BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2

This is the second of two episodes of Burial at Sea, the story expansion for BioShock Infinite, offered as DLC. It continues directly after the events of the first episode, but with a few distinct changes. The protagonist in the form of Booker DeWitt is swapped for the perspective of Elizabeth, moving up from her role of sidekick. Even through Booker is still present through radio contact, the game is entirely played as Elizabeth. Secondly, it tones down the direct violence significantly, focusing almost entirely on stealth with influences from the survival horror genre, as she is much more vulnerable than Booker. She also has no access to her tear-opening powers. Set in Rapture, the episode starts in Fontaine's Housewares Department as Elizabeth still pursues the little girl Sally and is threatened by Atlas (Fontaine). Next to flashes to BioShock: Infinite's Columbia, it also shows the events leading up the first BioShock and provides many answers for the series as a whole, wrapping up the entire story.

Next to new and returning characters, there are new enemies with splicers, Ryan's security and big daddies. For weapons Elizabeth has access to the air grabber from the previous episode, the hand cannon, and a shotgun (when in Columbia). Ammo is however almost limited, so they can only be used in a few situations. Her most important weapon is the crossbow, making a return from the initial BioShock games. It adds to the stealth gameplay by providing three nonlethal types of ammunition: gas, noisemaker and tranquilizer. As she is much more feeble, Elizabeth needs to avoid making noise to sneak up on opponents to take them out with a single hit melee attack or by distracting them with the crossbow. Enemies have an alertness level (white, yellow, red) based on sound and vision. Elizabeth needs to muffle sound when jumping down, sneak around, and avoid walking through water or over glass. When spotted, she needs to hide for a while until they stop searching.



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Game Information

Irrational Games
2K Games
Action, First Person Shooter
NA Release Date
March 25, 2014
EU Release Date
March 25, 2014
AUS Release Date
March 25, 2014
ESRB Rating
Mature 17+
PEGI Rating
ACB Rating
MA 15+
MVGL User Score
8.5 by 202 user(s)
MVGL Difficulty
Garry Schyman
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