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Nier PlayStation 3

NieR Gestalt / Replicant Review ============ Preface -------- If you're coming to NieR, you've probably played Automata or want to play the original NieR before doing so. I think while it's not necessary to, you should. I aim to give you the most honest review so you can come to your own conclusion on whether or not to play it or watch a video run-down on it, coming from the Automata to NieR perspective since I believe this will apply to most who come to play NieR. Another thing, this will be covering Gestalt instead of Replicant as I haven't had the chance to play Replicant yet. Though, I dont think there will be any changes. Gameplay -------- I won't lie, if you're coming fresh off of Automata, the gameplay will take a lot to get used to. NieR, the main character, himself moves very slow and his evade barely speeds him up. There is a quest...

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