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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Plus 2.5 Remix

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Plus 2.5 Remix PlayStation 4

Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 and II.5 ReMix is a compilation featuring a variety of remastered titles in the blockbuster Kingdom Hearts Action/RPG saga. Included are remastered versions of Kingdom Hearts (Final Mix version), Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts HD II (Final Mix version), and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (Final Mix version). As a bonus, HD remastered cinematic scenes...

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Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles Nintendo Wii

An almighty crash heralded the sudden arrival of the Bionis and the Mechonis to this world, for the two titans were locked in a timeless battle... The sound of their clashing blades rang out, shaking the sea bed and sending ripples through the air. As the duel reached its climax, the titans poured their remaining strength into one last slash of their great swords. Both struck...

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Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X PlayStation 2

The first FINAL FANTASY for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system captivates imaginations once again with strikingly sophisticated CG sequences, a riveting storyline, memorable characters and delightful music. The main character, Tidus, is a star player of blitzball, a full contact sport. After miraculously surviving the destruction of his homeland, he awakens among ruins and thereafter meets a young woman named Yuna. As a summoner, Yuna...

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Celeste Nintendo Switch

Celeste is a single-player platformer about climbing a mountain. Climb through more than 250 stages, across striking areas like an abandoned city, ancient ruins, precarious cliffs, and a haunted resort. You'll be battling your inner demons as much as the environment in your fight to reach the summit....

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Ys Origin

Ys Origin PC

Prequel to the older Ys series, taking place 700 years before the events of Ys I & II. Ys Origin is a Japanese action role-playing game developed and published by Nihon Falcom for Microsoft Windows in 2006. In 2012 XSEED Games published an English-language localization of the game, via the Steam platform. Ys Origin is a prequel to the six previous installations of the Ys video game...

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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 PlayStation 3

Final Fantasy XIII-2​ is a role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix and is a direct sequel to the 2009 role playing game Final Fantasy XIII. XIII-2 includes modified features from the previous game, including fast-paced combat and a customizable "Paradigm" system to control which abilities are used by the characters, and adds a new system that allows monsters to be captured and used in...

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Switch

As the giant beasts march toward death, the last hope is a scavenger named Rex—and Pyra, a living weapon known as a Blade. Can you find the fabled paradise she calls home? Command a group of Blades and lead them to countless strategic victories before the world ends. Each Titan hosts its own distinct cultures, wildlife, and diverse regions to explore. Search the vast open areas...

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Pokémon Black Version 2

Pokémon Black Version 2 Nintendo DS

A Timeless Pokémon Adventure Continues with Loads of New Features! Return to the captivating Unova region two years after the events of the original Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games — the first time in the core Pokémon game series that a storyline has continued from one game to another. In the Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 games, players can...

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