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  • The Sims 2
    The Sims 2Nintendo Gameboy Advance

    I adore this game and I adore Strangetown. The combination of: The OST, which is both fitting and memorable (It was remastered 2 years ago by the composer); The visuals, amazingly atmospheric; The characters, which are an assortment of stereotypes both human and not written in a way I enjoyed and of course each episode's stories themselves are the four things that make it what it is: weird. Great, but weird. While as a story-based game the gameplay itself isn't anything too exciting, the minigames are actually fun. Although the cola minigame is undoubtedly the most iconic, my favourites are Bigfoot Love Chickens (a money machine) and Keelhaulin' Cards. With the exception of Canyon Jumping they're all integrated into the world nicely. Even then the exception can be forgiven, because Strangetown is indeed strange. I've heard complaints of excessive grind and while it's a good idea to level up the social moves...
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  • Ys Book I & II
    Ys Book I & IITurboGrafx CD

    Ys I is very likely the best action RPG of the 1980s. The game embodies everything great about that period; it tells a very light and brisk story of an adventurer searching for the lost land of Ys in the troubled nation of Esteria, but it never dwells on any one plot element for too long before ushering the player towards their next dungeon or boss battle. As one of the early CD-ROM video games, Ys is full of glimpses at what then-emergent technology could do: Redbook Audio music recorded from live instruments, voice acted cutscenes, and opening and ending sequences animated with the same turn-of-the-decade fantasy anime flair seen in Lodoss War and Arslan Senki. In part because the memory limitations of the time were still very real, these "glimpses" are never more than that--the voiced sequences are short and to the point, which can be a welcome shift coming...
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  • Kirby Star Allies
    Kirby Star AlliesNintendo Switch

    **WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD** "In a part of space far away from Planet Popstar, a priest named Hyness floats up to the altar of the Jamba Heart, which is trapped in a seal. Using his magic, he commences a ritual to break the seal and revive his religion's god. However, since he did not fully understand how to break the seal, the ritual went wrong, causing the Jamba Heart to shatter and send its shards flying throughout the galaxy. Many of these pieces fall down to Dream Land, where many residents watch in awe as the shards fall from the sky. The shards then corrupt and possess anyone they are fall near to. Kirby, however, is taking an afternoon nap and slept through the entire event. During Kirby’s nap, a pink shard, which was not dispersed by the Jamba Heart, but rather the Heart Spears containing it in its seal, lands and...
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  • Victoria II
    Victoria IIPC

    Victoria II: The most niche current gen Paradox game. The final one before CK2 popularized the art of the grand strategy map game. It often gets overlooked or dismissed as a relic of its time, but truth be told, this is one of my favorite games of all time and I just picked it up on-sale very late into 2019. Even without nostalgia goggles, Victoria II is a masterpiece. It takes a hefty time investment to learn, the UI is a bit dated, the two DLCs are NEEDED (Although, on-sale they're only like 20$) and there is some jank especially in vanilla. Despite this, the hours upon hours I put into learning the game don't feel wasted at all. If you are a fan of these kinds of games, if you like customization, depth, strategy, the idea of creating an empire, or role-playing; I beg you not to dismiss this game...
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  • Chrono Trigger
    Chrono TriggerNintendo Super NES

    DisTorTion - Chrono Trigger (As spoiler-free as possible. Grab some popcorn for this one) Chrono Trigger is easily one of my favourite RPG's, if not one of my favourite games of all time. I first completed this game years ago on the Wii Virtual Console, and several more times since then. But now, I'm going to attempt to do this absolute masterpiece justice with my own words for the first time, to try and discover for myself, what in my mind makes me put Chrono Trigger on a pedestal above all other 10/10 RPG's that I've played in my lifetime? But even after you read this review, I implore you to try this game for yourself, by emulating the original SNES version of the game or selling a kidney to buy a copy for the DS. Because as much as I'll try, I won't be able to do it justice...
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  • The Last of Us Part II
    The Last of Us Part IIPlayStation 4

    Note: I do not care about the (stupid) politics by the developers of the game, nor the outrage of some fans. This review is about the game itself, and there are some spoilers in this review. After a 7 year wait, we finally have the sequel to 2013's The Last of Us. And it was worth the wait. Part II is bigger in scale with a longer story (avg. 25 hrs to complete), bigger levels to explore, and a bigger cast of characters that all play a role in the story. Environments are gorgeous thanks to the mastery of the hardware of the PS4, and I can't imagine how beautiful this looks on the PS4 Pro in 4K UHD. Forests are absolutely gorgeous to look at with detailed trees, leaves, bushes, plants, and god rays shining through it all as you explore the area. The music is the same as the...
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  • Mega Man Zero 3
    Mega Man Zero 3Nintendo Gameboy Advance

    ***WARNING*** ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** "The legendary reploid Zero awoke from a long slumber... With Ciel's Resistance he defeated Copy X, the ruler of Neo Arcadia. The terror of the Neo Arcadian regime ended, but the energy shortage remained a constant problem. Ciel devoted herself to researching new forms of energy. And Elpizo became the newly appointed Resistance leader. However, overcome by his desire for power, Elpizo awakened the Dark Elf, whose magic had once nearly destroyed the world. Elpizo, thirsting for the power of the Dark Elf, lost sight of his true duty and was finally defeated after a fierce battle. However, the...
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  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DXNintendo Switch

    In short: ++ Beautiful love letter to the original games + Recruit 'Em All + Most recent evolution lines + mega-evolution +/- Boss battles - Friends areas removed - Story a bit short and simple -- Rogue exploration quickly becomes boring Consider picking up this game if: -> You loved the original games, or you are a veteran of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series -> You like dungeon crawling games, particularly the Mystery Dungeon subgenre -> You like the Pokemon universe and want to immerse yourself even more Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is a rogue RPG game and the remaster on Nintendo Switch of two original GBA games Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Teams, key figures in shaping the Mystery Dungeon subgenre. It adds a fresh layer of paint to the formula and brings the original first games of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series to the Nintendo Switch. Rescue Team DX is first and foremost a beautiful love letter to...
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  • Dynasty Warriors 9
    Dynasty Warriors 9PlayStation 4

    They resent the past. Dynasty Warriors revolves around warlords that rage against a dying kingdom. They're after independence, total freedom from the Han empire's repressive rules and regulations. It's a war of ideas, with leaders of the modern movement against the guardians of tradition. This war is eternal, repeating itself throughout the course of history. The same conflict that defined the Three Kingdoms era is still underway, within this franchise and its relationship with Dynasty Warriors 9. DW9 is groundbreaking. It's an entirely new adventure, bold and daring, especially compared to its predecessors. Dynasty Warriors has enacted change before, but only to a certain extent. Change arrived in assets. With each installment came a greater variety of features: more battles, more characters, more factions, more outfits, more weapons, more special attacks, and (best of all) more kickass songs. Other than these features, though, Dynasty Warriors wasn't too keen on adjustments. However,...
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
    Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive EditionNintendo Switch

    This story is very well written and well thought out, the only defect is that the characters have little development in it, leaving everything almost everything to heart to heart, but most are not very good. The lore of this world is very interesting. The beginning of the story is very good, but it could be a little slower. The fuse that makes Shulk start his adventure was really cool and well thought out, even generating a good plotwist later, but he "arrived" very quickly. The story was very loud until 15hrs (opinion). I thought that Shulk's visions spoil the story's unpredictability in some points (even if not entirely), that vision of the black tower I deliver 70% of what would happen at the end of the arc for the next 6 hours. There are some very unpredictable events. I was afraid of the graphics and the low resolution of this...
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  • Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy VIIIPlayStation 1

    After the worldwide and overwhelming success of Final Fantasy VII, many people realized the existence of RPGs. Thanks to this, the wait for another title in the saga was highly requested and also highly anticipated. When Final Fantasy VIII's release day came, many people were impressed as several were disappointed (the disappointed, for the most part, are those who only played FFVII and didn't know much about the franchise in general). The game gave a lot to talk about for several incredible amounts of game content. As I basically finished a couple of months ago and fell in love with Cloud's journey to stop Sephirot, today I will tell my views on the Squall and Rinoa story. To start I will only mention that Uematsu's work was impeccable as it always has been, it even gives the feeling that each time he surpasses himself. The theme "Eyes On Me" was a...
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  • Super Mario World
    Super Mario WorldNintendo Super NES

    After the huge good reviews that the Super Mario Bros trilogy received for the Nintendo NES, expectations for the plumber's video game for the future Super Nintendo were high. Just on the day of my birthday (although I wasn't born at the time, LOL), on August 13, 1991 the console was released along with the number four video game of the Nintendo mascot, and what to say that people had nothing to reproach the Japanese company. Most of the things that Super Mario Bros 3 did well were polished and improved in Super Mario World. In this review I will explain the reason for what I am saying and defend my position of why Super Mario World for Super Nintendo is a great title. For starters, the soundtrack took full advantage of the improved sound effects of the Super Nintendo. The music fits in with the environment and helps the player...
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  • Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation 1

    Final Fantasy VII is, without a doubt, the most important tabletop console RPG in history, or at least to date. The game was hailed since its release as it is still hailed today. Although I was not even born, I know that people were amazed at the first video game in the 3D franchise, and it's not for nothing, people felt like the future with those sections that it owns. Final Fantasy VII marked in an important way to almost all RPGs to date, the reasons why and how it did we will analyze it in this review. Taking advantage of the fact that the game's remake came out recently (and that I don't have money to play it: P) I will review the game for Playstation. I will analyze each section objectively, in order to have a general note that will demonstrate the quality of the game. Starting strong, I will say...
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  • Song of Saya
    Song of SayaPC

    Song of Saya (Saya no Uta) is a visual novel, meaning there's not much in terms of 'gameplay', just clicking to continue. The story however is amazing, it focuses on Fuminori who has recently recovered from an experimental neurosurgery. Fuminori's perception of the world changes harshly, every he sees is a hellish landscape now. Even his friends appear to him as Lovecraftian horrors, until he meets Saya. An angel-like being who appears as human to Fuminori, from the very start when Saya is introduced you can tell there's something unnatural about her as the genius composers from Zizz Studio make her theme a very unsettling but beautiful piece I couldn't help but be unnerved by it. The game focuses on their relationship (even explicit aspects). Fuminori also cannot stomach his food anymore as his tastebuds are also affect by his 'curse', eventually he finds Saya eating something and joins her....
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  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
    Final Fantasy VII RemakePlayStation 4

    DisTorTion - Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of my most anticipated games of all time, when it was first announced in 2015. Throughout the waiting time for the game all the way up to it's release, I was expecting an exact remake of the original, akin to other Square Enix remakes. I was initially confused when this game was announced to be released as a series. But after this first instalment, I'm salivating at the chance to see the rest. Gameplay Final Fantasy VII Remake has one of the best combat systems I've seen in any modern RPG. The combat reminds me a lot of Kingdom Hearts, however the combat still is able to have a distinctive Final Fantasy VII feel with the Magic, ATB, and Limit systems, all of which blend together beautifully. Throughout my two play-throughs of the game, the combat never felt stale at any...
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  • Bloodborne
    BloodbornePlayStation 4

    A true masterpiece, a true genius in terms of visual design, level design, soundtrack, gameplay, structure, story and setting. Look, I am not here to say what the game is about, I have come here to explain what makes Bloodborne special and different. This game is not only a masterpiece for all the playable aspects that it presents, in addition, Bloodborne has its own philosophy which is explained through the story and the gameplay. It is the fact that the game is demanding, that it is hard on you, that it asks you to make an effort, that it forces you to face your nightmares, that's the message of Bloodborne, that problems can't be left aside, they must be faced. That feeling after finishing killing a boss that had cost you hours and hours of trying and frustration, that feeling of walking down a street that was once full of perfectly...
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  • Persona 5
    Persona 5PlayStation 3

    The Persona series games have always been a staple for me growing up- I spent pretty much all of my teen years playing them and I'm pretty attached. So of course, I bought Persona 5 the day it released. Playing through it for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the new mechanics left out in 3 & 4, such as demon negotiations, hiding in shadows, guns, confidant skills, and sneak attacking enemies. Palaces in general are *so* fun; a much needed improvement to the grindy & samey dungeons of the past. The UI was stylish and looked flashy and fun without being a pain to read, the art was gorgeous, and the story immediately draws you in. Persona games have a bad habit of having a very long intro before getting to some actual plot meat, but Persona 5 brings interesting plot right to you almost right...
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  • Super Metroid
    Super MetroidNintendo Super NES

    I am totally amazed that this game was overlooked the first time I saw it. Taking advantage of the fact that we will not have Metroid until God knows how long, I will review a video game for the first time in my life, and the one chosen for the review is the second game in this franchise to go out to table consoles. Super Metroid is one of the greatest resources that Nintendo obtained in its war against Sega, its great rival at the time. Despite the huge and vast catalog of the Super Nintendo, Super Metroid knew how to stand out, and also compete against others of its kind such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or Megaman X. Why? That is what we will find out in today's review. To start we will name one of its sections, the sound one. The music...
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  • Persona 5 Royal
    Persona 5 RoyalPlayStation 4

    Persona 5 Royal is an updated version of the original Persona 5. It adds remixed palaces (the game's name for dungeons), new locations, multiple new smaller mechanics, a new confidant line for Akechi, two new characters that add to the story immensely, and adds an extra (unlockable, but missable) semester to the original game. A few story inconsistencies are fixed as well. They help the original game's content mesh well with the two new characters and transition into the new content without any major road bumps. The story of the original P5 - engaging, emotional resonant, slow-burning and distinctly anime-like - is here in its entirety, and now has the above aforementioned additions which help to really show and highlight the game's premise and message which I don't wish to spoil. You'll experience a story where you meet several characters, go through many arcs with them and make choices along...
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  • Highway Blossoms
    Highway BlossomsPC

    Highway Blossoms is the kinetic novel to end all kinetic novels. I have a hard time scrolling through endless text, but Highway Blossoms was engaging all the way to the end. I was able to play all of it in a two-hour sitting, fully focused on it and nothing else. The game comes with English audio (the game takes place in the United States, specifically the Southwest) that doesn't come off as awkward or out of place at all. The game has only about ten characters but each of them are brimming with life. I enjoyed the various allusions to Southwest life, as demonstrated by the story-relevant soundtrack filled with western tunes. The romance is absolutely adorable, I was really rooting for Amber and Marina to get together. The story flows very smoothly, allowing for their romance to slowly blossom over time. I enjoyed learning about each character's personal struggles...
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  • Eternal Senia
    Eternal SeniaPC

    What I liked: - The music is really great, relaxing and fits the atmosphere. - The fighting system is simple but nice, some cool abilities of the character AND the enemies, I expected the average RPG maker combat so this is a nice change. - The images of the characters are well made and fit the characters. I really liked seeing that every ending had a different picture. - The characters are sympathetic. - Some jokes here and there are always nice to lighten the mood. - The difficulty of the bosses is tuned right, had to retry some times at the last of them. - The "Bonus Room" is awesome! An author of a game sharing his thoughts about everything is something I love to read after I beat the game. - The author thanking me to play his game, you are welcome! What I am not sure about: - No spoilers about the endings here, but I did...
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DNintendo 3DS

    I completed this game a long time ago... This remake gave us the possibility to play this masterpiece of Nintendo 64... About gameplay. Something that is trademark from the saga is the exploration and dungeons... To complete the game you need some objects and find the way to keep going, and for this you need to explore and what it is more important, think. It is amazing how amazing are the dungeons , because in all of them you have to use their main object to beat them. All the bosses of the game are very enjoyable, needing an specefic object to beat them, like the dungeons. The combat is the same as the original game, dodging , blocking and giving hits with the sword, the slingshot and the bow are also the same , but the difference is that you can use the motion of your 3ds or 2ds to...
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  • God of War
    God of WarPlayStation 2

    I have recently completed this game and now I know why everyone recommended it. Let's start with the gameplay. It is obviously based in hack n' slash mechanics and has a lot of fast paced action, but this game has something that I love, i'm talking about the different ways to kill your enemies and the different abilities that you can use. This offers you the possibility of play with your own style. This game also innovated in terms of upgrading your weapons and abilities with its leveling system. You can collect orbs to increase their level. All of this without mentioning the finishings, boss fights and little puzzles. This game has a little bit of adventure in some moments , for example in moments that you find a secret orb chest , minotaur horns and gorgon's eyes. And there are also some easy puzzles in some parts of the...
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  • Momoka

    Momoka is a RPG Maker game made for the 2018 Indie Jam. Moca (the developer of the game) has expressed an interest in making a longer, more in-depth version of Momoka, but as it is, I am very impressed with what they have managed to accomplish in about an hour of gameplay. First off, Momoka is along the lines of pixel horror RPG games like MISAO that rely on the sexual assault of teenage girls to work. I acknowledge this because I feel that your opinion of the game will vary on how you feel about this trope. I personally think it can feel like fetishism, but nonetheless I enjoyed the game, so I'll just keep this here as a warning. The game's sexual assault content is borderline comical in how absurd it is, but it works because of the dialogue. The teenage cast of this game are very relatable and...
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  • Vampyr

    --Graphics and Sound-- Vampyr looks great, and the city of London is amazing. It just captures the feel and look it is going for completely. The sound is also completely nailed... The music in the background sets a dark mood which is fitting of the themes. All the guns and vampire powers sound great. Only one bad thing, the enemies have limited dialogue. You'll hear "Die leech!" so many times... --Gameplay-- Most of the game is running around the map, which while small has so many twists and turns and backtracking that it feels larger than it is... and that is not a good thing. There is simply too much running back and forth and getting into battles with the same three enemy encounters over and over again... Very tiresome. At the end of the game, I just ran through because I was so sick of it. The combat is fun at first,...
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