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MVGL 2018 Challenge!

January 14, 2018 @ 11:30 pm

I'm starting the MVGL 2018 on the 15th, and I hope to actually get through some of these games! I'll add my comments on each title in the list and when I start them (I will start a new file for those titles I began long ago but never finished). Throughout the year, I'll add photos of when I complete each title. Hopefully, I can finish this challenge strong this year! (Some titles have been changed from the forum post -- I'll edit that post when I am able to at a later time.)

  1. Re-play a game – Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga | This was one of the earliest games I beat as a kid, and I still love it to pieces to this day.

  2. Play through a game on 100% - Megaman X4 | Easiest game for me to 100% as Zero.

  3. Finish a game you put on-hold or dropped before 2018 – Yakuza 3 | I actually need to finish this before Yakuza 6 comes out.

  4. Play a game that you can finish in one day – Megaman 8 | I've done it before, and I can do it again.

  5. Play a game that has been on your Plan to Play list for too long – Advance Wars | I had this on my eShop wishlist for quite some time, but didn't buy it until recently. I need to get started in playing it.

  6. Play a game on the hardest difficulty – Persona 5 (not counting DLC) | I loved Persona 5, and I would NG+ it on hard mode.

  7. Play 25 matches in an online game – Tekken 7 | I need to get better at Tekken 7, anyway.

  8. Play a game using a controller you have to buy seperately from the console – Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev2 (Quanba Drone arcade stick) | I love Rev2, and I have the arcade stick, so I just need to take time to put in the work!

  9. Play a game featuring a female protagonist – Bayonetta | What else is there to say about this treat??

  10. Play a game with a historical setting – Fire Emblem: Awakening | I know historical is a bit of a stretch, but Awakening was the first game I played where when I beat it, I began a new file 10 minutes later.

  11. Play a game that is set in space – Metroid Fusion | While I love Zero Mission, I need to finish Fusion. It's been a decade since I got it and I still haven't beaten it.

  12. Play a game featuring a non-human main character – Donkey Kong Country Returns | I've beaten the original trilogy, but I need to finish Returns.

  13. Play a game where you can control more than one character – Yakuza Dead Souls | I love Sonic Adventure 2 in its buggy, dated glory, but I also need to finish Dead Souls.

  14. Play a game developed by an Indie-developer – Undertale | Wonderful game tainted by a over-controlling, extremely vocal fanbase.

  15. Play a game published by EA or Square Enix – Final Fantasy IV | I know Squeenix didn't publish it, but it's still a Square game. Loopholes, ftw.

  16. Play a game with a score written by a composer you like – Chrono Trigger | I will never not love this game's score. Shame I don't have the DS copy anymore.

  17. Play a game that was published by the same publisher as one of your favourite games – Super Paper Mario | My favorite game is Paper Mario: TTYD, sooooooooooo...

  18. Play a game that was developed in the country you're from – Mighty Switch Force | This is another title I began ages ago and hadn't finished.

  19. Play a game originally released in the 90's – Earthbound | I got a Wii U the day this game was released on Virtual Console, but I have yet to finish it. I'm fixing that this year.

  20. Play a game released in 2018 – Yakuza 6 | ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIN

  21. Play a game originally released in the year you were born in – Street Fighter II Turbo | It was either this or Sonic 2, and I still can't beat it without using debug mode. hides in shame box

  22. Play a game on the oldest console you own – Tetris Attack | While I don't technically own the SNES, it's not only been in my room the longest at home, it has also been moved with me when I moved out of the house AND I actually bought more games for it for myself, too.

  23. Play a game originally released on an arcade – Tatsunoko vs. Capcom | I will never not love this fighting game, as it was the one that got me into combo-heavy fighting games.

  24. Play an RPG – Final Fantasy IX | I bought this per a friend's request that this is his favorite title, so instead of playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the umpteenth time, I'll finish this beauty.

  25. Play a Visual Novel – Apollo Justice | I desperately need to finish this. It was either this or Miles Edgeworth: Investigations.

  26. Play a Racing game – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | While I did get nearly everything done in Mario Kart 8 in terms of acquiring all of the cups on every cc, I got a Switch last year (and this title), and I need to get more coins to get the parts I need.

  27. Play a Puzzle game – Katamari Forever | I liked Damacy, so I asked for this for Christmas in 2016. I need to finish it.

  28. Play a game you yourself requested to be added into the MVGL database - Dropsy | I picked this game up on Steam because of the trailer I saw on YouTube, and I thought it would be an interesting game to play. Shame it wasn't in the database yet.

  29. Play a game that starts with the same letter as your username – Kirby’s Dream Land 3 | Once again, I needed to finish this game.

  30. Play a game with an adjective in the title – Golden Sun | I bought this because I had heard amazing things about it, but I had missed out on playing it growing up (wasn't as interested in RPGs yet).