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  • Mega Man III
    Mega Man IIINintendo Gameboy

    Well this is a nostalgic one, especially for me. See, when I was a wee child I got a Gameboy Color. It was my first console. Well one of the games I eventually got was this little oddball right here: Mega Man III. Not to be confused with Mega Man 3 on NES. These are two completely different games. Does this game stack up to the series as a whole? Or does is fall flat? Let us dig in shall we? Gameplay - 5 This right here is the meat and potatoes of a Mega Man game. The gameplay. There actually is a surprising amount to talk about. First one thing we should note is how much slower this game plays compared to the main series. Mainly due to intense slowdown and that's saying something since I am comparing...
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  • Silent Hill
    Silent HillPlayStation 1

    It's important to note that Silent Hill is a PS1 game, and acts the part. With that in mind, my ratings on visuals and sound take into account the time that SH1 came out. As another aside, I regularly replay SH1 as a casual speedrun, so I may be a bit detached from a first time play. Gameplay: 7/10. If you like survival horror staples like fixed camera angles, tank controls, and resource conservation, the gameplay rises to an 8 or higher. Otherwise, the gameplay is passable as SH1 is a pretty easy game for the genre, with minimal resource conservation required and that you have the ability to run away from most enemies (at least in the overworld). There's one section of the game that still bothers me, but normally you shouldn't have an issue with this game if you can adapt to tank controls, which really aren't that bad....
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  • The Need for Speed
    The Need for SpeedPlayStation 1

    GAMEPLAY: Fairly standard racing game you would expect for the 90's, pick a car, pick a track and race against 5 other AI cars or invite a friend over for a head to head split screen race or against AI. The Need for Speed gives you 4 different modes to pick from: Tournament - self explanatory, you race against different tracks competing with other AI in a tournament in different classes of cars. Quick Race - your original arcade race where you can pick from a range of cars from different classes and choose the AI cars you want to race and on what track with the ability to pick how many laps you want to race and what time of day. Head-to-head, 1v1 against the AI and Time Trial which allows you to set the fastest time against pre-set times or just drive around in circles with no competition if...
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  • The Ultimate Doom
    The Ultimate DoomPC

    GAMEPLAY: Simple and basic. Run and gun around the map killing various enemies with a variety of weapons from your fists to rocket launchers. Basic puzzle solving, having to collect keycards to progress through the level, doesn't offer anymore than that. I recommend playing the Steam version as Bethesda has introduced full keyboard and mouse control that wasn't present in the original game. STORY: Can't give it below a 5 since it's not bad as there really isn't a story apart from the ending title giving you a glimpse of what happened in the episode you completed and to check out the next episodes for more action packed levels. GRAPHICS & VISUALS: Dated for today's standards but Bethesda managed to improve the game's looks by uncapping the framerate to 60fps+ depending on your monitor's refresh rate, upscaling the visuals to modern resoltuions such as 1080p HD. Few changes here and there such as changing...
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  • Lost Judgment
    Lost JudgmentPlayStation 5

    This is my personal game of the year 2021. I had to start out this review by saying that because I adore this game it is one of the best that RGG has put out, and it is worth the 100+ hours I spent on it. Story: For starters, I like to state that this game deals with some heavy topics, so keep that in mind, and at the beginning, the game is very good at stating the heavy topics that are involved. It, not every day a story has me questioning everything I think is right or wrong, this story is one that I say goes in with an open mind, but expect to be very invested in it. Usually, when I do Yakuza style games I try to do as much side content as I can, while I did do some during the main game, most were done...
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  • DmC: Devil May Cry
    DmC: Devil May CryPC

    I had a delightful time with this game! Earlier this year I spent a few months playing through the entire series (1-5 and this one), having never played any of them before. I went in expecting this one to be a disappointment because I had been told by friends who grew up with the series that it was a letdown, and that I wouldn't enjoy it as much as the others. They were sorely mistaken, this is by far my favorite in an already fun series. This is the only one I'd actually describe as having a storyline, instead of just mashing storybeats together and pretending there's something there (I loved the series, but I certainly didn't play any of the games for the plot lmao). It's not the greatest story in the world, but it was enjoyable for me. And while I love Dante in the mainline series a lot, I enjoyed this alternate...
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  • Terranigma
    TerranigmaNintendo Super NES

    I think this is the hardest I've struggled on a rating for something, ever. So let me make it clear here: Terranigma, in its first third, is nothing less than a 10/10. Above that, even; it's thematic perfection and an experience to behold. One of a very few pieces of media I'd describe as actually, intimately beautiful. The second two thirds, however, bounce wildly between that 10/10 and a lower 7/10, with a prevalence towards the latter... yet at the same time, that plunge in magic is oftentimes attributable to the very same themes that so elevate the game's spirit, so it's hard to wrestle a clear-cut score out of the experience as a whole. The otherworldly atmosphere of the underworld giving way to the awe-inspiring revival sequences as a world takes form before your very eyes fits together to form an almost spiritual experience, carried all the way by the...
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  • Gears 5
    Gears 5Xbox Series X/S

    After the shocking ending of Gears of War 4, I was really excited to play this game and it did not disappoint. As usual, the graphics are a marvel, the new weapons are interesting, and the multiplayer is fully featured. (But, I still miss Beast mode from Gears 3 :disappointed: It is not perfect, but The Coalition takes a few risks in the campaign with great results. New to the series is an open world. It is much smaller compared to other games, so it doesn?t feel overdone and fits the game nicely. I found it natural and cool to see landmarks along the way and hear Del or Kait say ?let?s check this out,? leading to side quests. Landmarks don?t appear on your map until you pass by them, which rewards exploration. Another improvement to the series is the evolution of Jack. He can now aid in combat (and...
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  • Aliens: Fireteam Elite
    Aliens: Fireteam ElitePlayStation 5

    I never compare games in my reviews, but I can?t deny how similar this game is to The Division, mainly it?s expansion, Underground, which focused on PvE. The Division is one of my favorite games ever, so my comment isn't an insult. With the bullet sponge enemies, high difficulty, tactical abilities, stat modifying weapon attachments, and overall feel of the game, the comparison is hard to ignore. This game is clearly meant to played in a group, even on Standard difficulty. Bots aren?t useless but take a lot of avoidable damage and often stand still. The story is forgettable and the dialog is abysmal. Finding intel unlocks lore but I stopped caring almost immediately. This game shines with its upgradable classes and pure fun gameplay. You will be repeating missions and mindlessly shooting down hordes of xenomorphs but you're always progressing. The perks and weapons you unlock are worthwhile and accommodate many...
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  • Deus Ex
    Deus ExPC

    It is the year 2052, the world has taken a turn for the worse. The global rise in terrorism has led the U.N. to create a new organization specifically to combat it named UNATCO. You play as JC Denton, a new recruit of the organization, and are dropped into a world ridden with violence, disease, poverty, drugs, etc. It is messy, it is chaotic, it is Deus Ex: the legendary cyberpunk action RPG from the year 2,000. As you make your way through the levels, JC Denton will come face to face with government conspiracies and will have to make choices which will change the world forever. I want to keep the story 100% vague here because I don't want to spoil too much for those of you who haven't played it. I will say however that it was enough to keep me engaged through both of my playthroughs of this...
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  • No More Heroes
    No More HeroesNintendo Switch

    So when thinking about No More Heroes, this was a good time in the end deal. Story: No More Heroes follows Travis Touchdown on his way to the top, In the end, it is a very simple story through and through, and it structure was simple to follow in the end, I love the wackiness of it, and going through it was a blast with all the heavy story games I been playing. Gameplay and Sidequest: I always take sidequests as a high for me because I like to do as much as I can in a game. but the sidequests in this game are fun but get a little tiring. In between main story segments, you have to do these sidequests to make sure you can move on, and in the big picture there is a lot to do the problem comes from there's like one main side quests...
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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD
    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HDPC

    Unlike the first entry of the ?Lords of Shadow? series, ?Mirror of Fate? manages to be a competent and fun Castlevania game, instead of feeling inspired by it. The 2.5D style and the Metroidvania-like level design create a contemporary take on the classic 2D games, improving on the work of Dracula X Chronicles when it comes to modernizing Castlevania. Central elements to the metroidvania style are prominently featured, such as platforming, puzzles, obtaining new skills and weapons and backtracking to previous areas after getting the upgrade needed to access new places. Backtracking is also not made as tiring with the addition of some teleporters, but some of the items, powers and upgrades - such as all the attack-based special powers - can end up feeling not as useful, as they consume much more magic without offering much of a damage reward. The controls from the first game are greatly improved...
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  • Persona 5 Strikers
    Persona 5 StrikersPlayStation 4

    When you think of a Persona spinoff you would think of something like a dancing game or a fighting game, not a muso. This was a gamble that was taken, and it was done well. Story: Following the story of Persona 5 vanilla (sadly not Royal), the gang gets together for summer vacation, which unholds is an adventure that is packed with fun. The story of this game is simple though it works so perfectly, due to it being summer vacation. It feels like the story went y in a breeze, and that was the point of summer for all of us tend to go by in a breeze. The story delivered perfectly. Gameplay: Now this being a muso I will state this, I never tend to play these types of games but did that tender my enjoyment of the gameplay, no it did not. I feel like the gameplay...
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  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgePlayStation 4

    I had a funny feeling whenever I got around to this game that I would enjoy the updated version more than the PS2 version. Story: The best way to describe the story of FF12 (other than obvious Star Wars jokes), is a political determination. This FF is the most politically driven story told in a game. It can be slow at points but is it gets captivating when it gets to a point it captivating. Gameplay: This is best described as a single-player MMO, and at first when i tried to play this many years ago is that I did not click with me however the ZA changes a lot to where this gameplay is not so bad like it was. The new class system makes it so every character has their own role and they stick to it, and it makes swapping out characters all the more useful and...
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  • Super Mario All-Stars
    Super Mario All-StarsNintendo Super NES

    One of the best remakes in history. All Super Mario Bros Nes games remade for the SNES. I confess that this analysis is somewhat obstructed by nostalgia, this was one of the games that I have the greatest affective memory, as I played a lot in my childhood. I'll talk briefly about the four games in the compilation. The classic Super Mario Bros. it's simple and faithful to the nes version, only with improved graphics, decorating Bowser's castles (which were just gray on the NES) and making the Toad's joke at the end of each world funnier and with better sounds throughout the game, obviously. The game has 32 stages plus a second mission, a little more difficult, but not that much. Super Mario Lost Levels (Super Mario Bros 2. Japanese) is like the first one,...
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  • Devil May Cry 5
    Devil May Cry 5PC

    This game is a huge tonal shift from the others in the series, and has a bunch of new characters in it that it doesn't really take the time to introduce to the player, so much as act like they've been there all along. This is not necessarily bad, just something to keep in mind to help decide if you yourself might like it. The controls feel less smooth/intuitive than they did in previous games of the series, making it less enjoyable and sometimes even a bit of a chore to play. I've spoken to a few friends to compare notes on this, and most of them agree it feels off. A few said they didn't mind or didn't notice though, so this is not a guaranteed negative. This game takes that jump into the more hyperrealistic art direction that so many newer games do, that often get a lot of praise, but I...
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  • AI: The Somnium Files
    AI: The Somnium FilesPC

    At the time of writing this I just finished Ota's route and wow. Recently I've played through the good ending of OMORI and I never thought I'd have tears well up in my eyes like that from a game again. The final Sync (of Ota's Route) was just so heartfelt and hit very close to home. Overall the game has a very interesting and well done way of telling a story. The writing is impeccable. The investigations can be slow at times if you're missing one thing to click on. Interrogations are great and remind me of Danganronpa trials in the way you do evidence selection. The Syncs though are just incredible and very unique, they having branching paths good lore/world building give valuable information to solve and ongoing serial killer case, have hilarious character moments without trampling on the other things listed. I haven't laughed this much at a...
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  • Pokémon Platinum Version
    Pokémon Platinum VersionNintendo DS

    Pok?mon Platinum, despite being released over 12 years ago, definitely still stands among one of the greatest Pok?mon titles of all time. Let's start off with the story, which I think is great. It starts off like any ordinary Pok?mon title, where the player obtains a starter Pok?mon, then they are given a Pok?dex to register every Pok?mon in the region, and so on. But, the thing that makes Pok?mon Platinum stand out among all the others is the characters. When you obtain your starter Pok?mon, the professor is one of the first in the entire series, and I believe the only one in the entire series as of Gen 8, to consider whether it is really right to give someone who takes such risks (before you and Barry are about to run through the tall grass, which, as you can see, would not be a great idea) a Pok?mon....
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  • Bloodborne
    BloodbornePlayStation 4

    First off it is important for me to say how insanely happy I am that I one day went to the store and made the rather spontaneous decision to buy this game. I only ever heard that this game was hard, good and the score was incredible. I had never played a Souls-Like game before so this really was the first experience I ever had and oh boy am I glad this all happened. There is so much praise I want to give this game but I think I need to start with the bosses! The lovecraftian style in which most bosses are designed is mindblowing. They look authentic in the world that has been set up and it really feels like these things exist in that world. Secondly, I know that this was the thought behind the design of the bosses, but it feels so incredibly good to beat a...
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  • Final Fantasy III
    Final Fantasy IIIPC

    Final Fantasy III is the first game of the reknowned saga that I dare to play and complete. I haven't finished it just yet, but it seemed imperative for me to let the community know about it. It is an *extremely pleasant* game, even if it has its pros and cons. I'd like to highlight the developers work in terms of class variety (called 'Jobs' in the game), the different languages availability and last but not least, the main characters' enriched personalities. I'll add an spoiler as a tip at the end of the review regarding this. Thinking about the time when it was released, I also found admirable the graphics, sound effects and soundtrack of the game. It is a caress to the classic gamer, who will undoubtedly enjoy this game. As for the story, it's fairly simple and linear, but you might find yourself lost without proper directions nor a log/journal to...
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  • Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny
    Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of DestinyPlayStation 2

    Atelier Iris is a very old series - so much so that if you play the current Atelier series, you'll feel like they were made by different company. Like Final Fantasy, the names of various spells and items carry over from game to game. Atelier Iris 2 is the second game in a trio of Atelier games in which you follow a pair of alchemists, Felt and Viese, in their journey to learn more about the ancient mysteries of alchemy. Along their way, they meet a sword known as the Azure Azorth and with it, learn more and take an adventure, further than they originally planned. While the basis of the story isn't anything special, the deeper you go into this game, the more realize how many pockets to the story actually exist. It is beautifully written and, while it's a tad long for it's era,...
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  • Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VPC

    So you ever just fall in love with a game for its mechanics alone? Where the facets of the gameplay just click and all is right. For the past week now I have been obsessed and absorbed by this retro title and I want to share just why I now love this game. Gameplay - 9 This is the bread and butter to Final Fantasy V. Where, as a series most known for its story, instead this game is a small detour into a complex web of character building. A blank tapestry in which you weave your own party into something amazing. Yes I am referring to the famous job system. To give a brief rundown on what the job system is to the uninitiated. You have four characters each getting to choose a "job" or class in other games. Each job has innate skills that,...
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  • Etrian Odyssey Nexus
    Etrian Odyssey NexusNintendo 3DS

    Etrian Odyssey Nexus wraps up the Etrian Odyssey series that ran five games long (not inlcuding remakes) between the DS and 3DS handheld game systems and that's exactly how they treated this game - the ultimate finisher. For those that aren't familiar with the story, you're essentially tasked with creating a team of five heroes to explore the world, roam dungeons, create maps and solve tasks. All this, to get to, or solve, the mysteries of the Yggdrasil tree. This game takes content from previous games and meshes them together. And oh boy, did they ever. In fact, I only played Etrian Odyssey IV and V and I could tell what they pulled from each game. This goes anywhere from character classes, dungeons, music and avatars. This is essentially Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, but for the Etrian Odyssey games. They do introduce a new...
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  • Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland
    Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of ArlandPlayStation 3

    Atelier Totori is a game I wanted to like. It was my first Atelier game since finished the Atelier Iris series, which I absolutely loved. NIS, the publisher, has had some obvious changes over the Atelier series implemented, but I picked this game up, without any hesitation and without looking up any reviews. The start is somewhat slow because they have to teach you the alchemy basics and, if you're not an Atelier beginner, this can get old very quickly. Granted, I still learned a few things, but this was a slog for even me. The story itself is interesting enough in that you're trying to find a lost person, but the way you go about recruiting your team and finally starting your journey feels forced. The biggest downfall of the story is that you are given a limited number of in-game days to finish the...
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  • The Whispered World
    The Whispered WorldPC

    I don't have much experience with adventure games, but after going through my first point and click game - Deponia - I decided I wanted to go a little bit deeper into similar titles. Whispered World came to me thanks to the code contained in one of the CD-Action issues - a polish videogame newspaper - and thanks to that I found out about the existence of another title released by the creators of the aforementioned Deponia - Daedalic Entertainment. Both games, although they come from the same creator, are like fire and water, where one is a very comedic representation of a dirty sci-fi world and the other presents a rather mysterious and pretty dark fantasy world, but still in quite a cartoonish style. The theme of Whispered World spoke to me much more though and the game intrigued me immediately. And although the title itself is not very...
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