I'm a weird being that people refer to as "Otaku". I'm also known as a perfectionist, because I try to complete every game atleast 100% and I'm trying to get all the achievements. I won't ever set a game as completed if I didn't get every unlockable or all the achievements (except for timed ones, like achievements only being available in 2012 or something).

I enjoy watching Anime, playing Video Games and playing Anime-styled Video Games. Yep. Anime-styled Videogames. Or are they Manga-styled? Heck, I don't know...

Feel free to leave comments here. I don't really care what you write down there. So yeah, feel free to call me stupid for liking anime or whatever it is that anime-haters do these days. Also, feel free to add me on Steam, rules about 'friends' are on my profile.

By the way, my Anime List in in my Website section. If an admin/mod/owner wants this removed, please contact me through the contact details I've put on my Steam Profile. Also, please be able to proof you are an admin/mod/owner. Thank you.

About my list, 'Currently Playing' means I'm busy completing the game. 'Completed' means I got 100% (Main story, unlockable characters, all upgrades, etc.). For games like TF2, it means I got all the achievement and stopped playing it.

'On Hold' means I'm still trying to complete it, but at a later date. 'Dropped' means I either stopped playing or that I completed the game without getting 100% and am not going to try to get 100%.

Any games to recommend? PM me, leave a comment or contact me through Steam. Also, thanks for taking the time to read my 'short' bio. Happy gaming!


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