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Hi I'm Karyun'dara and I enjoy making some music lists in youtube, they're all open to public if you want to hear them.

Good Music

Strategy Lover

I love RTS games, i remember that the first game that i've ever played was a RTS, when i was like 4 years old, of course with my dad, he introduced me in to this world and i ended up liking this genre a lot.


  1. Starcraft ( I and II)
  2. Warcraft ( I, II and III)
  3. Age of Empires ( I and II)
  4. Command & Conquer (Red Alert and Tiberian Sun)
  5. Battle Realms

Expert Grinder

ARPGs are other kind of games that i like a lot, i started in this genre with Diablo 1, and i still think that Diablo is the best ARPG saga.


  1. Diablo ( I , II and II)
  2. Path of Exile
  3. Torchlight ( I and II)
  4. Titan Quest
  5. Grim Dawn

Blizzard Huge Fan

If you haven't noticed i love Blizzard, and all of its games, i love the Lore of its games and also i think they've one of the bests Lores in all of the history of Videogames. but i hate them because they keep kiling my favorite characters. 💔

Favorite games


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