Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

The gameplay is almost identical to the original Tak Game, whereas Tak's weapon is always on hand and mana is represented by feather count and not a meter. The game takes place in various locations, such as tropical forests, canyons, volcanic areas, snowy tundras and other harsh environments. There are also a number of dimensional stages, in the Dreamworld. Tak gets aid from animals, a number of which did not appear in the first game. In this game, Tak's juju magic is triggered by holding down one button and pressing combos of other buttons. Tak also earns juju powers gradually throughout the game instead of having to seek them out. Tak can also get certain animals to help him out in the real world.


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Game Information

Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Avalanche Software
NA Release Date
October 11, 2004
MVGL User Score
6.3 by 8 user(s)
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Nintendo Gamecube PlayStation 2 Xbox

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