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Top 10 Videogames

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  2. Vakyria Chronicles 3
  3. Borderlands 3
  4. Dark Cloud 2
  5. Gothic II + Night of the Raven
  6. Diablo II + Lord of Destruction
  7. Bloodborne
  8. NEO: The World Ends With You
  9. Final Fantasy 7: Remake
  10. Ghost Trick

Favorite 50 RPG Themes

  1. Narwhal (Punishing: Gray Raven)
  2. This Silence is Mine (Drakengard 3)
  3. Emil -Karma- (Nier Gestalt)
  4. Forza Finale (Kingdom Hearts 3)
  5. You're...Inmortal? (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)
  6. Everything In These Hands (.hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth)
  7. Blackflame Friede (Dark Souls 3)
  8. Song 4 u (Tales of Xillia 2)
  9. Unfinished Battle (Xenoblade Chronicles)
  10. Fatal Fight (Xenosaga II)
  11. Unpainted (NEO: The World Ends With You)
  12. Seal of Time (Ys Oath in Felghana)
  13. Rival Arrival (7th Dragon 2020)
  14. Tokichiro II (Nioh 2)
  15. Maiden Astraea (Demon's Souls)
  16. Seymour Battle (Final Fantasy 😵
  17. Memories of You (Persona 3 FES)
  18. These Feelings (Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King)
  19. Nefertiti (Mana Khemia)
  20. Inevitable Struggle (Zero no Kiseki)
  21. Shadows of Memory (Counter;Side)
  22. Battle! Zinnia (Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)
  23. Raiden Shogun Battle (Genshin Impact)
  24. Gundorada Workshop (Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle)
  25. Battle to pay the Debt [B] (Resonance of Fate)
  26. An Earnest Desire of Grey (Radiant Historia)
  27. Divine Identity (SMT: Digital Devil Saga 2)
  28. Let Life Loose (Battle Moon Wars)
  29. Terrible Monster Attacking Crew (Wild Arms 5)
  30. Malicious Roses (Nights of Azure)
  31. Etna Rock (Disgaea 2)
  32. Full contact (Fairy Fencer F)
  33. End of Raging Winds (Etrian Odyssey IV)
  34. The King of Legend (Rogue Galaxy)
  35. Bravely Storm (Tokyo Xanadu)
  36. The 3 Karma (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
  37. In Order to Acquire the Light in that Hand (Valkyria Profile 2: Silmeria)
  38. Chasing Daybreak (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
  39. Mediocris (Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout)
  40. The Chase (Suikoden II)
  41. Vista Point (Gothic 3)
  42. Dancing Girl (Neptunia Mk1)
  43. The Black Rose Witch (Blade&Soul)
  44. Open Fire (Valkyria Chronicles 3)
  45. The Crowfather(Darksiders II)
  46. Rock'n Rocks (Soul Nomad)
  47. The True Mirror(Baten Kaitos)
  48. Unlosing Hero (ZHP Unlosing Ranger vs DarkDeath Evilman)
  49. Town in Chaos (Darkest Dungeon)

Rules: Only one song per series and only games I've played. Can be any kind of RPG (ARPG, SRPG, MMORPG...).


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