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October 05, 2019 @ 3:21 pm
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Mega Man 7

Mega Man 7 Nintendo Super NES

It was a good time! This review will heavily compare to the X trilogy seeing as they were both snes titles. Also because this game is underrated and is actually a gem of sorts. Would be my favorite in the classic series, but the final sections... especially the final boss is ridiculously difficult and beating it is based on how many energy tanks you bring to wily capsule 7. I defeated him with 2 E-tanks, but it was a miserable, save statey time. For stupid design like that, I don't feel bad using an emulator to beat the game, at least the last part of it. Aside from the rest of the game is fantastic, being filled with fun and fair challenge with a bunch of upgrades and shit to find just like megaman x. Bosses are engaging, ex: freeze, cloud, turbo, shade man. Just please don't use their weakness...

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