i play games sometimes

Currently playing = the game is a story experience that has a clear beginning and an end, I have played it recently, and have not yet completed it
Continously playing = a game that I regularly come back to, usually at least once every few months, is usually an "endless", not story-heavy game
Completed = the game is either a story experience whose campaign I've completed, or is an "endless" game that I have played my fair share of and don't intend to return to any time soon
On-hold = I have not played the game recently, but want to return to it at some point, whether to play more of the "endless" gameplay or to complete the story
Plan to play = I own this game but have not played it yet
Dropped = the game is shit i dont wanna play no more

for my wishlist check it on my steam

my favourite games are in no particular order, check back when MVGL allows me to reorder them

discord: Nix#5287
MAL: SnowyNix
twitter: @SnowyNix


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