Final Fantasy II

PSOne Classic version released only in Japan. The Palamecian Empire decided to take over the world. Its soldiers and Dark Knights persecute innocent people, burn whole villages, hunt down brave warriors. Now Phin, the homeland of the four heroes, has been destroyed by the evil empire. Only four young warriors could escape, three men and one girl. On their way to a neighbor town Altea, they were attacked by the Dark Knights. Three of them were brought safely to Altea by the order of the rebel army. But one has not yet been found...

This Final Fantasy II is a remake of the Famicom (NES) game of the same name. This version's changes and enhancements are identical to those featured in the Final Fantasy remake and include: ● Updated graphics and soundtrack to resemble technically those of the 16-bit installments of the series. ● An additional Easy difficulty level. ● In addition to saving the game in towns, the player can also create a memo file at any time, which acts as a saved game file until the player quits the game. ● Characters automatically target and attack a new enemy in case the originally targeted enemy has been defeated by another character during the course of the round. ● The protagonist can run at any time if the player presses a correspondent button during movement. ● A few minor changes have been made to character abilities. ● A CG introduction movie has been added to the Playstation version.



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PlayStation 3
Square, TOSE
Square Enix
JP Release Date
July 8, 2009
CERO Rating
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Nobuo Uematsu
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