Wonder Momo

Wii Virtual Console Title.

In Wonder Momo you play as Momo, an actress playing the lead role in a kid's show about a crime-fighting heroine that puts the hurt on several alien monsters and assorted criminals.

Set in the stage of the "Namco Theater", the game plays as an action side-scroller in which you progress across each stage kicking the snot out of all the enemies you run across. By collecting the right power-up you can transform into Wonder Momo for a limited time, who can perform ranged attacks with a hoola-hoop and is more powerful than regular Momo.

Not only must you clear the enemies of each stage, but also please the crowd with your performances, being wary of perverts that attempt to take pictures of your underwear whenever you attack (Momo shows quite a bit of leg whenever she "kicks high") which results in blinding flashes that stun Momo and leave her open to an attack.



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Alternative Titles
Nintendo Wii
Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Hudson Entertainment, Inc.
JP Release Date
June 16, 2009
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Kumio Yudate
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