Hey! My name is Aleah Skye, I'm a Youtuber, Writer, Filmmaker, Bowler, Photographer, Drawer, LGBT, Guitarist, and Music Buff. I enjoy Video Games, Metal, Anime, and Horror Movies.


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Until Dawn

Until Dawn PlayStation 4

Until Dawn is for those who enjoy the classic horror movies like Friday the 13th, but there is also that mix of the Saw and Paranormal Activity movies. The story can go from being really good and creepy, to a pretty cheesy story. The characters are you typically teenager stereotypes, The Jock, The Nerd, The Popular Chick, they are all their. The game does take a page from Silent Hill: Shatter Memories by having you answer questions, and reliving what your greatest fears are and putting them in game. The game actually got 2 out of the 3 of what my true fears are. Spiders & Isolation. Their are some sub-plots that you will have to collecting stuff to relieve. I recommend it, because it does answer a lot of the questions, plus it's really interesting to learn. As you go through...

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