I started my gaming years in the mid 2000's, had my online gamer phase in the mid-2010's, and now chill with Singleplayer & Story-driven games.

My favourite 3 genre's are: 1. Metroidvania 2. Social Sim + Turn Based JRPG 3. Kart Racer

Currently, I have been going through "retro-games" (if you consider GBA & Dreamcast "Retro") and intend to continue down that trend. I have been looking forward to less violent gaming experiences and see what potential genre's have just been lost to time. Though I am looking forward to SMT 5 & Rune Factory 5 coming to the Switch which I generally consider to have an awful library of exclusives thus far.

And to note, I have a very strong bias against Nintendo. I think they have had catastrophic effects on gaming being treated as a story-telling medium & art form and they are currently the most anti-consumer company on the market.


August 15, 2021 @ 2:12 am
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