exists.


Pokémon SoulSilver Nuzlocke, it's not that hard if you don't think about it

October 16, 2016 @ 3:38 pm

Will's ass got kicked, even though his two Xatu kept spamming Confuse Ray. Worst. Status. Ever. I'd say Koga didn't age well. I mean, yeah, Gen I and II are only three years apart, but come on. He was sooo easy. Okay, maybe it was because Ninetails completely rekt him, but I still blame it on his age. Sorry old man, go back to your ninja school in ninja town! Believe it! The first time I played HeartGold back in the day Bruno completely rekt me. It also sparked my undying hate for Machamp (say what you want, that is just a creep in a speedo, and still people keep on hating Gen V's design choices.. Nah wait, they are actually quite bad). But today I rekt him. Again. It really happened quite often in the past. So it's not that special. Karen was actually annoying. Due to Umbreon's Synchronize my Ampharos got paralyzed. How is that even possible, it's an Electric-Type. Ugh. But her Gengar was the worst. Destiny Bond, really? Kiss my a... I mean, what a great move! Thanks to my Feraligatr's low Special Attack Surf didn't kill it, otherwise you could serve my head on a silver plate to Lance. Talking about Lance, I wonder if he uses three Dragonites to compensate for something.. Hmm.


Pokémon SoulSilver Nuzlocke, pls

October 15, 2016 @ 8:57 pm

So, yesterday my Vulpix died to a Voltorb's Self-Destruct. RIP in pieces, Narutina. You will be missed. Just when I got a Fire Stone to evolve you. Saddest story ever told. Or not. I actually caught a new Vulpix. Guess it is destiny to kick some serious ass with a Ninetails in my team. Tomorrow, you'll be sorry you've ever been born Will! Or maybe not. Maybe he'll kick my ass. But I got a Ninetails. Nothings gonna stop me now. Except, maybe, a Water-Type, but egh.

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