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Tekken 7

Tekken 7 PC

Before getting into the details of my review, I would like to clarify few things; Tekken is my favorite fighting game franchise. I freaking love Tekken and have a long history of playing the game since Tekken 2. I've also been grinding Tekken for years and today I'm going share with you a very controversial opinion concerning the 7th installment; Tekken 7 is my least favorite in the franchise and I?m not happy with what they?ve done to the game. First of all, Tekken 7 is okay, there?s no doubt. The game is very popular now and is considered a big commercial success, but? is that enough? In my honest opinion, from a somewhat veteran Tekken player, I think that Tekken has lost its way. I don't feel like playing the good old Tekken anymore. Maybe the game is evolving as time goes, adding new features and making...

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