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  • Yooka-Laylee
    Yooka-LayleeNintendo Switch

    In short : ++ Nice "retro" 3D platformer-collectathon vibes ++ A very good spitirual successor to Banjo-Kazooie ++ A sound track by the legends Grant Kirkhope and David Wise + Perfect for Nintendo Switch +/- Boss battles and their inconsistency +/- The british humour / Too much 4th-wall breaking +/- Maybe not that family friendly - Wonkiness of controls -- Long loading time on Nintendo Switch We waited so long for this ; a true successor to the Banjo-Kazooie franchise (Nuts and Bolts doesn't exists). Yooka-Laylee takes the torch and throws good 90's-nostalgic vibes in our faces. Crowdfunded, I'll admit being one of these backers and, oh boy, was I not disappointed. Seeing my name on the backers credits (which is absolutely huge) fills myself with pride. Theses credits could have deserved a bit more care ; some huge names are truncated and some others mean stricly...
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  • Octopath Traveler
    Octopath TravelerNintendo Switch

    In short: ++ The art, the graphics ++ A world that feels alive ++ The combat and classes systems + The story and characters + Freedom in story progression - Limited party management most of the game - Random backtracking of some side-quests Man, what a beautiful piece of enjoyment that is Octopath Traveler. Prepare yourself for a long journey, or multiple short journeys should I say, through Osterra and its vibrant landscapes and its thrilling people. Indeed, the art of the game is jaw-breakingly astounding. The mix between 3D landscapes, 2D sprites and lightings effects offers spectacular views. Moreover, this world is filled with interesting characters with whom the player has short but meaningful interactions. These characters, although unseemingly, also become connected between eachother, as the player discovers and understands the lore behind the game. This all results in creating a world that is both pleasing to the eyes and to the heart of the player. As a Square...
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  • Far Cry 5
    Far Cry 5Xbox One

    Hum ... I've never been a big fan of the farcry franchise, the only one I loved playing would be the third one, but I saw a great promotion for this game and it interested me a lot, when I had the opportunity to try it I was very disappointed. Let's see I expected more from the story, something deeper and intriguing, but instead they gave me something like "Ghost Recon Wildlands" but the difference is that instead of splitting into several factions with their own subsections, there are only 3 people with nothing interesting to contribute to the story while the main antagonist feels empty and gives that feeling that they could have done much more with it, I do not know if making the character not speak in this case was a mistake. The game is boring, it becomes very repetitive in a very short time, during the game...
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsXbox One

    Let's see how this will begin, I have more than 150 hours of play and I can say that ... it would not be bad if it were like the PC version, but we are talking about the version made for xbox one. It has many problems that I will mention below: -The Controls: They are badly designed for consoles, like the fact that we do not even aim-assist or those close combats where both you and the enemy fail until a complete cartridge (I see that it usually happens a lot) and it's not necessarily because be bad, but a bad optimization and the obvious lack of that aim-assist. -The Menus: Sometimes when you search for a game, it usually happens that you can not search for games if you are in a squad or duo, there are even times when the search does not allow canceling the search, which forces...
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
    Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIXbox One

    to start at least I should have around 300-400 hours of play now I wonder what a game like this should be: This cod simply disappoints, it does not provide the feeling that other older cods give, you only see pure campers and Jumpackers everywhere standing out with their scuf controls or clearly mention the DLC weapons that you must obtain for supplies and of course they wanted to put variants of weapon accessories only to make it difficult to obtain such weapons. It gives you an almost incomprehensible campaign that lacks sense (there is no shortage of pseudo-intellectuals who say that it is something new and unique when it is not) is just a simple story trying to be dark and even fails the only thing that seems good to me are the zombies that are, it's fun both alone and with friends the zombies mode does not disappoint gives us and culminates...
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  • Portal

    Portal is known for setting the standard for modern 3D puzzle games. The gameplay revolves around the ability to shoot out portals which can be traversed in both directions. It is a simple concept yet the game pushes what is possible with it to the limit. Not only is the gameplay well balanced but you also have a good story told through GLaDOS, the voice of Aperture Science. There are many moments where the story becomes your own, especially during the unforgettable climax. When you start a new game you find yourself trapped in a small room. GLaDOS starts to explain that you're about to start series of test when finally a portal spawns to let you out. Its clear from the beginning that something isn't quite right, aside from the incredibly deadly tests that is. GLaDOS appears to have some glitches and some of the test have openings in the...
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  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DanaNintendo Switch

    Pros : -> Astronomical number of things to do -> Very good pacing of mechanics introductions -> Beautiful soundtrack -> Secondary characters which we care about Neutrals : -> Combat system -> Multile endings Cons : -> Raids & Hunts are quickly boring YS VII : Lacrimosa of Dana is absolutely huge. My review sadly won't touch every aspect of the game so I strongly recommend you to look for other reviews for this game if you are interested. There is an astronomical number of different mechanics which are all useful and rewarding one way or another ; secondary quests, raids, hunts, fishing, crafting/blacksmithing, trade, cooking, exploration, secondary character affection, time travels, Dana's aspects and so on. What is really astounding is the way YS VIII can introduce a new mecanic even after the middle of the game ; there is no time to get bored. Even if you believe you have mastered the game and continue with the main story,...
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  • Dark Cloud 2
    Dark Cloud 2Playstation 2

    I have a fucking story with this game. Settle down if ya have the time to read, kindly fuck off if ya don't. It's the internet, I ain't holding you here. Go watch Despatico or whatever the hell it is kids do these days. Anyways, for those of you hangin' around, hop up on my metaphorical old man knee and let's stare into the mystical campfire of time and space. 'cause I've owned this game for well over 15 years now, in no less 3 different incarnations (once broken like a DIY jigsaw puzzle - we'll get to that - and the other time fuckin' MICROWAVED - we'll get to that, too). I have attempted to play it on no less than 7 different occasions in the past decade and a half, each time getting - at minimum - to the third area. At furthest, I got to an air...
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  • Bayonetta
    BayonettaNintendo Switch

    A word to describe this game would be, sexy. From the beat them up gameplay to the provactive style, you can?t feel like there?s a thing missing from the broader game here. Deep down there?s some more glaring problems but for the most part I would recommend this game to the warriors crowd and those familiar to arena brawlers. As a disclosure I?ll also say that I played this on the switch and the game feels amazing as always for switch games. The controllers matched perfectly with fast paced style of the game Gameplay: The combo system in this game is a bit mediocre by today?s standards. There?s a limited number of weapons and it?s a bit restrictive with you having to use the pre made combos to do well. On the other hand when pulling off consecutive combos it can feel awesome and super rewarding with the heavy punches and...
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  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization - Deluxe Edition
    Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization - Deluxe EditionPC

    Taken from my Steam profile: Review based on my mindset after playing 74h, without rushing the Main-story (basic game finished at 50h, DLC 1 with all its Dungeons at 65h) , seeing some Side-story , testing the affection-system and fighting Raidbosses a few times. + / positive / things i like *Character Creation - Create your own Avatar Solid design variety Eyes in different colours (optional) Hairstyles from Asuna , Leafa , Silica , Sinon , Yuuki - but you can't change color for these ones (You can see that the characters are mostly defined by their hairstyle/color +- Boobies) *Character Edit anytime in your room with all settings like in the beginning, even gender / name *Short nice Story Recap for Aincrad and Alfheim (optional) *VN-Style Cutscenes , fully voiced, skipable , hideable text (hold RB) *Main Story so far interesting but not mind-blowing, you should like the SAO-World / VR Theme *Loads of Sidestorys / Events *Few Dialogues...
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  • Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Deluxe Edition
    Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Deluxe EditionPC

    Taken from my Steam Profile: Review based on my mindset after playing 130h - completed main story without rushing it, doing all sidequests, test all chararcter's movesets, and simply watching my party fighting. + / positive / things i like *Japanese Voice (-only) *Nice big Roster from Accel World and Sword Art Online *Great merging of the two anime storys, with only minor unlogic notes. *Nice integration of Burst Link in the Cardinal System *VN-Style Cut-scenes - full voiced log, skippable, hideable ui, on wish auto text progress, looks great *Player and Monster models looking pretty neat + good animation overall *Awesome SAO particle effects for wounds and death *colorful race distinguishing wisps - while waiting for resurrection *BGM is overall nice *Fully adjustable volume of BGM , effects , voice *All DLC included *New Game+ *Multiplayer - 2 PvP Modes : Arena 1vs1 / 2vs2 *Multiplayer - coop mode : Free roam ExtraQuest/Sudden Bosses Infinity dungeon - with up to 16 players *you can heal and buff...
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  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestNintendo Super NES

    Donkey Kong Country isn't a series I have a storied history with. I played the Game Boy Advance port of 2 when it first came out when I was but a wee child, but only recently have I played the first and second entries to completion. I have to admit, I'm not massively impressed considering the reputation the original 2 have. The story of this game is that Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by the returning K.Rool, so it's up to Diddy, and newcomer Dixie to get him back. Standard platformer plot. Nothing noteworthy at all. Completely serviceable. Initially the game is very promising. The game throws many a varied idea throughout each level, so only a handful of levels feel samey in the slightest. Generally there'll always be a fresh spin on a returning concept. As with many platformers, this can be a double-edged sword, however. The levels I had the...
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  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
    BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!Mobile

    BanG Dream is a rhythm game that brings essentially nothing new to the table, but instead focuses its efforts into streamlining all the features that you would normally find in a Japanese mobile rhythm game into the best that it can possibly produce, all while giving all the weebs out there their cravings for cute Japanese high school girls doing cute Japanese high school things on the side. This review will go kinda in depth but not really. Core Gameplay: The core gameplay of BanG Dream, which is to say the rhythm game part, is essentially the same as every other rhythm game. There are lanes, and notes that go down each lane. You tap the notes to the beat of whatever song you are playing at that time, with the goal being tapping as many notes as you possibly can, and as accurately as you possibly can. Due to the similarity of...
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  • WWII: Soldier
    WWII: SoldierPlaystation 2

    Have played this embodying shit before ? If you did , you absolutely made a sin like me . I found it for 1 dollar and brand new, from the first view i thought this game may be good to try , but indeed ,it was the moment when i made the crime, I was mistaken because when i tried the game i was shocked not because this game is so terrible but because the 1 dollar that i spent.. WWII: SOLDIER is extremely a shame upon the ps2 history if it is not in the whole gaming history .i gave it 2 out of 10 due to the following reasons . . First , It is broken and very cheap with the ps1 visual style . besides, the title itself is rediculously geniric, the game could be beaten in 1 hour or less and has only 7...
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  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesPlaystation 4

    Story: This brief continuation of the Metal Gear saga places us back in the shoes of Big Boss. It is a direct sequel to Peace Walker and deals with many of the loose ends it had at the end. The story is told through an interesting introduction followed by a series of tapes you can listen. These are not ordinary tapes since the developers went to great length to add talented dialogue and a soundtrack to instill the desired tone. This gave further character development to personalities we already knew and gave a better insight as to their actions before and during the game. The ending to the game plays particularly tense thanks to its perfect execution and its a masterpiece in terms of setting the tone. Graphics: The game takes place at night during a rain storm and the water effects are amazing. The lighting effects also play with the...
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  • WarioWare Gold
    WarioWare GoldNintendo 3DS

    WarioWare has always been a personal favourite Nintendo series of mine, so to have a collection of a bunch of the best microgames from the series' past, as well as some new ones was really great and makes this the best title to date, especially if you're new to the series. If you're unfamiliar, WarioWare blasts the player with short, simple & sweet microgames about 5 - 10 seconds long each, back to back. The fun of the game is figuring out what the objective of the game is quickly and then executing it. The games themselves are naturally nothing too spectacular, but their quirky humour and general weirdness pulls through to make certain games stick in your mind. The fact that Gold could get a smile out of me just from me remembering an old microgame I played 10 years ago is a testament to how the game is chock...
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  • Ryse: Son of Rome
    Ryse: Son of RomeXbox One

    Story: The story is one of the strongest aspect of the game because there's not many like it. You play a Roman soldier during the ancient Roman times and go through an impressive story that really picks up steam in the third act of the game. The lore and motivations behind characters in intriguing and the intensity behind following orders and doing what is right brings a fresh take on what it was to be loyal. There was a plot twist at the end of the game that really took me by surprise and made the game even more interesting in terms of story. Graphics: The facial expressions and lighting effects on armor showcased the capabilities of the new generation of consoles. We need to remember that this was a launch title for the Xbox One and it shows how powerful the system could really be. The most jaw-dropping...
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  • Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm
    Atelier Iris 3: Grand PhantasmPlaystation 2

    If you?re like me, you see a game rated below a 7, a score of Good on MVGL, and you?re willing to give the game that benefit of the doubt. You think there?s no way the game in question can be that bad, that people are just exaggerating, their feelings have been influenced by the general perception of a game, or they just plain can?t see the latent value in the game-- a whole host of excuses that you somehow believe you will be ?above? or ?better than.? Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm is not a game you give the benefit of the doubt. Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm is a game that deserves every less-than-stellar review it gets, every poor rating, every score below 7, every complaint and every criticism. On the surface, this game is fine-- maybe even good, deceptively so. It?s when you keep playing it? and keep playing...
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  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Plus Bowser's Minions
    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Plus Bowser's MinionsNintendo 3DS

    So as a remake the big question is "Does it live up to the original?" and Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions (SS+BM from now on) certainly comes close, but falls just slightly flat of reaching that high point. As such I'd recommend picking up the original on the Wii U Virtual Console instead of this *if* you have the option, but let's discuss why; The story is beat-for-beat the same as the original. I didn't notice dialogue changes from the original as the remake has a handy dandy speed up button for those who've played the game before which was neat (The only thing I noticed was some small extra interruptions for the sake of explaining where the player should go next). If it's your first time through I'd highly recommend sitting through the dialogue as there are some genuinely fun moments and decent writing considering, y'know, it's...
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
    Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIPlaystation 4

    Story - The story takes place around 50 years after Black Ops 2 so it only keeps a connection with basic premises. You're a soldier composed with robotic limbs that has the ability to perform super human achievements and it is your task to chase after previous squad mates turned rogue. The idea of showing the antagonist as a friend in the beginning of the campaign is not new for the Call of Duty franchise and it continues to feel recycled as they run out of of ideas. It was difficult to keep track of the story even if the ending was supposed to be a monumental plot twist. Graphics - The game feels like it's being pulled from two directions as Activision wanted to cash in on the previous generation as well as the current. We see the graphics stay somewhere in between both so that they can mass...
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  • Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Super Mario Galaxy 2Nintendo Wii

    Story: Mario is back at it again trying to save Princess Peach from the claws of Bowser. We have a return to the Super Mario Galaxy formula and they add several gimmicks to make it a sequel. We see Yoshi and Luigi join the supporting ensamble and each have their time on the spotlight as the game progresses. There's nothing much of story when it comes to Mario games but there's a connection to the first game that proves a little under utilized. Graphics: The galaxy games are all about showcasing light and the use of gravity in their levels. Mario manages to continue raising those standards in its levels. We see plenty of classic enemy models we haven't seen since the SNES days and play a key role in various levels. Gameplay: This is where the game shined. The first galaxy was already a blast to play but this...
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  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: WildlandsPC

    4.5/10 - I do not recommend you to buy this in full price cause it's not worth 60?, get it on a sale or check out if there is a sale on the game on Humble Bundle []. But for a lower price I recommend this game for its amount of content. The stealth mode is satifying, but the game itself is repetetive as f and there are glitches all over the place. Driving is somewhat satisfying but really glitchy, AI sucks and is glitchy. Both friendly and enemy AI teleport all over and it feels like the enemy AI have more health as soon as you exit stealth mode which means you're fckd. Otherwise the map is huge, but the "random encounters" is not worth your attention since they are always the same, boring and worthless. The arsenal is wide which means you can experiment and find a favourite gun that suits your...
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  • Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars
    Far Cry 5: Lost on MarsPC

    This DLC look really amazing and I had high hopes for it to be awesome, but when it was released and I tried it, I was left disappointed... It didn't feel nice to play at all. The weapons were really bad and there were no sense of satisfaction from shooting or killing the aliens/bugs, and that made me avoid them rather than fighting them. The maps felt way to big with it's lack of content, because as far as I know there are no side quests or anything "extra" to discover and exploring is pretty much playing "The floor is lava" because everytime you touch the sand (and there is a lot of sand) the aliens instantly appear to ruin your day. Next up is the story which feels very rushed. There is no backstory or lore, the dialogues or dry and boring. Although it's bad it still looks...
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  • Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition
    Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced EditionPlaystation 4

    Story: You are Kyle Crane, an agent who is dropped off in a city that has been ravaged by a zombie outbreak and has his own agenda. Crane begins a facade of helping the survivors but he's attempting to grab a sample of the virus for his bosses. However, he soon realizes there's something more sinister going on and his loyalty is questioned as he is playing for multiple factions in the game. The story begins with a solid and intriguing foundation but ends up coming short in the end. They did a good job at setting up the characters and the situations are unique to the zombie situation. Graphics: The lighting effects are some of the best I've seen so far. I wouldn't accept anything less from a game with light in the title. The game plays tricks with our mind as the environment constantly changes from day and night...
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  • Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]
    Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]PC

    Indeed, I?m not one for visuals novels but fate/stay night is an exception that I would recommend to anyone. It?s captivating as it is long, mixing music and presentation to create a type of dragging effect that makes me spend a longer amount of time engrossed in it the further I went through it. A game with few choices but none the less has you guessing many different outcomes. Story: The plot is solid but leaves a few things to be desired. For the most part, the writing is gripping, and the format of visuals novels allow for the writer to lengthen or shorten sentences at will, causing shocking revelations to be strengthened by a short couple worded sentence. There were many times in the story when the plot was going smoothly until a simple statement would make everything do a 180, really catching my attention off guard and catching...
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