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  • Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]
    Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]PC

    Indeed, I?m not one for visuals novels but fate/stay night is an exception that I would recommend to anyone. It?s captivating as it is long, mixing music and presentation to create a type of dragging effect that makes me spend a longer amount of time engrossed in it the further I went through it. A game with few choices but none the less has you guessing many different outcomes. Story: The plot is solid but leaves a few things to be desired. For the most part, the writing is gripping, and the format of visuals novels allow for the writer to lengthen or shorten sentences at will, causing shocking revelations to be strengthened by a short couple worded sentence. There were many times in the story when the plot was going smoothly until a simple statement would make everything do a 180, really catching my attention off guard and catching...
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  • Titan Souls
    Titan SoulsPC

    Titan Souls is a hard game if you don't like that than don't play. In Titan Souls, you are giving one bow and one arrow and you have to slay 19 titans. Each titans can one-shot you but you can also one-shot them by hitting their weak point. Some titans can have a clever ways to conceal their weakness and it is up to you to expose it. It plays very smooth and responsive. You can also dodge roll and run to help you with invade ongoing attack. You can shoot at thing. Your bow need wind up time to shoot but it fairly fast so it doesn't interrupt the flow of the battle. However, since you only got one arrow, you need to retrieve that arrow after firing and this is the core of the gameplay. The game give you two ways of retrieving your arrow either by recalling it...
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  • Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart
    Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold HeartXbox 360

    Story: The game takes place one week after the main campaign. You actually begin the game as Bruce Wayne and and takes you throughout the Wayne Manor as you become the Batman. It was a good experience to witness the transition from one persona to the other. It was also a captivating and saddening story due to the antagonist Victor Fries. We know he's doing the best for his wife but his methods label him a villain. As such, it is Batman's duty to put a stop to his ways while avoid fatalities along the process. Graphics: The ice effects were superb and it really adds another layer of depth. The new batman suit also increase its aesthetic as Batman deals with another issue besides goons with goons. This game was already pretty to watch which makes the environmental effects a sweet piece of the pie. Gameplay: The sad part...
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  • Infamous First Light
    Infamous First LightPlaystation 4

    Story - We see Fetch return as a prequel to the original InFamous game. The game is presented in a series of flashbacks to set the story while placing you in an arena for you to play a series of challenges. Even though the challenges are fun, they do feel forced as filler for the game and make it worth its $15 price tag. The flashbacks take place in the first section of Seattle and has several activities to stay busy. Unlike Delsin's side missions, the activities for Fetch also seem like filler rather than a clear objective. Delsin went for these missions to bring down the DUP while we only feel inclined to seek out these side missions to upgrade our powers. Graphics - The graphics remain the same as the main game. It's still an impressive feat and the water effects are top notch. I was always impressed...
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  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for All
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for AllNintendo DS

    Justice For All, although a great game, feels unspectacular compared to the first Ace Attorney game (Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney) Gameplay: The gameplay is very much the same as the original title, with investigation segments where you talk to witnesses and, well, investigate the area of a murder, before using the evidence you find to save your innocent client (the defendant) and find the truth behind the case in the court segments. But whats new in JFA is the psyche-locks, which the player must break (using the correct pieces of evidence) during investigations to see through a character's lies, which is a big addition to this game. Story: The story is a mixed bag, as although interesting not many of the cases link into it which leaves the game with more filler, whereas the first game had the cases link together with its story. I wont go into details of the story itself because I...
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  • Life is Strange: Episode 5 - Polarized
    Life is Strange: Episode 5 - PolarizedPC

    Graphics - The graphics did not change from each episodes. It is still cartnoonish and lacks emotional facial expressions. However, this episode deals more with weather elements that emphasize the lack of texture when interacting with the characters of the game. Gameplay - The gameplay had more of a life or death consequences in this episodes. I enjoyed reversing time to find the optimal way to let our characters triumph over evil. It was truly a challenge to test our resourcefulness and quick wit when it came to the final moments of a major character in peril. Story - This was the conclusion of the 5 episode series. I was disappointed in missed opportunities between victims of the antagonist. I felt there were instances were broken relationships could've been mended or worked together to surpass the enemy. I had also hoped the same level of detail had gone to...
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  • LocoRoco
    LocoRocoSony PSP

    Graphics - We're talking about the original game in the PSP era so HD was not much of an option. However, the colors are vibrant and the music is top notch. I keep taking music for granted in platforming games but it really adds depth to a level. The music kept me entertained and actually encouraged me to continue looking for every secret the level had to offer. Gameplay - The game relies on the two shoulder buttons and gravity to move forward. These little blobs are able to jump and roll according to these buttons and gravity only results in a higher jump or faster role. Precision is the name of the game and there are various environmental tools that can boost your jump or speed at certain moments. Story - It's as simple as any other platforming game. There's evil floating things called Moja's who have come to...
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  • Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
    Sly Cooper and the Thievius RaccoonusPlaystation 2

    Before you read this review, I think I should say that there will be major spoilers. This is an in depth analysis about everything in the game. Therefore, if you haven't played the game yet, would like to, and care about spoilers, then don't read this review. If I were to describe Sly Cooper in two words they would be Simple Fun. Sly Cooper isn?t the longest a very long game. It?s not overly complicated regarding it?s combat mechanics. It?s not even that difficult. But Sly Cooper is one of the most fun games I?ve ever played from my childhood, and in this video I want to attempt to dissect exactly why that is. Sly Cooper and the Thievues Racconus was released in the year 2001 by Sucker Punch Productions for the Playstation 2. it was only three years off their...
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  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    Star Ocean: The Last HopeXbox 360

    After having beaten the first two games in this series and playing the third, Star Ocean 4 was in everyway a letdown! Basic attacks feel drawn out and punishing to use and you will be unfortunately using them a lot early on due to few means to get back MP. Blindside is a new but mandatory mechanic that acts a parry but is a dodge without i-frames that makes the enemy more susceptible to damage, while neat the first few times you do it, it quickly gets old waiting for the enemy to attack to deal significant damage. Magic isn't magic, they're special arts with cast times and having beat the game at level 55-60 I didn't obtain any truly unique magic skills outside of hit the enemy 8x times with X element after a cast time. Skills have been slimmed down to the most basic of categories and can...
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  • Ryse: Son of Rome
    Ryse: Son of RomeXbox One

    A questionable game when I first saw its reveal at the Xbox one announcement, but none the less was interested in playing it when I got it with games for gold. Many years later (2018) I decided to finally play it and see what exactly made this game a launch title? At first glance, you have to praise the Xbox one for handling the graphic fidelity of this game because even after almost 5 years for its release, it still looks stunning. From the armor to the grass, the game is packed full of quality that even matches the standard of games today like For Honor. The high res especially comes into play with the close quarter combat when you?re in a small clearing under the trees or in the torched lighted ground of the far north. It can really draw your breath away when noticed at the right time....
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  • Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
    Mario and Luigi: Dream TeamNintendo 3DS

    Here is another Mario & Luigi game the capitalizes on the success of their RPG franchise. One of the greatest ideas Nintendo ever made was the use of their lore to implement a simple yet fun game that uses nostalgia to hit those unique feelings of happiness. Graphics - Even though they're still rather shaded, the game has plenty of color and wonderful art direction. That is something you can always count on when it comes to Nintendo. Gameplay - The gameplay was what stole the show. The one thing that I've never been able to do in other turn-based RPGs is being able to counter an opponents attack. I'm able to evade the enemy's attack if I properly time my defense and that's something I've never experienced anywhere else. I loved this aspect because it always seemed silly that someone would just sit there and take all that damage....
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate
    Assassin's Creed SyndicatePC

    Following the storyline arc of unity, you, a faceless hacker continue to synchronize data for another fun assassination adventure through industrial London. As a long-time assassin's creed gamer, I honestly don't have any strong feelings for this game. The reasons for this will be outlined below, now don't get me wrong the gameplay is actually very good except for various key areas that are sorely lacking. Now for the good things about this game: - It seems that the developers have used the core gameplay mechanics of Unity and enhanced them making it less glitchy and buggy and much more streamlined and effective. - The addition of the grappling gauntlet makes traversal through the city of London more expedient as well as open up unique opportunities for assassination. - Carriage related missions adds much needed variety to the various activities in this game - A multitude of skills that you can pick...
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  • Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks
    Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax AttacksNintendo DS

    Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks is the third game in the Ben 10 game series whilst also being the last. This game, like the first in the series, has been a key moment in my childhood and has combined aspects of the previous games to make an amazing tribute/finale which can be proven in the content present in this DS game. Unlike it's superior versions on different consoles such as a the Xbox 360, the DS version is 2D with many of it's content being smaller versions of the massive things. This could be seen as a disappointment but, by contrary, this provides a new fresh view. Pixelated as this game may seem, the retro style combined with it's nostalgic theme forms an atmosphere of just entertainment; playing the game will never feel distasteful. The sounds and themes of this game live up just as how the previous games have with but...
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  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!Nintendo Super NES

    Gameplay: The levels are very creative and fun to play. As any good Rareware game, you can challenge yourself trying to get the collectables. Also, being able to attack enemies by rolling or spinning, rather than just jumping on them is very fun. Dixie's mechanics for floating in air and Diddy's rolling and bouncing on water are extremaly unique from this DKC franchise. Story: The story of the game isn't very clear, the kongs just go level by level without any specific reason. But the characters are pretty charismatic, s? it kinda saves the "soul" of the game. Grapichs and Visuals: Stunning. By far, the game with the best graphics on SNES. Awesome sprites, textures and animations, extremaly detailed and very carefully positioned, including the background and 3D effect. Every single stage of this game is beatiful. Soundtrack: The music of this game is awesome. Every kind of stage fits perfectly with...
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  • The Order: 1886
    The Order: 1886Playstation 4

    The Order: 1886 could have been a hell of a game. It's still great, in my opinion, but there are things that bring it down for the mainstream audience. A troubled release date and negative reviews prevented many gamers from enjoying an amazing world that set the foundation for amazing sequels. Graphics - This is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. The setting tends to be darker but the shadows and particle effects create an aura of mystery and suspense. IT is truly remarkable what Ready at Dawn has done with its character models as they appear to be actors instead of polygons being shown in my screen. Gameplay - Even though there are standard weapons, the armory of the Knights is astounding. It reminded me of all the creative weponry provided by Insomniac in the Ratchet & Clank franchise. Advanced weapons are provided by none...
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  • Nier
    NierPlaystation 3

    NieR Gestalt / Replicant Review ============ Preface -------- If you're coming to NieR, you've probably played Automata or want to play the original NieR before doing so. I think while it's not necessary to, you should. I aim to give you the most honest review so you can come to your own conclusion on whether or not to play it or watch a video run-down on it, coming from the Automata to NieR perspective since I believe this will apply to most who come to play NieR. Another thing, this will be covering Gestalt instead of Replicant as I haven't had the chance to play Replicant yet. Though, I dont think there will be any changes. Gameplay -------- I won't lie, if you're coming fresh off of Automata, the gameplay will take a lot to get used to. NieR, the main character, himself moves very slow and his evade barely speeds him up. There is a quest...
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  • Assassin's Creed: Rogue
    Assassin's Creed: RogueXbox 360

    Assassin's Creed has been building a world based on history and was very popular in the beginning. However, their annual releases have saturated their platform and have created an "Assassin's Creed" fatigue that is slowly catching up to every consumer. The year Assassin's Creed Rogue was released, they also released Assassin's Creed Unity for the next-gen consoles. This was the pinnacle of greed and it showed on the quality of the games. Graphics - These were standards and did not change from those in Assassin's Creed Black Flag. In fact, the shadow effects appeared more distorted in this game than the previous game. This could've been the result of a rushed product. The game still maintains a beautiful aesthetic but does not carry anything new to the game. Gameplay - The air soft rifle brings a new weapon to Shay's arsenal but it behaves exactly as the dart blow. It...
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  • Alan Wake
    Alan WakeXbox 360

    "Alan Wake" is easily one of the greatest video games of all time. Remedy Entertainment, who began their stardom with the beloved "Max Payne" series, completed their most outstanding project to date when "Alan Wake" released to critical acclaim in 2010. And it deserves the praise. Stellar in its storytelling, characterization, atmosphere, and gameplay, "Alan Wake" remains a cult classic in the video game world, and one I proudly believe to be one of the best video games of the 21st century. "Alan Wake" is a self-proclaimed "psychological action thriller " that combines elements of thriller TV with action-based gameplay. Most of the game is set in dark, atmospheric forest expanses as the player is forced to fight against shadowy, ax-wielding enemies called "Taken." The combat is a primary focus, and takes an interesting spin with the flashlight mechanic, as the player is unable to kill enemies until they have used their...
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  • A Hat in Time
    A Hat in TimePC

    "A Hat in Time" has to be one of the most pleasant gaming discoveries I've made in these past few years. Since I'm often a bit disappointed in the AAA sector, branching out to look at more indie games was a new experience for me, but "A Hat in Time" met all of the hopes and expectations I didn't even know I had. It has all of the charm, wit, and adventure of some of my other all-time favorites like "Super Mario Galaxy" on top of an adorable lineup of characters and worlds. It really is a masterpiece of indie gaming, and one I'd recommend to anyone who likes 3D platformers or just games in general. "A Hat and Time" has all of the spirit and charm of 3D platforming classics, and yet it's original and unique in a very memorable way. The entire game is vibrant with visuals, music, and...
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  • Mother 3
    Mother 3Nintendo Gameboy Advance

    Way back in 1995, Earthbound was released by Nintendo for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). It took a different approach on the classic RPG. Rather than using witches, monks, and dragons, it wielded modern characters and designs. You were a teenager all-American boy with a girl, a nerd and a martial artist tagging along. Instead of swords and shields, you could grab a baseball bat, a yo-yo, psychic powers or a frying pan and whack aliens upside their sorry heads. It did conform somewhat to the classic RPG, using objects to regain health as you traveled. However, instead of potions, you got cookies, pizza, and hamburgers. The game, while sold in America, did horribly in sales, possibly due to the bad campaigning system that they tried to use (such as horrifying smells and the catchphrase "This game stinks!") It slid into obsolescence, but left a "cult-like devotion of a...
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  • Alien: Isolation
    Alien: IsolationPC

    A perfect example of how to make not only a good horror game but also a good adaptation. Too often do media companies try to cross pollinate IP's with either them taking a game franchise and making a movie or taking a movie and making it a game. This unfortunaly is inherently flawed as games and movies are two drastically differnet mediums in how they are consumed and trying to make a 1:1 adaption will 99% of the time fail. Luckly this isnt a 1:1 adaption and is really strong in its own right making it able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the orginal source matieral, being both creative and respectful to it. The core mechanics are polished and well rounded, allowing the player a wide variety of strategy. The weapons are great and very balanced while the items you can craft are either specific to one type of...
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  • Portal 2
    Portal 2PC

    The Portal series has always been a rocky road with me, I played 1 on the orange box back in 2011 when I still played the Xbox 360 a lot and was very active on it. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it and found my self-wanting to play the second which I did several years later on a PC that I had just got. For the life of me, I can't seem to remember why I stopped playing it half way through as the game is amazing in its own right. I believe I might have been distracted during that time by many other games that I couldn't have played since I didn't have a PC up till that point. None the less I managed to get back to it and oh boy was it was just as good as when I started it. The story is very...
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  • OneShot

    -=My Opinion=- OneShot, is a very unique game not easily comparable to any other. Some could say its similar to Undertale which is understandable, but these two games are only comparable in the fact that they both break the fourth wall, have a very touchingly beautiful scenery and are both 2D rpg games, but this game is different entirely. This game addresses YOU the player directly and includes you in the story, it makes you feel like you are really apart of this world and it ends up being almost impossible for you to not develop feelings for the world and the people in it. The characters in this game are all greatly designed, unique and quirky in their own way that makes them very memorable, especially the adorable Nico who you play as. These attachments that you get for these characters makes the story even more heartwarming and closer to...
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  • Infamous Second Son
    Infamous Second SonPlaystation 4

    Infamous Second Son was a successful revamp of the franchise as we move forward with a more humanizing teen who has to choose between good and evil in a world where discrimination against those with powers runs rampant. Graphics - The graphics were out of this world as the lighting effects created a ambiance every time it showcase sunsets, or neon powers. The facial expressions were also impressive and gave us more reason to care for the characters due to its realistic feel. Gameplay - Gameplay was great because it did not make the character feel overpowered. When I heard you would be able to control four powers, I was thinking the character would be too overpowered for its own good. However, the fact that you can only absorb one at a time made it a genius move. The game became more of a strategic planning especially in the harder...
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  • 60 Seconds!
    60 Seconds!PC

    Game play (6/10) - Like the title implies, you have a simple 60 seconds to grab everything you can before a nuclear explosion occurs, leaving you to survive with whatever you grab. The controls are a little difficult, but thankfully I have an Xbox 360 controller to use instead. Story (7/10) - I can't even begin to imagine how people felt in the 1950's felt with the threat of a nuclear bomb hitting at any moment and having to constantly endure drill runs. It was a nice setting that drew me into the game. Graphics & Visuals (7/10) - I like how it goes from clay animation in the beginning and then switches to traditional 2-D for the remainder of the game. Sound (6/10) - The music is nice and enjoyable, fit for the time it's set in. But after a while, it starts to get on your nerves. Overall (6.5/10) - This...
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