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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC

The world is in chaos. The air is thick with tension and the smoke of burnt villages. The fearsome Empire of Nilfgaard has struck again, ravaging the hapless Northern Kingdoms. The once-mighty who tried to use Geralt for their own gain are now gone. In these uncertain times, no one can say what fortune holds in store, who will bring peace to the world and...

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Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II PlayStation 2

The unlikely but successful action-RPG collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive returns in Kingdom Hearts II; where a darkly-cloaked Mickey Mouse joins Donald, Goofy, and Sora as they continue their adventure into several popular Disney-inspired worlds. Battling against the Heartless once more, the dedicated group of friends now find themselves up against an all-new enemy threat -- a mummy-wrapped ruler of unknown origin. Also...

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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 1

Mako. The discovery of this natural resource drawn directly from the planet's life force marked the dawn of a new era, and now the energy sustains the lives of people across the world. However, the Shinra Company has monopolized mako production, and in doing so established a powerful hegemony--its influence reaching the far corners of the globe. Cloud, a former member of Shinra's military organization, SOLDIER,...

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