My Names Craft, I have had 123 surgeries on my throat, I have throat polyps but the technical term is 'papilloma's', in my airway and they must burn them off every year, Specifically once a year with a CO2 Laser. It used to be every two weeks or every week growing up, but the time between surgeries has grown further apart as I grow older, which is great. Until then I'll still have to have surgeries for the rest of my life. One of my vocal cords is permanently damaged, so that's why my voice is bad/kinda raspy. So please be kind and don't be a douche. The full name of my condition is Recurrent Laryngeal Respiratory Papillomatosis It is a life-threatening disease in my case and I only have roughly less than 30% of my airway remaining which is why I breath heavy a lot and my mic sometimes picks it up if I forget to mute my mic between convos please remind me. To me, this is extremely embarrassing and I usually get harassed or asked about it and would prefer to not annoy my viewers so please tell me if I forget to mute my mic ; -; . Also, before I get someone asking can't medicine fix this. I'm not sure why but they have tried the HPV shot on me and a few other things that didn't help at all, In my case my polyps have shown to be malignant and have spread from my original throat to my vocal cords and have gotten close to my lungs and been higher in my airway, They seemed to have slowed some in my age but every surgery usually causes more scar tissue to build up and there's no way to get around that besides replacing my whole windpipe and vocal cords and after doing that hoping it doesn't come back :/ Or plan B is give me a neck hole below where the majority of polyps have been which is also limited as they can or could show up at that opening and cause issues. Either way, I don't want either of those as I rather have a half a voice than no voice at all. And that's why I would like to hold off on doing either of those for as long as possible. Anyways The doctors said that my condition is unique on its own and severe I will likely do a life story for you guys at a later date when I feel more comfortable and less insecure.

I'm just a native American man, trying to enjoy life one step at a time while life is here. Join me on my journey wherever life takes me and lets have fun!

I'm a Minecraft builder, known in the community for a long time, and im trying to reinvent Minecraft as a whole for voxel architects alike! I Do play other games don't worry ;)

My Other Twitter thats family friendly is here:

PMC Site i was going to post this in personal site but its to long :( https://PlanetMinecraft.Com/Member/Craft

Twitch: Twitch.Tv/Craft


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