Spider-Man (2000)

Everyone's favorite comic about the web-slinging superhero is now an action-packed, 3D videogame for the Nintendo 64. As Spidey (AKA Peter Parker), you'll trek through the streets of the Big Apple, taking to rooftops, sewer bottoms, and secret villainous hideouts in order to accomplish your many missions. You'll face such dastardly foes as Scorpio, Venom, and Rhino as you use Spidey's web-spinning ability to create traps of all shapes and sizes to capture your nemeses. The webs will also come in handy when you need to swing around the side of a building, scale a wall, or creep along a ceiling. The simple controls make the learning curve pretty easy, and SPIDER-MAN has a few different modes to keep the replay value and fun factor high. Records and Gallery modes offer lots of secrets to uncover and challenges to meet (bring your thinking cap to the table for this one), while Kid mode boils the action down to a more basic format for the wee ones. It's a tremendously fun game that's very faithful to its subject matter, but the key to succeeding is having real spider sense.



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Game Information

Alternative Titles
Nintendo 64
Edge of Reality
Action, Adventure
NA Release Date
November 21, 2000
ESRB Rating
MVGL User Score
7.2 by 68 user(s)
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95 User(s)

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PlayStation 1 Nintendo Gameboy Color Sega Dreamcast PC

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