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2020 MVGL Challenge

January 01, 2020 @ 10:35 pm

Starting date: 1/01/2020 Finishing date: 8/17/2020 Completed games at sign-up: 226 Completed games at upon finishing: 282 Link to your list: Link to your blog entry: Challenge Packs: Action, RPG, Gimmick, MVGL, Franchise, Style, Character, Online, History, Gold

Action Challenge Pack (5/5)

  • Play a Beat 'em Up 99Vidas PS4 (Started 01/01/2020 - Finished 01/05/2020)

  • Play a Shoot 'em up Assault Android Cactus Xbox One (Started 01/02/2020 - Finished 01/17/2020)

  • Play a game featuring aerial combat Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy 3DS (Started 01/02/2020 - Finished 01/10/2020)

  • Play a Soulslike Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Xbox One (Started 02/22/2020 - Finished 07/06/2020 )

  • Play a game that let's you defeat/kill a massive amount of enemies Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Switch (Started 01/02/2020 - Finished 02/26/2020)

RPG Challenge Pack (5/5)

  • Play a WRPG Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 (Started 01/02/2020 - Finished 06/10/2020)

  • Play a JRPG Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4 (Started 01/02/2020 - Finished 06/09/2020)

  • Reach max level for any character in an RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable PSP (Started 01/02/2020 - Finished 08/12/2020)

  • Role play! Decide on a role with specific character traits and stick to that throughout the game Dragon Age: Inquisition Xbox One (Started 01/03/2020 - Finished 05/17/2020) Riodyne, the pure-hearted warrior with a twitch, after every 5 questions the 6th will be a evil answer (my version of tourettes)

  • Complete an RPG having all party members be the same class and if possible same armor/weapons Bravely Default 3DS (Started 01/03/2020 - Finished 04/06/2020) Everyone was Monk with no equipment.

Gimmick Challenge Pack (5/5)

  • Play a game where you can switch difficulty mid-game, start at easy and increase the difficulty one step each level until the hardest difficulty where you loop back to easy again and so on Call of Duty: Black Ops III Xbox One (Started 01/05/2020 - Finished 01/18/2020)

  • Play a game within another game Maniac Mansion PS4* (Started 04/07/2020 - Finished 05/07/2020) This game is an easter egg within Day of the Tentacle Remastered

  • Mystery challenge! What could it be?... (Play a mystery game without adding it to your list. create a riddle and have someone guess the game you played.) Her Story PC (Started 07/01/2020 - FInished 07/03/2020) Guessed by Takashimai

  • Beat a game using a bunch of cheats, glitches and hacks Pokemon Gold GBA (Started 06/14/2020 - FInished 07/25/2020) Using Cheat codes to obtain any pokemon i cant get, also to give myself plenty of master balls

  • Beat a game never using the same weapon twice in a row, i.e. shoot/slash once then switch weapons back and forth Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 (Started 02/09/2020 - Finished 06/11/2020) Main Strategy is to main Sniper, Shotgun, and Melee to avoid shooting twice with any given weapon

MVGL Challenge Pack (5/5)

  • Play a game which no other MVGL user has added to their list yet Machinarium PS4 (Started 02/09/2020 - Finished 5/21/2020) When I added this game to my library on 01/03/2020 no one else had added it to their list yet

  • Play a game based on a recommendation from an admin Breath of Fire 3 PS1 (Started 01/09/2020 - Finished 04/28/2020) Recommended by FalotForonke

  • Beat an admin 1v1 in a game of your choosing (please be considerate of what games we admins have available and are willing to get) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch (Started 07/06/2020 - Finished 08/17/2020) Vs. FalotForonke

  • Play a game featured on page 1 for any platform under "Games by Platform" The Little Acre PS4 (Started 07/06/2020 - Finished 07/29/2020) As of 01/05/2020 when I picked this game it was on the first page of the PS4 section

  • Play a game of your choosing and write a review for it on MVGL ABZÛ PS4 (Started 01/05/2020 - Finished 01/06/2020) As of turning in its been several months since i wrote the review and was never informed if it was approved or rejected when asked.

Franchise Challenge Pack (5/5)

  • Play an entry from Metal Slug, Mega Man or Contra, with highest priority to a franchise you haven't played at all. Mega Man Battle Network GBA (Started 05/25/2020 - Finished 06/29/2020)

  • Play an entry from Hitman, Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid, with highest priority to a franchise you haven't played at all. Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes XboxOne (Started 4/16/2020 - Finished 4/16/2020)

  • Play an entry from Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Silent Frame, with highest priority to a franchise you haven't played at all. Resident Evil Remake PS4 (Started 07/01/2020 - Finished 07/26/2020)

  • Play an entry from Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or The King of Fighters, with highest priority to a franchise you haven't played at all. Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition PC (Started 05/25/2020 - Finished 06/29/2020)

  • Play an entry from Need for Speed, Gran Turismo or Forza, with highest priority to a franchise you haven't played at all. Forza Horizon Xbox 360 (Started 02/02/2020 - Finished 05/18/2020)

Style Challenge Pack (5/5)

  • Play a game featuring hand-drawn animation Deponia PS4 (Started 01/05/2020 - Finished 01/21/2020 )

  • Play a Noir style game Murdered: Soul Suspect Xbox One (Started 05/26/2020 - Finished 06/29/2020)

  • Play a game with a quirky style Catherine: Full Body PS4 (Started 01/06/2020 - Finished 02/07/2020)

  • Play a game with a kick-ass soundtrack Devil May Cry 5 PS4 (Started 01/06/2020 - Finished 02/16/2020)

  • Play a highly realistic game Detroit: Become Human PS4 (Started 01/06/2020 - Finished 03/06/2020)

Character Challenge Pack (5/5)

  • Play a game where you play as a plant Plants vs. Zombies PC (Started 06/14/2020 - Finished 07/02/2020)

  • Play a game where you play as a robot Defense Grid: The Awakening PC (Started 01/06/2020 - Finished 02/05/2020)

  • Play a game where you play as a sorcerer Bayonetta 2 Wii U (Started 01/06/2020 - Finished 01/21/2020)

  • Play a game where you can choose to play as between 10+ different characters Guitar Hero 2 PS2 (Started 02/02/2020 - Finished 05/10/2020)

  • Be Batman Batman: Arkham VR PS4 (Started 01/07/2020 - Finished 01/07/2020)

Online Challenge Pack (5/5)

  • Win 15 matches in an online game Rocket League PS4 (Started 07/06/2020 - Finished 07/11/2020)

  • Play one match of each online game mode in a single gaming session (game must have a minimum of 5 game modes) Team Fortress 2 PC (Started 07/06/2020 - Finished 07/24/2020)

  • Play a co-op campaign online Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage PS4 (Started 01/08/2020 - Finished 02/16/2020)

  • Become MVP in an online match Hearthstone PC (Started 02/07/2020 - Finished 02/07/2020)

  • Gather 2+ MVGL users and take turns setting up a custom game/lobby/server and play at least one match together on each lobby Human: Fall Flat (Started 05/09/2020 - Finished 08/02/2020) Playing with Weinerdaddy711 and Trumpswig16

History Challenge Pack (8/8) - Play a game originally released during the 1st console generation (1972-77 - Odyssey, various Arcades etc.) Pong Arcade (Started 06/30/2020 - Finished 06/30/2020)

  • Play a game originally released during the 2nd console generation (1976-83 - Atari 2600, Colecovision etc.) Barnstorming Atari 2600 (Started 01/09/2020 - Finished 01/09/2020)

  • Play a game originally released during the 3rd console generation (1983-90 - NES, Master System, Commodore 64 etc.) Atic Atac Zx Spectrum/ Xbox One (Started 01/02/2020 - Finished 01/02/2020)

    • Play a game originally released during the 4th console generation (1987-93 - SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, Amiga etc.) Super Mario Land GB (Started 07/06/2020 - Finished 07/27/2020)
  • Play a game originally released during the 5th console generation (1993-01 - N64, PS1, Saturn, Gameboy Color etc.) Mario Kart 64 N64 (Started 02/09/2020 - Finished 05/08/2020)

  • Play a game originally released during the 6th console generation (1998-09 - Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast etc.) Max Payne PS2 (Started 06/01/2020 - Finished 08/05/2020)

  • Play a game originally released during the 7th console generation (2005-12 - Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, DS etc.) The Wolf Among Us Xbox 360 (Started 07/06/2020 - Finished 07/30/2020)

  • Play a game originally released during the 8th console generation (2012-?? - Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Wii-U, 3DS etc.) Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward PS4 (Started 07/24/2020 - Finished 0815/2020)

Gold Challenge Pack

  • Play a game for 100+ hours Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory PS4 (Started 01/13/2020 - Finished 05/24/2020)

  • Complete every other challenge pack (9/9)


2019 MVGL Challenge! -Complete!

January 02, 2019 @ 7:07 pm

Starting date: 01/02/2019 Difficulty: Hardcore -50!- Completed games at sign-up: 140 Link to your list: Challenge list:

  1. Play a game you did not finish last year

    -.Hack//G.U. Vol.1 Rebirth PS4 (Started 5/1/18 - Finished 2/7/19)

  2. Replay one of your childhood favorites

    -Kingdom Hearts PS2 (Started 1/2/19 - Finished 2/16/19)

  3. Play 10 matches online or an entire co-op campaign with another MVGL user

    -Super Mario 3D World WiiU (Started 1/3/19 - Finished 2/23/19)


  4. Play a 50+ hours long game OR a 3- hours long game

    -The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Xbox One (Started 1/4/19 - Finished 3/21/19)

  5. Start a game in January, play at least one session every month and finish the game in December

    -Final Fantasy X PS3 (Started 1/5/19 - Finished 12/4/19)

  6. Play a game while holding the controller/keyboard upside down

    -Full Throttle Remastered PC (Started 1/5/19 - Finished 1/19/19)

    This seem easy enough till i realized it took some quick clicking and precise mouse movement at certain points of the game.

    Keyboard and mouse flipped while using the mouse with my left hand

  7. Play a game with a self-imposed challenge (i.e. low health run, no death run, etc.)

    -Grim Fandago PS4 (Started 1/2/19 - Finished 1/9/19)

    Played the game with Tank controls only *there was a gold trophy for it so i figured it'd count

  8. Play a game on the easiest difficulty

    -Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse 3DS (Started 1/9/19 - Finished 4/20/19)

  9. Play a game released in 2019

    -Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 (Started 1/28/19 - Finished 1/31/19)

  10. Play a game re-released in a budget range (Playstation Platinums, Xbox Classics, Nintendo Selects, etc.)

    -Bioshock Infinite Xbox 360 (Started 1/10/19 - Finished 1/26/19)

    Xbox Platinum Hits

  11. Play a game originally released in 1979, 1989 OR 1999

    -Pokemon Yellow GBC (Started 1/11/19 - Finished 7/14/19)

    Released on 10/18/1999 (US)

  12. Play a game that is only available digitally

    -A Hat In Time PS4 (Started 1/12/19 - Finished 2/11/19)

  13. Play a game recommended to a mature audience

    -Diablo III Xbox 360 (Started 1/13/19 - Finished 3/8/19)

  14. Play a game featured in a collection

    -Spyro PS4 (Started 1/15/19 - Finished 6/20/19)

    Part of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy

  15. Play a PC/Mac game which is NOT available on Steam

    -Halo Combat Evolved PC (Started 1/27/19 - finished 3/29/19)

  16. Play an award-winning game

    -The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time N64 (Started 1/19/19 - 7/21/19)

  17. Play a console exclusive game

    -Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3 (Started 1/26/19 - Finished 8/1/19)

  18. Play a game developed in one of your neighboring countries

    -Pony Island PC (Started 4/6/19 - Finished 4/24/19)

    Home Country: United States, Games Origins: Canada

  19. Play a game developed by a company which has made a maximum of three games

    -Yooka Laylee PS4 (Started 7/6/19 - Finished 8/23/19)

    Playtonic Games has only made One game at the time of this Challenge

  20. Play a game developed by Ubisoft OR Activision

    -Child of Light Xbox One (Started 2/5/19 - Finished 3/1/19)

    Made by Ubisoft

  21. Play a game featuring day/night cycles

    -The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3DS (Started 6/7/19 - Finished 7/30/19)

  22. Play a game that features an anti-hero or a villain as the protagonist

    -God of War 3 Remastered PS4 (Started 2/7/19 - Finished 3/28/19)

  23. Play a game with an anthropomorphic animal as the main character

    -Ratchet & Clank PS4 (Started 4/12/19 - Finished 6/8/19)

  24. Play a game that allows the player to make different decisions to change the course of the story

    -Until Dawn PS4 (Started 7/6/19 - Finished 8/29/19)

  25. Play a game that features character customization

    -Destiny 2 PS4 (Started 2/6/19 - Finished 3-28-19)

  26. Play a game set in Japan

    -Tokyo Xanadu eX+ PS4 (Started 7/6/19 - Finished 9/13/19)

  27. Play a game that features cel-shaded animation

    -Rogue Galaxy PS4 (Started 4/13/19 - Finished 8/20/19)

  28. Play a game featuring fishing

    -Animal Crossing Gamecube (Started 2/8/19 - Finished 3/13/19)

    Considered finished once all the house payments were done.

  29. Play a game featuring a female and male protagonist

    -Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep PS3 (Started 3/8/19 - Finished 5/28/19)

  30. Play a game where you can travel the world

    -Super Mario Odyssey Switch (Started 5/17/19 - Finished 6/15/19)

  31. Play a game where you play as an object

    -Death Squared Xbox One (Started 2/8/19 - 3/2/19)

  32. Play a game featuring knights

    -Octopath Traveler Switch (Started 3/8/19 - Finished 8/9/19)

  33. Play a game featuring time manipulation

    -Back to the Future The Game Xbox One (Started 2/8/19 - Finished 3/7/19)

  34. Play a Strategy game

    -Fire Emblem Fates Birthright 3DS (Started 2/8/19 - Finished 4/23/19)

  35. Play a Point & Click adventure game

    -Day of the Tentacle Remastered PS4 (Started 2/11/19 - Finished 2/28/19)

  36. Play a Sports game

    -Boxing Atari 2600 (Started 3/8/19- 3/8/19)

  37. Play a First Person Shooter

    -Halo 4 Xbox 360 (Started 2/22/19 - Finished 3/29/19)

  38. Play a game from a genre you rarely play

    -Persona 3 Dancing Star light PS4 (Started 3/9/19 - Finished 4/21/19)

    Genre: Rhythm

  39. Play a game that got a „Hard“ for the MVGL Difficulty Rating

    -Super Godzilla (Started 7/11/19 - Finished 8/17/19)

  40. Play a game that was favorited by more than 50 MVGL users

    -Portal 2 PC (Started 4/6/19 - Finished 4/30/19)

  41. Play a game that more than 1000 MVGL users have added to their lists

    -Kingdom Hearts 2 PS2 (Started 3/8/19 - Finished 6/10/19)

  42. Play a game on which someone recently wrote a review on

    -Tales of the Abyss PS2 (Started 6/7/19 - Finished 10/15/19)

  43. Play a game featured in the newly added games section

    -Chrono Trigger PS Vita (Started 2/17/19 - Finished 6/11/19)

    Added to database on 2/17/19

  44. Play a game with a score of 8.5 or higher

    -The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD WiiU (Started 6/24/19 - Finished 8/28/19)

  45. Play a game recommended to you by another challenge participant

    -Doki Doki Literature Club PC (Started 1/7/19 - Finished 1/28/19)

    Suggested by:

  46. Pick 6 games you want to play and assign them numbers 1-6, roll a dice and play the game with that number

    -Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Switch (Started 4/2/19 - Finished 5/23/19)

  47. Play a game where the last letter in the title is the same as the last of your MVGL username

    -Zero Escape Nine Hours, Nine People, Nine Doors PS4 (Started 7/6/19 - Finished 9/2/19)

  48. Play a game you bought at a garage sale/flea market/thrift store

    -Enslaved Odyssey to the West PS3 (Started 2/20/19 - Finished 3/12/19)

  49. Play a game with a verb in the title

    -Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight PS4 (Started 3/13/19 - 4/21/19)

  50. Play a game where the title consists of over 5 words

    -Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga PS2 (Started 4/13/19 - Finished 9/16/19)