Maniac Mansion

His ambition was to rule the world... one teenager at a time.

Suddenly you're in the middle of a madcap adventure surrounding a meteor that crashed to the earth some 20 years ago. Ever since it landed in the back of the yard of Dr. Fred and Nurse Edna's Victorian mansion, bizarre things have been happening. First their mutant son, Weird Ed, dropped out of school. And now this strange event is affecting the lives of innocent (and even some not-so-innocent) teenagers. In fact, a girl named Sandy is being held captive in that musty old mansion right now. Sandy's boyfriend, Dave, has lots of friends who need your help to sneak in - and sneak her out. Now exactly how it all ends up depends entirely on which trio of friends you send in there. And which inhabitants you encounter. In fact, the farther you get inside the mansion, the more weird characters you'll meet. There's Nurse Edna - who's as nasty as she is ugly. There's a disembodied Tentacle who wants you to make him a rock star. And a host of others, who all have their own crazy wuirks you'll have to deal with. Everyone in there seems to be workinf for Dr. Fred. But the question is: "Who is Dr. Fred working for?"

An adventure so compelling, you'll never want to leave... which is just what Dr. Fred wants. "Heh, heh, heh..."

A story of: Love Lust Power Greed Wealth Insanity Bulglary Kidnapping Rock 'n Roll Music Nuclear Reactors Electric Cattle Prods Classic Automobiles Microwave Ovens Soft Drinks Small Furry Animals Strange Aliens Sleazy Publishers Late Night Talkshow Hosts Mutants Geeks Punk Rockers Postal Fraud Obscene Phone Calls Undeveloped Photographs Medical Experiments Radiation Suits Purple Slime and... World Domination


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Game Information

Commodore 64
Lucasfilm Games
Lucasfilm Games
NA Release Date
October 5, 1987
MVGL User Score
10 by 1 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Christopher Grigg, David H. Lawrence
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4 User(s)

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Nintendo NES PC Atari ST Amiga Apple II

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