How my ratings work:


10: Masterpiece, an irreplaceable game that's been defining in my life.

9: An amazing game every should play, almost perfect in every way and unique.

8: Well crafted game that stands out from most games on the market.

7: Fun.

6: I liked the idea but it could've been executed better.

5: Most games, average.

4: Had some redeeming qualities but ruined what could have been a great thing.

3: Bad.

2: An awful game nobody should play, unplayable in almost every way imaginable.

1: Literally unplayable and/or broken beyond any comprehension/fixable solution.


High: You should play this game, whether because it's unique or because it's that good.

Medium: Play it or don't, it's not going to make a massive difference either way.

Low: Either a better version of this game exists or it's that bad.


Easy: Anyone can finish this game.

Medium: Requires you to pay attention to the game.

Hard: Expect multiple deaths and to bang your head against the wall. Can be satisfying, though.

Extremely Hard: Usually a bad thing, means that the game is so hard that trial and error is the only way to play the game. Expect tons of bullshit difficulty.

((Replay Value)):

Very High: Replaying the game improves your experience each time, the game is so good you have no option BUT to replay it multiple times, or each Playthrough is entirely unique

High: Each playthrough is unique and the game encourages multiple playthroughs.

Medium: I mean I guess you could replay the game, but why?

Low: You could replay the game but it's going to not only be the same experience, but the game is either so long it hurts or the experience is actively unfun.

Very Low: Replaying the game is detrimental on top of being unfun.


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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines PC

In one sentence I can tell you this: The writing in this game is as good as the game mechanics are bad. With that being said, since this game is receiving a sequel this year and has garnered a massive cult following I decided to finally give it a try and if you can tolerate the numerous bugs and unbalanced combat, you're in for a story with twists and turns with characters that feel as though they live in the world rather than simple NPCs. Game Play: It's no secret that this game had a very troubled development, and due to Activision forcing them to release the game as soon as possible, the game has a lot of rough edges. I will say right now that it's borderline mandatory to play this game with the unofficial patch installed. Even then, there are still many instances in the game where I would be stuck...

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