Nintendo DSiWare

    Bookworm Nintendo DSiWare

    Spell F-U-N on the run in an all-new Bookworm for the Nintendo DSi! Have an appetite for words? Then join Lex the Bookworm in PopCap's hit word-puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. Link letter tiles left, right, up and down to spell words to keep Lex sated and unearth a vast library. Spell...
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    Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects Revenge

    Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects Revenge Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects Revenge

    After the defeat of the Mutant King, the Mutant Queen rose up from the core of the Earth and forced the remaining giant insects into submission. Now it is your job to locate and free the Scorpion Champion, the only giant insect with the ability to defeat the Mutant Queen....
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    Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Fight for Survival

    Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs Fight for Survival Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Fight for Survival

    Long before mankind stepped into the world, the Earth was a harsh environment dominated by dinosaurs. Every species of dinosaur had to fight to survive in this hostile environment. Travel through the hostile lands as one of three breeds of dinosaur while battling giant enemies to save your kind. Create...
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    Battle of Giants: Dragons Bronze Edition

    Battle of Giants: Dragons Bronze Edition Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Combat of Giants: Dragons Bronze Edition

    Create your Bronze Dragon in Battle of Giants™: Dragons – Bronze Edition! As last of the noble and rare Bronze Dragons, you must defeat the evil SALMU dragons and reclaim the 25 exclusive bronze gems they stole. Explore 10 maps, travel through the great jungles of Earth, the scorched grounds of...
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    Art Style: Pictobits

    Art Style: Pictobits Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Art Style: PiCTOBiTS, Art Style: Picopict, Art Style: PiCOPiCT, Art Style: Pictopict, Art Style: PiCTOPiCT, Art Style Series: Picopict, Art Style Series: PiCOPiCT

    Your goal in Art Style: PiCTOBiTS is simple: clear large blocks that fall from above ("megabits") by combining them with "bits" (square blocks) of the same color. Add in the ability to pick up bits and place them anywhere on the touch screen, and you'll quickly find that strategy is...
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    A Kappa's Trail

    A Kappa's Trail Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Kappa Michi, かっぱ道

    Use the stylus to successfully guide a kappa down the Kappa Trail, collecting items and avoiding obstacles as you go. Step into the world of a kappa, a mythical river spirit famous in Japanese folklore, as he tries to make his way to the human world. In addition to the challenging...
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    Space Ace

    Space Ace Nintendo DSiWare

    The evil commander Borf has kidnapped Ace's girlfriend, the beautiful Kimberly, and is plotting to enslave the Earth using his dreaded "Infanto Ray", a weapon that changes everyone it blasts into a helpless baby. Armed with only a laser gun, Ace must find and destroy the Infanto Ray, rescue Kimberly...
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    Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp

    Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp Nintendo DSiWare

    Time Warp is the sequel to the original Dragon's Lair arcade game. Players once again play Dirk the Daring, the brave and dashing knight, who, with a little bit of skill and a lot of luck, must once again rescue his princess, Daphne. This time, Daphne has been kidnapped through...
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    Rayman Nintendo DSiWare

    This classic, award-winning platformer is the first game in the Rayman series. The original Rayman, a critically -acclaimed platforming adventure, is now available on Nintendo 3DS Known for its groundbreaking animation and music, Rayman is a game that stands the test of time. One fateful day in the Glade of...
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    Dark Void Zero

    Dark Void Zero Nintendo DSiWare

    As the '80s were drawing to a close, the developers at Capcom began work on a top-secret project that aimed to set new standards for the platformer genre. That game was called Dark Void. Alas, Capcom suspended development on Dark Void as it began to evaluate the SNES. Before long,...
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    Farm Frenzy

    Farm Frenzy Nintendo DSiWare

    Slip into a pair of overalls and try your hand at running a farm! From tending to the fields where your cows graze to gathering eggs for sale at the town market, Farm Frenzy is as stimulating as the real thing-- only you won't have to experience the nasty smells!...
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    Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory

    Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Mario's Cement Factory

    Conveyor belts carry tubs of cement to the mixers below. Use the elevators to move Mario to different levels of the factory, dumping cement from the top mixers to the mixers below and into the trucks. Earn points for every load of cement you drop from the mixers to the...
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    Bookstore Dream

    Bookstore Dream Nintendo DSiWare

    Ever had a dream of owning you own bookstore? Now you can! Bookstore Dream is a simulation game that allows you to manage your lovely bookstore. Get connected with publishers and put the best books on your shelf! Be sure to keep stocks at a good level when demands go up!...
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    Bloons TD 4

    Bloons TD 4 Nintendo DSiWare

    Bloons TD 4's gameplay is extremely similar to the previous three games. As said above, Bloons Tower Defense 4 has many new features. These include: -Refined graphics. Bloons Tower Defense 4's graphics are heavily improved from Bloons Tower Defense 3. -New maps. The game has 9 free maps (3 beginner maps, 3...
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    Bloons TD

    Bloons TD Nintendo DSiWare

    It's time once again to achieve total Bloon popping satisfaction, this time in the form of classic TD. With an army of dart monkeys and a multitude of towers and weapons at your disposal can you pop all of the bloons before they escape? Bloons TD Dsi features all of...
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    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Nintendo DSiWare

    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is a game developed by Australian company Infinite Interactive and published by D3 Publisher. The game combines role-playing with strategy and puzzle elements. It uses a competitive Bejeweled-style playfield to simulate combat and other activities common to role-playing games. The game was first published simultaneously...
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    Asphalt 4: Elite Racing

    Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Nintendo DSiWare

    For the racing elite, the world is their racetrack. Choose among 28 dream cars and motorcycles from the world's most prestigious manufacturers. Then race your way through eight of the most renowned cities, fully rendered in 3-D. Control your speed machine with either standard or touch-screen controls for precision driving....
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    Dr. Mario Express

    Dr. Mario Express Nintendo DSiWare

    Mario once again dons his stethoscope to battle the forces of illness in this downloadable version of the classic puzzle game. Use vitamins to eliminate viruses in Classic mode, or play against a computer opponent in Vs. CPU mode. Make an appointment with Dr. Mario today....
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    Bird & Beans

    Bird & Beans Nintendo DSiWare

    In Bird & Beans, you control Pyoro, a small bird with an elastic tongue and an insatiable appetite for beans. Scramble to catch beans that fall from the sky, racking up points as you go. The farther away the bean, the more points it's worth. Beware any beans that are...
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    Paper Airplane Chase

    Paper Airplane Chase Nintendo DSiWare

    In Paper Airplane Chase, glide your virtual paper plane through an increasingly tricky slalom course. Take it slow in Endless mode or zip through several Time Attack courses. The two-player Race mode allows friends to race each other using a single Nintendo DSi system. The game is based around the Game...
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    SteamWorld Tower Defense

    SteamWorld Tower Defense Nintendo DSiWare

    Welcome to Cowbot County, home of the robotic master race of SteamWorld! As the sheriff, you must stop the human invaders in their mad hunt for gold. Build attack robots next to the roads they roam, then watch the invaders go down. Use your robots' special skills to your advantage...
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    WarioWare: Snapped!

    WarioWare: Snapped! Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Utsusu Made in Wario

    Wario returns with more manic action made especially for the Nintendo DSi system! WarioWare: Snapped! uses the built-in Nintendo DSi camera to make players the star of the show by placing them right into fast-paced minigames. Take part in wacky challenges simply by moving your face and body as you...
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    Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!

    Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini Mini sai Kōshin!

    Make your way through puzzling levels with Mario! Help Mario and his army of Mini Marios rescue Pauline again! Or create your own levels and share them with others. Thanks to the runaway success of Super Mini Mario World, Mario and Pauline have expanded their toy-filled theme park and invited everyone to...
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    Photo Dojo

    Photo Dojo Nintendo DSiWare

    Star in your very own fighting game on the Nintendo DSi! Be the star of your own fighting game! Create up to 8 characters based on you and your friends, then fight to the end! Welcome to Photo Dojo, where you create a dojo filled with ruthless (or humorous) fighting machines—using images...
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    Flipnote Studio

    Flipnote Studio Nintendo DSiWare

    Let your inner artist loose with Flipnote Studio, an easy to use and surprisingly powerful animation application. Create Flipnotes by using the stylus to write letters and draw pictures, capture sounds using the microphone, and even insert photos captured with the Nintendo DSi Camera. Save a Flipnote with multiple pages...
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    Aura-Aura Climber

    Aura-Aura Climber Nintendo DSiWare

    Help Aura-Aura regain his place in the sky in two modes of play. Items, enemies, and grapple points await! Aura-Aura has fallen out of the sky and landed on Earth! He is determined to return to his rightful place in the universe and become a bright star. Take control of Aura-Aura,...
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    DodoGo! Robo

    DodoGo! Robo Nintendo DSiWare

    Become the well-known Robo-Egg and collect the maximum number of icons scattered around at new puzzle levels! Entertaining and accessible to everyone, DodoGo! Robo is a puzzle game where you have to use your head to avoid getting broken. There's no need to have any knowledge of previous games to...
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    Legends of Exidia

    Legends of Exidia Nintendo DSiWare

    An army of demons called Morgost has invaded Exidia, defeating Princess Sofia and capturing the Orb of Spell. The Morgost's dark intentions include the resurrection of the almighty Daraka. Listen only to your courage and help Sofia drive back this threat. As a fearless warrior, you'll fight the most evil...
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    Zenonia Nintendo DSiWare

    Classic RPG action returns with Zenonia. Get ready for the endless journey of Regret, who is on a mission to find the reason for the death of his father at the hands of a demon. He begins his quest by choosing one of three classes: Paladin, Warrior or Assassin. Players...
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    Shantae: Risky's Revenge

    Shantae: Risky's Revenge Nintendo DSiWare

    This is it! The sequel to the critically acclaimed Shantae! Fans asked, and WayForward answers with a powder keg of high octane, hair-whipping, hip shaking action available only on the Nintendo DSiWare service. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge sets the bar even higher with thousands of frames of animation, huge multi-sprite bosses...
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    Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics

    Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics Nintendo DSiWare

    Clubhouse Games comes to Nintendo DSiWare with a collection of five fun card games in Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics. Play familiar favorites like Blackjack and Five Card Draw, or test your ability in the fast-paced Last Card, Last Card Plus and President. As with other Clubhouse Games Express titles, this...
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    Clubhouse Games Express: Strategy Pack

    Clubhouse Games Express: Strategy Pack Nintendo DSiWare

    Prepare yourself for a lesson in tactics as you play through five strategy-based games in this Nintendo DSiWare version of the popular Clubhouse Games. Take on an opponent in the classic Backgammon, invade an enemy base in Field Tactics, sandwich your opponent's pieces to capture them in Turncoat, create strings...
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    Clubhouse Games Express: Family Favorites

    Clubhouse Games Express: Family Favorites Nintendo DSiWare

    Choose from five family-friendly games in this Nintendo DSiWare version of the popular Clubhouse Games. Play classic card games like Hearts and Contract Bridge; connect bones to other bones in Dominoes; think strategically in the simple but addictive Dots and Boxes; and move your pieces towards a common goal in...
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    BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale

    BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale Nintendo DSiWare

    Blayzbloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale takes Ragna, Rachel, Jin, Noel, Taokaka, and others and pits them against one another in five stages of rumble and tumble brawling action to see who is the best around. There is also Free Battle mode to play to your heart's content. You can...
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    Bejeweled Twist

    Bejeweled Twist Nintendo DSiWare

    A brilliant new spin on the world’s #1 puzzle game…now on the DSiWare service! Spin, match, explode... wow! It’s a brilliant new way to play! Spin and match explosive gems for shockwaves of fun in this quick-play version of the award-winning PopCap game. Rotate jewels to set up electrifying combos, outwit...
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    Plants vs. Zombies

    Plants vs. Zombies Nintendo DSiWare

    Plants vs. Zombies belongs to the "tower defense" sub-genre of casual games, where the objective is to deploy a series of stationary weapons to protect a structure against hordes of enemies. Plants provide the artillery, and can be bought with sun power, the game's currency. The enemies are zombies invading...
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    Cave Story

    Cave Story Nintendo DSiWare

    Cave Story is a platform-adventure video game. It was developed, designed, and programmed over five years by Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya in his free time. Cave Story features 2D platform mechanics and is intended as an homage to the classic games that the author played in his youth, such as Metroid. The...
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    Art Academy: Second Semester

    Art Academy: Second Semester Nintendo DSiWare

    Art Academy is a portable art course that anyone can enjoy. Art Academy: Second Semester provides new and returning students with a larger set of tools and in-depth lessons designed to encourage the creation of more complex artwork. By gaining an even deeper understanding of colors and techniques used by...
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    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition

    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition Nintendo DSiWare

    Alternative Titles: Zelda no Densetsu: Yottsu no Tsurugi 25 Shuunen Kinen Edition

    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords - Anniversary Edition is a special commemorative remaster version of the multiplayer component of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords. This release, marking the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series, brings the addition of a single-player mode, in...
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