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Another foray to game databases

April 12, 2015 @ 7:19 pm

After VGChartz, GameSpot & Raptr decided to fuck up their user tools in the last few consecutive years, it's time I revisited game databases for a better option.

So, along with good oldies GameFAQs, MobyGames + GameSpot, VGChartz's gamrconnect (wasted potential), Raptr, IGN & GamesTracker, I'm now testing RetroCollect, VGCollect, GameDeed, MyVideoGameList, VideoGameGeek, Backloggery, HowLongToBeat & Grouvee in terms of database consistency & user tools for rating, tracking, editing, adding to lists and community features. Hoping I haven't forgotten any decent site but guessing there will be no winner here. No home has it all.

UPDATE: It appears I had forgotten some DBs, and now I'm also testing them. These are Darkadia, Gamedex, KeepTrackOfMyGames & UVList.

First impressions tell me that way too many games are missing from MVGL. Plain members should be able to submit games and edit info via a form, rather than the forum. Another simple tweak is the MVGL rating to display the number of users voted and to be featured in a more prominent place design-wise. Lots of ideas to pour for brainstorming sessions, provided we can somehow contribute more directly or on the technical side of things. Let's see where this foray might lead to...