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MVGL's Gaming Challenge 2018 - List of Challenges

January 06, 2018 @ 6:11 pm

Starting Date: January 2nd, 2018

Difficulty: Medium (30)

Completed games at sign-up: 145

Link to my list: https://myvideogamelist.com/mylist/facundoj

Challenge list:

  1. Replay a game - Completed - Enter The Gungeon (PC)

  2. Play through a game on 100% - Completed - Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PS1)

  3. Finish a game you put on-hold or dropped before 2018 - Completed - Cuphead (PC)

  4. Play a game in a language that is not your mother tongue - Completed - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

  5. Play a game on the hardest difficulty

  6. Play 25 matches in an online game - Completed - Fortnite (PC)

  7. Collect all achievements/trophies in a game - Completed - Danganronpa 2 (PS Vita)

  8. Do an evil run of a game, i.e. make most immoral choices possible the entire playthrough - Completed - Shadow the Hedgehog (Gamecube)

  9. Play a game featuring a female protagonist - Completed - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (PS Vita)

  10. Play a game with a historical setting - Completed - Assasin's Creed (PC)

  11. Play a game where you can control more than one character - Completed - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PC)

  12. Play a game developed by an Indie-developer - Completed - Kindergarten (PC)

  13. Play a game published by EA or Square Enix

  14. Play a game that was published by the same publisher as one of your favourite games

  15. Play a game originally released in the 80's - Kung fu master (Arcade)

  16. Play a game originally released in the 90's - Half-Life (PC)

  17. Play a game released in 2018

  18. Play a game originally released in the year you were born in - Mafia (PC)

  19. Play a launch title of any console you like - F-Zero (Snes)

  20. Play an RPG - Stars Wars Knights of The Old Republic (PC)

  21. Play a Visual Novel - Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (PC)

  22. Play a Puzzle game - Playing - The Witness (PC)

  23. Play a game recommended to you by another challenge participant - Glo (PC)

  24. Play a game featured in the recent user updates - Doom 2016 (PC)

  25. Play a game featured in the newly added games section - Grim Fandango Remastered (PC)

  26. Play a game with a score of 7.0 or below - Sonic Unleashed (Wii)

  27. Play a game that starts with the same letter as your username - Completed - FEZ (PS Vita)

  28. Play a remake/remaster of a game - Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (PC)

  29. Play a game with an adjective in the title - Completed - Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC)

  30. Play a game which is available on Steam - Completed - Braid (PC)

  31. Play a game that is based on a movie/tv series/book/comic