Maniac Mansion

Why is there a chainsaw in the kitchen? And a nuclear reactor in the basement? And disembodied tentacles hopping around? And why does that peculiar doctor keep going "Heh, heh, heh... "? Strange things have been going on for years up at Dr. Fred's old mansion, ever since that meteor landed just outside the house. But when a sweet young cheerleader named Sandy disappeared into the basement, boyfriend Dave knew it was time to take a look behind the good doctor's door.

Your task is to help Dave choose a rescue team and guide them on the wildest, wierdest mission your NES system has ever seen. The storyline depends on the individual talents and quirks of the team members you select, and no matter how many times you play, the outcome is never quite the same. Sometimes it's puzzling, sometimes scary, sometimes downright funny, but it's always, always a challenge. So if you're looking for a comedy-adventure that makes you think as hard as you laugh, get into Maniac Mansion today. And then try, just try, to get out!



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Game Information

Nintendo NES
Lucasfilm Games
Adventure, Point and Click
NA Release Date
September 2, 1990
EU Release Date
October 22, 1992
MVGL User Score
6.9 by 15 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Psychadelic Brie, George Alistair Sanger, David Govett, David Hayes, David Warhol, Christopher Grigg, David Lawrence
Added by
18 User(s)

This game also exists on:
PC Atari ST Amiga Apple II Commodore 64

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