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Never talked about finishing Batman Arkham City & Knight.

May 07, 2020 @ 5:45 pm

I forgot to write this, but I'm gonna type my quick impression of these two games.

-Batman Arkham City: This game is awesome! I love this game. I remember getting it when it came out. I think I was 8 or 9 years old or something, but I loved this game so much. I recently replayed it along side Asylum and Knight. This game gets a lot of stuff right like the gameplay, music, details and part of the story. Also this game has one of the best boss fights that I've ever fought against ever. Although it gets stuff right there are a couple of stuff that aren't right. Like there are some plot holes in the story, but over all (Very Good) game!

-Batman Arkham Knight: This game is awesome! Oh wait... Did I just repeat my self? Anyway this game improves so much over the other games in terms of gameplay. Combat in this game is really fluid and you have a wide variety of options while fighting in terms of gadgets and special moves. Also stealth in this game really good too. You also have a wide range of options here too. Also playing as different characters changes the feel and each has their own unique gadgets and abilities that you can use in both Combat & Stealth. One of the strong points about this game I feel like is the cinematography. I mean like the cutscenes and transitions in this game are phenomenal. The story sadly is one of the weakpoints in this game. There are plot holes too sadly. But it's not so to say "Bad" just not "Great". Also the infamous Batmobile in this game is way too overused like everyone says. It's fun, but it's like eating your favorite meal 3 times a day for 2 weeks straight. You get bored of it eventually. Also there are some cool side missions in this game, but not all (AND ESPECAILLY NOT RIDDLER.). This game could've really been a great finale to the Arkham series, but sadly we got what we got. Overall the bad things didn't hold me from having fun with the game. And I personally think the game is (Very Good) and I put it one par with Arkham City.

I feel like Arkham City shines in the plot, pacing and story building. And Arkham Knight shines in the gameplay (apart from the Batmobile 😅 ) , cinematography and trainsitions, but in the end that's just my own personal opinion.

If you've actually read this... Thank you so much. I wrote this in a rushed situation so I didn't really take my time with it, but if you have any thing to say in mind please comment and I will try to reply :D !

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Finished re-playing "Batman Arkham Asylum"

March 27, 2020 @ 12:06 pm

I've played this game years ago when I was really young and I can't remember a lot from it, so I decided to replay the whole Arkham Trilogy. I enjoyed this game but not to the point that a lot of people claim. Bare in mind "Arkham City" is one of my favorite games and it has a special place inside me because it was one of the first games that I've bought on PC and it became one of my favorites really quick (Being my favorite game changed over the years and "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" takes that place right now and I gotta say it's hard to beat that game). Anyway back to Arkham Asylum. I've completed this game 100% on Hard mode except for the stealth challenge maps. Comparing this game to the other Batman games. I didn't find the story all that interesting to be honest. The best parts that caught my attention were the Scarecrow parts which were awesome! But overall Arkham City's story for me is better and has more interesting story, pacing and plot twisting. Talking about the gameplay of the game. Comparing it to the other Arkham games it's pretty bare bones. Also you can't slide or vault over angled handrails. Also there are a lot of mechanics from the other games that I wanted to be here but weren't. This is understandable because it was Rocksteady's first Batman game, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't compare it to the other games. What this game nails honestly is the atmosphere of the game. Arkham Island with its gloomy dark colors worked perfectly with this game. Also the crazy prisoners that you face later on ensures you that this is an Asylum. Also you know what's funny? "The Spirit of Arkham" story that you hear through collectibles was honestly more interesting to me than the main story ???? . Overall this game was good and I imagine it would've been amazing when it came out (2009) and it deserved all the 9/10s and the 10/10s it was getting. But I will say it was my least favorite Arkham game including "Arkham Origins".

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