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Name: Henry (Also the owner of Anime Vestige on wordpress)

Aliases: DarkShame2 | Sycorax | Raiser

Age: 32 (born Jun 3, 1988)

Location: Vancouver, BC (Canada)

Interest: Gaming, Anime, Graphic Design(Intermediate), and Hanging out with friends(IRL).

Occupation: Walmart Canada Deli Associate (Oct 2016 - Present)

Contact Info:

Email - darkshamex2@gmail.com (No Spam)

Discord - DarkShame2 #3189

Friend Codes/ID/Tag:

Fate/Grand Order (NA) - 461,638,560 (Must be active within a few days at least, decent support preferred to be added)

Epic Seven (Global) - DarkShame2 (Must be somewhat active at least, ideally within a week)

Bleach: Brave Souls (Global) - 28,853,863 (Must be active within a few days at least)

Pok?mon GO - 9496,7284,6150 (Must be somewhat active)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Global) - 335,253,351 (Must be somewhat active)

Grand Summoners - 015242573 (Must be somewhat active)

Pokemon Masters - 1625-9804-6300-4892 (Must be active within a few days)

Hero Cantare with WEBTOON - DarkShame2#3109398 (Must be somewhat active)

For feedback/suggestions to help improve the site: MGVL Fider

If you would like to help out with MGVL, go here: Jobs or on Discord by messaging the site owner.

If a game or platform(s) of a game is missing in the database(DB), request it on Discord .under #game-requests channel for the time being as using community forums for it have been discontinued in favor of a custom code when ready. Limited to 1 game per message (around 7 mins or so wait to post a new one)

If a game or platform(s) of a game currently n the database(DB) is missing some details like alt-title and dates or some updates to it , request/inquire them on Discord .under #game-info-discussion channel.


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